Promoting the Development of State Oral Health Programs


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  • Thanks
    Follow-up to Partnership meetings
  • ASTDD Guidelines
    What we are charged to do
    Who Cares
    Why we are here today…………..
    Should people care; how do we make them understand who we are
  • State oral health programs bridge the gaps.
  • We provide the skills to communities to have them influence their decision makers.
  • Vibrant programs make a huge difference.
    Thy make sure that dental sealants stick
    They make sure that community water is optimally fluoridated.
  • Promoting the Development of State Oral Health Programs

    1. 1. Promoting the Development of State Oral Health Programs September 14, 2004 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Division of Oral Health Workshop in collaboration with the Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors Lewis N. Lampiris DDS, MPH President ASTDD
    2. 2. State Oral Health Programs What we do ASTDD Guidelines for State and Territorial OH Programs Who we are ASTDD Infrastructure & Capacity Report; ASTDD State Synopsis What we don’t do Who we aren’t Who Cares
    3. 3. State Oral Health Programs PH Competencies Evidence Base for Services Epi; Biostats; Surveillance; Determinants of health Clinical Preventive Services Exams, Prophys, Fluorides; Oral Cancer Screening; Anticipatory Guidance Community Preventive Services Fluoridation; Sealants; School based programs Access to Care/ Health Systems Facilities; Workforce; Reimbursement; Health Policy
    4. 4. State Oral Health Programs Linking Professions Dentistry Dental Hygiene Other Health Professions Public Health Epidemiology Health Education Health Promotion Education, Research, Evaluation Universities, Community Colleges
    5. 5. State Oral Health Programs The ‘Go To’ Place in State Gov Health Agencies PH; Human Services, Medicaid, PCO, Bd of Health Dental Regulators PH; Prof Reg; Insurance; Higher Ed; Nuclear Elected Officials Gov, Lt. Gov, Legislators Other State Entities State University System; State Board of Ed; EPA; Aging; Justice;Veteran affairs PROVIDING CONTINUITY………………………….
    6. 6. State Oral Health Programs Supporting Communities Collecting, Analyzing & Providing Data Training & Education Program Support: Grants, Materials, TA Sealants, Clinics, Health Ed Materials Building Partnerships State & Local Coalitions
    7. 7. State Oral Health Programs Leveraging Resources Federal Funding CDC, HRSA (MCHB); Earmarks State Funds General Revenue; Tobacco; Earmarks Foundations and Grants RWJ; Health Care Conversion funds; others Hidden Resources Medicaid; Head Start; Special funds
    8. 8. State Oral Health Programs Requirements for effectiveness & longevity Leadership and Authority Oral Health and Public Health Expertise Credibility & Accountability to the Public and Profession Salience
    9. 9. State Oral Health Programs Salience Eliminate Oral Health Disparities Improve the quality and quantity of life for all Americans Promote oral health as integral to health Promote optimal oral health for all as a public good
    10. 10. Public Health Core Functions • Every state oral health program should have the capacity and infrastructure to perform the basic public health functions of: • Assessment • Policy Development • Assurance ASTDD Infrastructure and Capacity Report
    11. 11. Essential elements critical for a vibrant state oral health program • State based oral health surveillance system • Leadership • State OH improvement plan • Develop and promote policies to improve OH • Provide OH communication and education to policymakers and the public • Provide population based interventions • Build community capacity • Develop health system interventions to facility quality dental care • Leverage resources ASTDD Infrastructure and Capacity Report ………….
    12. 12. CDC Core State Oral Health Program Infrastructure and Capacity Grants • Assessment – Surveillance System – Burden Document • Policy Development – Leadership – State Oral Health Plan – Statewide Oral Health Coalition – Systems and Policy Change • Assurance – Fluoridation Program Management and Promotion – Sealant Program Management
    13. 13. HRSA State Oral Health Collaborative Systems Grants Assessment Sealant/ECC prevalence State MCH Need Assessments Policy Development Summits & State Plans; Medicaid/SCHIP Collaborations; Adolescent and School Health; Systems Integration: Head Start, WIC, Medicine & Dentistry Assurance School Based Sealant Programs; Fluoride Varnish Programs; Safety-net expansions
    14. 14. Key points: • A vibrant SOHP can provide accountability for limited state financial resources……… • A vibrant SOHP can build and foster partnerships between federal, state and local governmental entities to improve oral health………. • A vibrant SOHP can build and foster partnerships between state government agencies & communities, practitioners, and dental education...
    15. 15. Key points: • A vibrant SOHP can act as a “focal point” & provide oral health expertise for state action to improve oral health…… • A vibrant SOHP can provide continuity for moving a comprehensive oral health agenda forward…… • A vibrant SOHP can convene a broad array of stakeholders to improve OH……
    16. 16. Key points: • A vibrant SOHP can promote legislation and policies to improve oral health…… • A vibrant SOHP can serve as a non-biased information “broker” to state officials and legislators…… • Others???
    17. 17. Questions? • What are the key messages we should be delivering? • What are the best media for doing so? • How can we partner with you to communicate the value of state oral health programs to your state affiliates, members, and the policymakers whom you educate? • How do we best communicate/educate policymakers?
    18. 18. When you’ve seen one…….. • Nevada – Against all odds: starting at ground zero • Alaska – Building partnerships • Colorado – The power of data and surveillance • Arkansas – Population based prevention: community water fluoridation • Illinois – The impact of a state plan and coalition