Prof. Connor's Engineering Discovery Week Presentation - Plasma ...


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Prof. Connor's Engineering Discovery Week Presentation - Plasma ...

  1. 1. ECSE Department Programs
  2. 2. ECSE Department Programs Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering Degree Programs • Electric Power Engineering • Electrical Engineering • Computer and Systems Engineering
  3. 3. ECSE Department Programs Prof. Kenneth Connor Chair, ECSE • Office – JEC 6010 • Phone – 8552 • Email – • URL – – Copies of these slides can be found on this webpage • See also –
  4. 4. ECSE Department Programs What Is? • Electrical Engineering – the application of the laws of physics governing electricity, magnetism, and light to develop products and services for the benefit of humankind. • Computer Engineering – the design, construction, implementation, and maintenance of computers and computer controlled equipment for the benefit of humankind. • Power Engineering – the design, construction, implementation and maintenance of devices, materials and systems for the safe, reliable and economic generation, transmission, distribution, conversion, measurement and control of electric energy for the benefit of humankind.
  5. 5. ECSE Department Programs (366,000 Members) • Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society • Antennas and Propagation Society (9,000 Members) • Broadcast Technology Society • Circuits and Systems Society (16,000 Members) • Communications Society (50,000 Members) • Components Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology Society • Computer Society (88,000 Members) • Consumer Electronics Society • Control Systems Society (10,000 Members) • Council on Super Conductivity • Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society • Education Society
  6. 6. ECSE Department Programs IEEE • Electromagnetic Compatibility Society • Electron Devices Society (13,000 Members) • Engineering Management Society • Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society • Geoscience & Remote Sensing Society • Industrial Electronics Society • Industry Applications Society • Information Theory Society • Intelligent Transportation Systems Council • Instrumentation and Measurement Society • Lasers & Electro-Optics Society (9,000 Members) • Magnetics Society • Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (12,000 Members) • Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society • Neural Networks Council
  7. 7. ECSE Department Programs IEEE • Oceanic Engineering Society • Power Electronics Society • Power Engineering Society (22,000 Members) • Professional Communication Society • Reliability Society • Robotics & Automation Society • Sensors Council • Signal Processing Society (18,000 Members) • Society on Social Implications of Technology • Solid-State Circuits Society (14,000 Members) • Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society • Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control Society • Vehicular Technology Society
  8. 8. ECSE Department Programs Where EE Jobs Are – IEEE Spectrum 1/03 • Defense is booming, and demand is rising in analog circuit design, power management, and automated design • Telecom and computers are not Check Out
  9. 9. ECSE Department Programs Critical Challenges Also From the Spectrum • COMMUNICATONS • COMPUTERS • ENERGY • TRANSPORTATION • SEMICONDUCTORS
  10. 10. ECSE Department Programs Communications • What’s wrong with telecom – Broken business models and crippling debt are the wages of greed, corporate crime, and misguided regulation • What’s right with telecom – Broadband's secret success and our never- ending love of mobile communication are the aces up the industry's sleeve • Three takes on telecom’s troubles • The end of the middle – Pushing network intelligence out to its edges is causing the phone industry to fail—and that's okay
  11. 11. ECSE Department Programs Computers • Hardware hangover – Vendors hope companies start replacing obsolete machines, but customers want more bang for bucks already spent • The perfect handheld – dream on • Can’t we just get along? – In a networked world, software needs to learn to interoperate & Why Managers are Learning to Love Linux • Fame, but no riches for cybersecurity – It's time for government and industry to put their money where their mouths are
  12. 12. ECSE Department Programs
  13. 13. ECSE Department Programs
  14. 14. ECSE Department Programs • Information like this is generally available through Reading the IEEE Spectrum either in paper form or online. All Rensselaer students have access to IEEE online publications
  15. 15. ECSE Department Programs Energy • Opening up energy trading – Market manipulation, self-dealing, and round- trip transactions by a small circle of players gave nascent U.S. electricity markets a bad name • Emission permission – Bartering in carbon dioxide will be big business • Are we safe yet? – Recent political machinations notwithstanding, nuclear and biological terrorism still pose very real threats
  16. 16. ECSE Department Programs Transportation • Running off the rails – High-speed rail works well in Europe and Japan, so why can't the United States get it right? • Hybrid vehicles to the rescue – They've been making major gains and could soon make their mark • The ticket chase – To slash costs, airlines try direct Web connections to customers • Reversal of fortune – Once in high demand, engineers now struggle to find work
  17. 17. ECSE Department Programs Semiconductors • A sea change for semiconductors – Rough economic waters pound chip makers as they forge ahead to advance their technologies
  18. 18. ECSE Department Programs Technology Survey
  19. 19. ECSE Department Programs Smarter Cars
  20. 20. ECSE Department Programs Wireless Networking • The range of a wireless network can be extended using an antenna made from a Pringles can (now being done by ECSE students)
  21. 21. ECSE Department Programs Robotic Surgery • A doctor in New York removing a woman’s gallbladder in France.
