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Library and Resources

  1. 1. Library and Resources Library Subject Guides– Nuclear Medicine GUIDES TO THE LITERATURE Guides to the literature provide bibliographies of resources on a particular subject, guidance in searching the literature, and instruction on how to use the common reference materials related to that field of study. DICTIONARIES Dictionaries provide a good starting place for defining terms and may include data or descriptive information on the topic. ATLASES Atlases provide information in pictorial or graphical form. HANDBOOKS Handbooks are handy compendia that provide factual and practical information. Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences | 800.225.5506 Information Sources in the Medical Sciences Ref. R 118 .I56 1992 Encyclopedia of Health Information Sources Ref. RZ 6658 .E56 1993 Taber's Dictionary Ref. OA T11 1993 Stedman's Medical Dictionary Ref R. 121.S8 2000 Drug Information Table Atlas of Cross-Sectional Anatomy Res. QM 25.C24 1995 Mosby's Atlas and Text of Clinical Imaging Ref. RC 78.7.D53 .W433 1998 Clinically Oriented Anatomy Ref. QM 23.2 .M67 1999 Gray's Anatomy Ref. QM 23.2 .G73 1995 Pharmacology and Drug Administration for Im- aging Technologists RM 301.12 .J46 1998 Dictionary and Handbook of Nuclear Medicine and Clinical Imaging NU Ref RC 78.7 .D53 I88 1990 Note: NU refers to the Snell Library at Northeastern University.
  2. 2. Library and Resources Library Subject Guides– Nuclear Medicine TEXTBOOKS Textbooks present the principles of a subject. They can be useful to see an overview of the subject, and may include references to the literature of the subject. STYLE GUIDES Style Guides are the accepted authorities for citing sources and formatting research papers or theses. BOOKS Sheppard Library has a collection of books related to nuclear medicine in the book room. They can be located in the online catalog under the following subject headings: • Nuclear Medicine • Radioisotope Scanning • Tomography, Emission • Radioisotopes in Medical Diagnosis • Diagnostic Imaging • Positron Emission Tomography (PET) • Radiopharmaceuticals • Radionuclide Therapy Some books that may be of interest for nuclear medicine include: Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences | 800.225.5506 Nuclear Medicine Ref. RC 78.7.R4 .N75 1996 Nuclear Medicine in Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Ref.RC 78.7.R4 .N76 1994 Principles of Nuclear Medicine Ref. R 895 .P755 1995 American Medical Association Manual of Style: A Guide for Authors & Editors MCPHS Reference: R119.A533 1998 Electronic Styles: A handbook for citing elec- tronic information MCPHS Reserve: PN 171.D37 .L5 1996 How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper MCPHS Reference: T 11 .D33 1998 A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations MCPHS Reserve & Circ MCPHS Reference: (Worcester) LB 2369.T8 1996 Writing and Publishing in Medicine MCPHS Reference: (Worcester) R 119 .H87 1999 MLA Style Manual & Guide to Scholarly Publishing MCPHS Reference: PN 147 .G444 1998
  3. 3. Library and Resources Library Subject Guides– Nuclear Medicine Books can also be located by searching these same subject headings in the Boston Library Consor- tium (BLC). PERIODICALS The library subscribes to several periodicals in nuclear medicine. The term periodical refers to jour- nals, newsletters, reviews, or any other material that is published periodically throughout the year. Periodicals contain information such as review articles, original research, and news from the scien- tific community. Journal articles can be found by searching in one of the indexes available at our li- brary. The following is a short list of nuclear medicine journals available at Sheppard Library and other surrounding libraries. Please consult a librarian for a complete list of journals. Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences | 800.225.5506 Patient Care RC 78.7.D53 .W55 1999 Patient Care in Radiography: With an Introduc- tion to Medical Imaging RC 78 .E48 1999 Pediatric Nuclear Medicine NU RJ 51.R3f3 T74 1995 Note: NU refers to the Snell Library at Northeastern University. Journal Location Years Journal of Nuclear Medicine MCPHS 1985- (v.26-) Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology MCPHS 1983- (v.11-) Nuclear Medicine and Biology NU 1993- (v.20-) Radiology MCPHS 1975- (v.114-) Seminars in Nuclear Medicine MCPHS 1983- (v.13-) Uptake: The Newsletter of the Society of Nu- clear Medicine Technologist Section MCPHS Current Year Only Note: NU refers to the Snell Library at Northeastern University
