Supply of Medical Journals for the year 2010


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Supply of Medical Journals for the year 2010

  1. 1. GOVERNMENT OF JAMMU AND KASHMIR DEPARTMENT OF LIBRARY S.K.INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES SOURA SRINAGAR . Telephone No: 01942401348 NIT:02(LIBRARY)OF 2009 Sub: Supply of Medical Journals for the year 2010. Sealed tenders affix with Rs.5/- revenue stamps are invited from the publisher/authorized agents for supply of Medical Journals for SKIMS Library for the calendar year 2010 to reach the office of the Librarian by or before 10th August 2009,upto 2 P.M. The detailed NIT containing the list of Journals along with the terms and conditions can be had from SKIMS Library upto 5th August 2009 against tender cost of Rs. 1,000/- in shape of Bank Draft pledged in favour of “Financial Advisor & CAO website . The downloaded copy should be submitted along with Bank Draft of Rs.1000/as cost of the tender document. The tenders must be accompanied with CDR/FDR of Rs 1.00.00/= (Rupees One lakh) pledged in favour of the “Financial Advisor & CAO SKIMS”. Tenders received without CDR/FDR shall be rejected. The tenders shall be opened on 11th August 2009 at 2 P.M in presence of the tenderer(s) /their authorized representatives who may like to participate in the tender opening. Chairman Library Committee. No: SIMS 2 49 6 01/07-265-70. Dated: 08-07-2009….. GOVERNMENT OF JAMMU AND KASHMIR DEPARTMENT OF LIBRARY SHERI-I-KASHMIR INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES SOURA SRINAGAR. NIT: 02(LIBRARY) OF 2009. DATED: 08-07-2009--- Detailed Tender Notice for Subscription to Medical Journals for SKIMS Library for the year 2010. 1 Requirements Sealed tenders affixed with Rs 5/- revenue stamps are invited for and on
  2. 2. behalf of the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir state through the Director, Sheri- Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences, Srinagar from the original publishers/their authorized distributors for subscription to Journals for SKIMS Library print and online Version for calendar year 2010 as per the details shown in Annexure “A’ attached to this NIT. 02.Sale of Detailed NIT The detailed NIT containing the list of the Medical Journals recommended to be acquired along with the terms and conditions can be had from the office of Librarian, SKIMS from 14thJuly upto 5th August against a non refundable tender cost of Rs. 1000/- payable in the shape of Bank Draft pledged to the “Financial Advisior and CAO, SKIMS Srinagar”. 3 Submission of Tenders The tenders duly sealed and subscribed with the NIT No. and Date should reach the dairy and dispatch office, SKIMS by or before 10th August. The tenders can be deposited personally by hand against proper receipt or sent through registered post. However, the timely delivery of the tender must be ensured by the tenderer/s. The Institute shall not be responsible for any Postal delay. Tenders received after the stipulated date/time shall be rejected. 4 Opening of the Tenders The tenders shall be opened on 11 August or any other subsequent date convenient to the Institute authorities in presence of the tenderers/s or their authorized representatives who may wish to be present at that time. No representation regarding any increase/decrease or with-drawl of rates already quoted in the tender shall be considered after opening of the tenders. 5 Rates You are required to quote discount on the publishers prices printed on the Journals and there is no need of quoting rates. a. The rates arrived at after discount should be FOR SKIMS Library, Inclusive of all charges. b. The Subscription rates in proforma invoice should be strictly Institutional instead of student or Indidival issue rates applicable to Government Departments. c. The conversion rate should be as per prevailing bank rates. d. Goc rates will not be accepted. 6. Rejection of Tenders The Tenders should be typed. Tenders partly typed and partly hand written shall be rejected .Each page of the tender document has to be singed and stamped by the tenderer/s their authorized signatory. 7. Right Reserved by the Government The Director, Sheri-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences, Srinagar reserves the right to accept or reject any tender or part thereof without assigning any reasons including the lowest tenders/s and shall not be bound to subscribe for al the medical Journals as shown in the enclosed list. The finalization of the list of Journals shall also be subject to the availability of the Budget.