  22. 22. ECSE Department Programs Telemedicine Hub • Retired satellites have new uses
  23. 23. ECSE Department Programs Climate Changes Development of Accurate Modeling Tools
  24. 24. ECSE Department Programs Fuel Cell Power • Toyota Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle
  25. 25. ECSE Department Programs Linking With Light
  26. 26. ECSE Department Programs The Shrinking Transistor • Intel Transistor
  27. 27. ECSE Department Programs Additional Information on History, the Profession, Etc. • The IEEE Virtual Museum • National Engineers Week
  28. 28. ECSE Department Programs Career Information • IEEE • ESCAPE (Purdue) • About Electrical and Computer Engineering (Discover Engineering Online) cal_engineering.asp • Google: What do engineers do?
  29. 29. ECSE Department Programs Career Information • from ASEE: The full service site for students at the forefront of technology and at the start of a great career. Also look at the ASEE Careerscope cfm • The Work Circuit Go to _student for for questions of interest to students in EE, EPE, and CSE
  30. 30. ECSE Department Programs More Career Information • National Society of Professional Engineers • National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering • Society of Women Engineers • National Society of Black Engineers • Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
  31. 31. ECSE Department Programs Job Descriptions from Company Websites • Intel • Texas Instruments • Motorola • Maxim
  32. 32. ECSE Department Programs Job Search Sites • • Engineering Center
  33. 33. ECSE Department Programs
  34. 34. ECSE Department Programs
  35. 35. ECSE Department Programs Reluctance Motor
  36. 36. ECSE Department Programs Additional Information How Stuff Works – Started by ECSE grad Marshal Brain How Things Work from the University of Virginia The Straight Dope
  37. 37. ECSE Department Programs Advising E C S E A d v is in g T a s k s b y Y e a r P u r p o s e s f o r M e e t in g w it h A d v is o r F o u r t h Y e a r P r e p a r e f o r G r a d S c h o o l a n d J o b A p p lic a t io n s T h ir d Y e a r P la n t h e S e n io r Y e a r E x p lo r e G r a d S c h o o l a n d W o r k P o s s ib ilit ie s S e c o n d Y e a r U R P 's , I n t e r n s h ip s , C o - o p s , S t u d y A b r o a d F o u r t h Y e a r A d ju s t P la n t o G r a d u a te T h ir d Y e a r A d ju s t P la n f o r C o -o p , In t e r n s h ip s S t u d y A b r o a d , O v e r lo a d s , D r o p p e d o r F a ile d C o u r s e s S e c o n d Y e a r A d ju s t P la n f o r O v e rlo a d s D r o p p e d o r F a ile d C o u r s e s F ir s t Y e a r C h o o s e M a jo r ( s ) F o u r t h Y e a r A s k F a c u lt y f o r L e t te r s o f R e c o m m e n d a t io n T h ir d Y e a r G e t to K n o w F a c u lt y # 3 S e c o n d Y e a r G e t to K n o w F a c u lt y # 2 F ir s t Y e a r G e t t o K n o w A d v is o r E n t e r in g R P I A d ju s t P la n f o r A d v a n c e d P la c e m e n t
  38. 38. ECSE Department Programs Critical Second Year Programmatic Issues • EE – Choose Analog Electronics, Digital Electronics or both – Choose Multidisciplinary Elective – Choose Applied Mathematics Elective – Choose Free Elective • CSE – Choose Multidisciplinary Elective – Choose Applied Mathematics Elective – Choose Free Elective • EPE – Choose Free Elective
  39. 39. ECSE Department Programs Critical Third Year Programmatic Issues • EE – Choose Concentration – Choose Lab Elective – Choose Design Elective – Choose Restricted and Free Electives • EPE – Choose Technical Electives – Choose Free Electives • CSE – Choose Concentration – Choose Software Engineering Elective – Choose Design Elective – Choose Restricted and Free Electives
  40. 40. ECSE Department Programs ECSE Advising • Student Responsibilities – Learn the names of instructors and advisor – Get to know well at least three faculty – Meet with advisor either in small groups or individually at least once each year – Come prepared to all meetings with advisor – Plan as far into the future as possible – During the junior year, before the spring advising and registration period, meet with a faculty advisor to plan remainder of courses using the degree templates available on the ECSE website. – Provide feedback to HKN, the IEEE Student Branch, the ECSE Undergraduate Committee, the undergraduate advisor, faculty advisor or the ECSE Chair on the quality of advising and make recommendations for changes.
  41. 41. ECSE Department Programs Advising Resources • Engineering School in the RPI Catalog • Course Descriptions in Catalog • Advising and Learning Assistance Center • Academic information for ECSE (will be combined with Advising) • Advising information for ECSE • Senior Design information for ECSE
  42. 42. ECSE Department Programs Obtaining Advice in ECSE • Read the sections in the RPI catalog that address ECSE programs and courses • Learn to use the online advising resources – Advising and Learning Assistance Center – Advising on the ECSE Webpage • Contact your advisor by email, phone or in person (check office hours). • If your advisor is unavailable for some reason, contact one of the other advisors for your class and program, or contact David Nichols