  4. 4. Library and Resources Library Subject Guides– Nuclear Medicine INDEXES Indexes provide references to journal articles, newsletters, and technical reports. They usually con- tain information such as the title, author, periodical source, and the volume and page numbers of the reference. Some indexes also provide abstracts or the full text of the article. Medline • Updated: weekly (1966-current) • Indexes and abstracts all of the major medical literature. Expanded Academic Index • Updated: monthly (1980-current) • Covers material from all academic fields. • Can be used to find information in the popular science journals. Health Reference Center Academic • Updated: monthly (1994-current) INTERNET SITES Lists of Resources Hardin MD Radiology & Medical Imaging ( Provided by the Hardin Library for the Health Sciences, University of Iowa. Lists f links, sorted by size. HealthWeb Nuclear Medicine ( Provided by the Ruth Lilly Health Sciences Library at Indiana University, the inks on this site are or- ganized by topic and subtopic. Medical Radiography Homepage ( This is a very complete listing of radiography web pages. It also contains information on using search engines, state licensing requirements, anatomy, hysics, continuing professional education online, and other related topics. Nuclear Medicine Technology Resource WebSite ( This is a personal web site created by a nuclear medicine technologist to organize his own web bookmarks. It is well organized and includes many types of web resources. Scirus ( Search engine developed by Elsevier Science that indexes over 60 million science-related web- pages, including journals. Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences | 800.225.5506
  5. 5. Library and Resources Library Subject Guides– Nuclear Medicine Patient Information Sites Nuclear Medicine Imaging ( Good basic information on who, what, and why of nuclear medicine. Includes ome links to other re- sources. NUCMEDNET ( Contains information for patients on nuclear medicine professionals and procedures. Also includes information for professionals. The site has lots of pictures, interactive case studies, and a brief his- tory of nuclear medicine. Organizations Biomedical Research Foundation of Northwest Louisiana ( Positron Emission Tomography Imaging Center homepage. Overview of PET and inks to PET-related sites. Institute for Clinical PET ( The Institute for Clinical PET is a nonprofit educational foundation, and its mission is to advance the science of PET. Abstracts of the journal Clinical ositron Imaging are available through the web- site. International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) ( Advisory commission based in Sweden, to provide guidance on radiation protection. Descriptions of contents of the Annals of ICRP can be found here, as ell as some documents concerning radiation safety. International Radiation Protection Organization (IRPA) ( Information about international cooperation in radiation protection. Nuclear Medicine Research Council ( This group promotes the used of radioisotopes in prevention, diagnosis and reatment of disease. Radiation Internal dose Information Center ( This government site includes information about radiation dosimetry. There are compendia of dose estimates for adults, children and pregnant women, and nstructions to join an online discussion group on internal dosimetry. Society of Nuclear Medicine ( Although somewhat awkward to navigate, this site has a lot of good information, inlcuding a basic description of nuclear medicine, patient information, terminology and links. The technologist sec- tion page includes a nuclear medicine echnologist Code of Ethics. UIHC Positron Emission Tomography Imaging Center ( General information on PET, as well as some case studies and protocols used at the University of Iowa PET Imaging Center. This page created by Mou Chakraborty and Linda Bernfeld. This page maintained by Mariana Lapidus; last modified on September 9, 2002. Copyright © 2002 MCPHS Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences | 800.225.5506