  3. 3. 8. Earnest Money The Tenders must be accompanied with Earnest money in the shape of CDR/FDR for Rs.100, 000 (one lakh) drawn on any Nationalized Bank pledged in favour of the “Financial Advisior and CAO, SKIMS, Srinagar, for the fulfillment of the contract. Tenders without Earnest money shall be rejected by the Institute. 9. Payments 30% of the payment will be paid in advance subject to the condition that successful Tenderer shall give bank guarantee for equal amount in the shape of bank drafts to the amount to be advanced. Further the firm will produce proof of the remittance of the said advance from their foreign publishers.70% of the payment will be remitted in two installments first installment after the supplier starts the supply of all ordered Journals and second installment when the firm will complete 50% of Journals. 10 Agreement The successful tenderer/s shall have to execute a formal agreement with the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir State through the Director, Sheri-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences Srinagar within a period of 10 days from the date of the communication of their acceptance of their tender. All expenses on account of stamps Registration and other related charges there to shall be born by the successful tenderer/s. Non execution of agreement shall not however, prevent the department from taking action against the successful tenderer under law in force at that time. 11 Sub-letting of the Contract The successful tenders shall be responsible for full execution of the contract and shall not in any case assign or sublet ordered Journals or part thereof to any other party which will otherwise attract penalty of 10% of the total value of the order by forfeiting Earnest money and even debarring and black listing of the successful tenderers/s. 12 Taxes and Levies Taxes and levies if any applicable for subscription to Journals shall have to be borne by the successful tenderes/s which also includes entry tax. The successful tenderer shall be responsible to get consignment cleared if any seized by commercial Tax department at lakhanpur check post. 13 Other Documents The following documents must be enclosed with the tender failing which the tender shall be rejected:- A Latest copy of the income tax/sales tax clearance certificate. B Details of the Hospital /institutions/Organisation where the Journals are being supplied by the tenderer/s. 14 validity of the Tender
  4. 4. The contract for subscription to the Medical Journals under this contract shall be valid from 01/01//2009 to 31st December 2009. 15 Certificate The Successful tenderes/s shall have to furnish the documentary evidence of their principal that the medical Journals supplied to the SKIMS library are the Institutional issues and not students or indudivals issues. 16 Force Majeure Any failure or omission to carry out provision of the order shall not give rise to any claim by the department and the supplier one against if such failure or omission arises from an act of God which shall included all acts of natural calamities such as fire floods, earthquakes, hurricane or any pestilence’s or from Civil strikes compliances with any stature or regulations, riots, lockouts, strikes and embargoes or from any political or any other reasons beyond the control of the parties including war(whether declared or not) civil war or state of insurrection. 17 Penalties In the event of the supplier failing,declining,neglecting or delaying the supply or in the event of any damage occurring or being caused by supplier ,the government shall without prejudice to any other remedy available to it under the law for the time being in force in J and K state: A Terminate the supply order after 15 days notice, and or. B Recover the amount of loss caused by damage, failure or default (including the consequential damages). C Impose a penalty up to 10% of the total value of the order and confiscate earnest money. D the delay in the supply and imposition or penalty shall be subject to “Force Majeuru” and “Arbitration” Clauses of the Contract. 18 Arbitration If at any time, any question difference or dispute whatsoever arises between two parties hereto or in relation to a part thereof, either or the party may give to other notice in writing of the existence of such a question or dispute or difference and same shall be referred for awarded to two arbitrators, not agreeing then the award or an “:umpire” appointed by the arbitrator in writing before proceeding with the case. The decision of the arbitrators/umpires shall be final and binding on the parties. The provision of J and K Arbitration Act 2002 and of the rules there-under and any statutory modification therof shall be deemed to apply to arbitration. either party shall serve such notice of existence of any question, dispute or difference in connection with the contract within 30 days of the beginning such disputes, failing which all rights or claims under this contract shall be deemed or have been forfeited and absolutely barred. Upon every of any such reference the cost and incidentals to the reference and award respectively shall be at discretion of the Arbitrators/Umpires appointed by them who may determine and client or as between parties and shall direct by whom to whom and in what manner the same shall be borne and paid. The supply to be executed under the contract shall if reasonably possible, continue during arbitration proceeding and no payment due from or payable by the government shall be with held because of such
  5. 5. proceedings except to the extent which may be in dispute .jurisdiction for all arbitration cases or legal cases shall be or Srinagar (J & K )courts Only. Chairman Library Committee. LIST OF JOURNALS FOR THE YEAR 2010. - ANAESTHESIOOGY 1 Critical care Medicine 2 British jr. of Anesthesia 3 Anesthesia & Analgesia 4 Anesthesia BIOCHEMISTRY 1 Journals of Biochemistry 2 Journals of Clinical Biochemistry BLOOD TRANSFUSION AND IMMUNOHEAMATOLOGY 1 Transfusion The journal of the AABB 2 Transfusion medicine and hemotherapy 3 BBTS journal. 4 Transfusion Science. 5 Blood Transfusion CARDIOLOGY 1 Journal of American college of Cardiology(JACC) 2 JACC(Cardiovascular interventions) 3 American heart Journal. 4 Heart. 5 Circulation. CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY 1 Annual review of Pharmacology and Toxicology. 2 The Pharmacogenomics Journal. 3 International Journal of Therapeutics Drug Monitoring. 4 International Jr. of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics 5 Current Clinical Pharmacology 6 British Journal of Clinical pharmacology.
  6. 6. COMMUNITY MEDICINE 1 British Jr of Public Health 2 Annals of Family Medicine 3 Jr. of Epidemiology & Community Health 4 International Journal of Maternal and Child Health. 5 Journal of Social Medicine. CVTS 1 Jr of Thoracic and cardiovascular surgery(JTCVS) 2 Annals of thoracic surgery(ATS) 3 Chest 4 European Journal of thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery. COLLEGE OF NURSING 1 Journal for health and family welfare 2 Journal of cardiac Nursing 3 British Journal of Nursing DIETETICS AND THERAPEUTICS 1 Journal of American Dietetics Association. 2 American journal of Clinical Nutrition. 3 Advance in Food & Nutrition Research. ENDOCRINOLOGY 1 Jr. of Cl. Endocrinology & metabolism 2 Clinical Endocrinology 3 GASTROENTEROLOGY 1 Gastroenterology 2 Hepatology 3 Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 4 Endoscopy 5 American Journal of Gastroenterology 6 Journal of Hepatology. 7 Tropical Gastroenterology. GENERAL MEDICINE 1 Annals of Internal Medicine. 2 Chest. 3 European Respiratory Journal. 4 American Jr. of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine GENERAL POOL
  7. 7. 1 The lancet 2 New England jr. of Medicine(NEJM) 3 Science 4 Nature 5 Jr. of Trauma 6 Quarterly Jr of Medicine. 7 JAMA 8 Disease-a-month 9 British Medical Journal. GYNAECOLOGY & OBSTETRICS 1 British jr. of Gynecology & Obstetrics. 2 American jr. of obstetrics & Gynecology. 3 Obstetrics & Gynecology HAEMATOLOGY 1 Seminars in Hematology 2 Blood. 3 British jr. of Hematology 4 Journal Leukemia, Lymphoma. HOSPITAL ADMINISTRATION 1 International Jr Health services. 2 Health Policy.(Science Direct and Select) 3 Journal of Health management 4 Jr . of health organization and management 5 Health Services management research. 6 World Hospital and Helath Services. 7 Modern Health Care. IMMUNOLOGY 1 European Jr. of Immunology 2 Jr of Immunology MEDICAL ONCOLOGY 1 Acta Oncologica. 2 Annals of Oncology. 3 Clinical Oncology. MICROBIOLOGY 1 Jr. of clinical Microbiology
  8. 8. 2 Clinical Microbiology reviews. 3 Microbiology and Molecular biology reviews 4 Annals of Clinical Microbiology and antimicrobials. 5 Virology. NUCLEAR MEDICINE 1 Seminars in Nuclear Medicine 2 Clinical Nuclear medicine communication 3 Jr. of Nuclear medicine NEONATOLOGY 1 Jr of Pediatrics 2 Archives of disease in Children 3 Archives of pediatric and adolescent medicine 4 Pediatrics(Journal of American Academy of Pediatrics) 5 Seminars in perinatology. NEPHROLOGY 1 Kidney International. 2 Nephron 3 American jr of Kidney Disease 4 Seminars in dialysis. 5 Transplantation. 6 NDT 7 Contribution in Nephrology NEUROSURGERY ! Neurosurgery 2 Jr of neurosurgery 3 Acta neurochurgia. 4 Pediatric neurosurgery. 5 Neurosurgery Quarterly. 6 Neuro Epidemiology “Common to Neurosciences department” NEUROLOGY 1 Jr. of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry. 2 Current opinion in Neurology 3 Jr of American Academy of Neurology 4 Archives of Neurology 5 Annals of Neurology. NURSING ADMINISTRATION 1 Nursing Research 2 American Nursing Journal 3 International Jr of Nursing
  9. 9. 4 Jr. of Continuing Education in Nursing. 5 Journal of Nursing Administration. 6 Jr. of Enterostomal therapy. 7 Nursing Times. GYNAECOLOGY & OBSTETRICS 1 British jr. of Gynecology & Obstetrics. 2 American jr. of obstetrics & Gynecology. 3 Obstetrics & Gynecology PATHOLOGY 1 American jr of Cl. Pathology 2 Annual Review of pathology 3 Human Pathology 4 International jr of Surgical Pathology PHYSICAL MEDICINE & REHABILITATION 1 Achieves of physical medicine & Rehab. 2 JB & JS 1 Spinal Cord Journal 2 The Journal of Rheumatology. PLASTIC SURGERY 1 Plastic Reconstructive Surgery (American) 2 Jr.of Plastic and Reconstruction and Aesthetic surgery (British) 3 Annals of plastic surgery 4 Burns 5 British Journal of oral and Maxio-facial surgery PAEDIATRIC SURGERY 1 Jr. of Pediatric surgery 2 Pediatric surgery international 3 Journal fo Indian Association of Pediatric Surgeons. 4 African Journal of pediatric Surgery. 5 Pakistan Journal of Pediatric Surgery. RADIOLOGICAL PHYSICS AND BIOEGINEERING 1 Medical Physcis 2 Jr of Radiological Physics 3 Jr of Radiation Protection
  10. 10. RADIODIAGNOSIS 1 American jr of Radiology 2 Radiographic. 3 Seminars in CT, Ultrasound and MRI. RADIOTHERAPY 1 International jr. of radiation Oncology , biology & Physics 2 Cancer (Jr of national Cancer Institute SURGICAL GASTROENTEROLOGY 1. Hepato pancraceatic Biliary(HPB) 2 Jr. of hepto Pancracreatic Biliary surgery(HPB Surgery) 3 Gastric Cancer 4 Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery SURGERY 1 Annals POF Royal College of Surgions of England 2 Surgery. 3 Surgical Oncology journal. 4 Journal of Colorectal Diseases. 5 Surgical Endoscopic Journal. 6 Surgical ,Clincis of North America. 7 Journal of American College of Surgeons. 8 World Journal of Surgery. UROLOGY 1 British Jr. of urology 2 Jr of Urology 3 Journal of Endo urology 4 world Journal of urology. 5 American Journal of Transplantation. 6 International Journal of Uro-Gynaecology. CLINICS OF NORTH AMERICA 1 Anesthesiology clinics of north America 2 Critical Care Clinics of N.A* 3 Cardiology clinics of North America 4 Clinics in Chest Medicine
  11. 11. 5 Clinics in plastic surgery 6 Endocrinology & metabolism clinics of N.A. 7 Gastroenterology Clinics of N.A. 8 Hematology & Oncology Clinics of N.A. 9 Medical Clinics of N.A. 10 Neurology Clinics of N.A. 11 Neurosurgery Clinics of N.A. 12 Nuclear Medicine Clinics of N.A 13 Pediatric Clinics of N.A. 14 Rheumatic Disease clinics of N.A. 15 Surgical Clinics of N.A. 16 Urologic Clinics of N.A 17 Oncology Clinics of N.A. 18 Obstetrics & Gynecology of N/A. 19 MR Clinics of N.A 20 Clinics in perinatology.