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  1. 1. News for the Nuclear Medicine Donor Community Welcome to the first edition of Contributor, a newsletter from the Society of Nuclear Medicine Development Office. We hope you enjoy this overview of the vibrant SNM donor community and how your contributions are making an impact. Long-time Donor Receives de Hevesy Award for 2004 Dr. Abass Alavi and his wife, Dr. Jane Alavi, have been long-time supporters of educational and research opportunities for students in nuclear medicine. While their names are associated with the Alavi-Mandell Awards that recognize trainees as students, residents or scientists who are senior authors in an outside ar- ticle published in The Journal of Nuclear Medicine, their generosity also supports the Bradley-Alavi Student Fellowship Awards and Pilot Research Grants funded by the Education and Research Foundation for the So- ciety of Nuclear Medicine, Inc. The Alavis not only continue to contribute generously to the Foundation, but persuade other col- leagues to join them in their support of these important endeavors. Abass Alavi is also giving of his time, serving on the Education and Research Foundation Board of Directors as well as being involved in numerous Society activities. At the Annual Meeting, Dr. Alavi will receive the Georg Charles de Hevesy Nuclear Pioneer Award. Considered the father of nuclear medicine, de Hevesy won the 1943 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his groundbreaking work in using radioactive isotopes. Dr. Alavi, Chief of the Division of Nuclear Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, is recognized for his pioneering work that has contributed to the advancement of nuclear medicine world-wide. It is with great pleasure that we extend our congratulations to Dr. Alavi on being awarded this prestigious honor. Donors Recognized at SNM Annual Meeting As a donor, please take a moment to find your name among the hundreds of SNM members listed on the “Donor Walls” located in the bridge area of the Convention Center. Those listed made charitable contributions in honor of the SNM 50th Anniversary, and in support of the SNMTS Profes- sional Development and Edu- cation, the Paul Cole Scholar- ship Fund and the general fund of the Education and Research Foundation. All donors who made gifts to the ERF and SNM in 2003 through May 2004 were given ribbons with their badges. If you have con- tributed but did not receive a ribbon, please drop by the ERF Booth to pick one up. Donor Note You may notice some SNM mem- bers are wearing gold and blue ERF circular lapel pins. These signify a major gift of $500 or more to the 50th Anniversary Campaign or for other sup- port. SNM Annual Meeting 2004 Edition WELCOME CONTRIBUTOR Obviously, I am thrilled for being selected for such a distinction and I am also very pleased that our efforts have been recognized so well by the scientific community. I would like to share this recognition with my family, my mentors and also with so many students with whom I have worked over the past three decades; without their support, I could not have accomplished a fraction of what I have done. By being selected for this award, I have truly reached the highlight of my career. I want also to mention that our group will be presenting over 70 scien- tific communications during this meeting which is mainly due to the ef- forts of my wonderful students who work in our group. I am very proud of the contributions of these young talents. Dr. Abass Alavi
  2. 2. Michael J. Welch Joins Distinguished List of Cassen Awardees This year’s Benedict Cas- sen Prize is being awarded to former SNM President Michael J. Welch, who serves as Co-Director of the Division of Radiological Sciences at Washing- ton University in St. Louis, Missouri. Dr. Welch is renowned for applying modern organic chemistry to the preparation of Radiolabeled agents used in medical imaging. Since 1994, the Cassen Prize has been awarded biannually. Previous award recipients include Hal Anger, 1994; David Kohl, MD, 1996; Henry N. Wagner, Jr., MD 1998; Gerald DeNardo MD and Sally DeNardo, MD 2000; and Michael E. Phelps, PhD, 2002. Our congratulations to Dr. Welch for receiving this prestigious honor. Grants and Awards for 2004 & 2005 With funding provided by the Education and Re- search Foundation, forty-seven students and profession- als have received awards, grants, fellowships and schol- arships from the Society of Nuclear Medicine this year. The recipients will be listed in The Journal of Nuclear Medicine and the Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technol- ogy. The names of recipients can also be found at the Annual Meeting in the donor wall area and on the SNM website. For a listing of 2005 grant and award oppor- tunities, see the last page and visit the SNM website at Gifts to the 50th Anniversary Campaign As of May 5, SNM members had given more than $56,000 to the 50th Anniversary Campaign. Donated funds from the Campaign will be used to support the efforts of the Education and Research Foundation to ex- pand its support for SNM grants and awards programs. The Foundation thanks the many contributors to this special fundraising appeal. ERF Elects New Bylaws and Board As a result of the Strategic Alliance between the Education and Research Foundation and the SNM, Inc., the ERF adopted new bylaws and elected a new Board in February. Members are: President Kenneth A. McKusick 2002-2004 President- Elect Michael D. Devous, Sr. 2002-2004 Treasurer/Secretary James J. Conway, MD 2002-2005 Member-at-Large Abass Alavi, MD 2004-2007 Member-at-Large Robert F. Carretta, MD 2004-2007 Member-at-Large Sally DeNardo, MD 2004-2006 Member-at-Large Henry N. Wagner, MD 2004-2005 SNM Appointee Michael Gelfand, MD 2004-2006 SNM Appointee Peter T. Kirchner, MD 2004-2007 SNMTS Appointee Nanci A. Burchell, CNMT 2004-2006 SNMTS Appointee Frances K. Keech, MBA, RT (N) 2004-2007 Dr. Devous will assume the presidency at the Annual Meeting in June with a President-Elect voted on at the Board’s June Meeting. In addition to these activities, the Board participated in a two-day retreat in May to help members prepare for their responsibilities in creating successful fundraising opportunities for the Society. The ERF Mission is to Advance Excellence in Health- care Through the Support of Education and Research in Nuclear Medicine by Provision of Grants and Awards. ERF Education and Research Foundation News funding the future
  3. 3. The PDEF: Innovation, Improvement, and Investment The Society of Nuclear Medicine Technologist Section created the Professional Development and Education Fund to support educational and research programs essential to the professional practice of nuclear medicine technology. In 2003, nuclear medicine industry leaders responded to the SNMTS’ request for support by becoming mem- bers of the Corporate Friends of the PDEF with a $10,000 annual gift. Last year, the Fund provided partial support for the survey sent to over 5,000 nuclear medicine technologists. This year their cor- porate support is funding a research grant program in radiation safety best practices and scholarship programs for minority and advanced students. The SNMTS extends its deep gratitude to the following members of the Corporate Friends 2004 for their continued support. We invite members to visit their booths to thank them for their commitment. New PDEF Grant Program in Radiation Safety In the Spring the PDEF initiated a new grant pro- gram to promote the development of best practices and provide technologists with opportunities for research. The Professional Development and Educa- tion Fund Research Technologist Grant 2004 offers support of up to $25,000 for one-year to technolo- gists conducting clinical research in the transport, handling, administration, and disposal of Positron Imaging agents. The deadline for submission was June 1. PDEF Scholarships for Minority Students and Advanced Professionals The PDEF has created a scholarship program to encourage minority students to pursue nuclear medicine technology degrees. Open to minority stu- dents accepted or enrolled in an associate or bach- elor-degree nuclear medicine sciences program, the PDEF Mickey Williams Minority Student Scholarship will award $5,000 a year annually with the possibility of renewal for a second year. Deadline submission is October 15, 2004. Supporting students to pursue degrees that will advance their careers in nuclear medicine is the goal of the PDEF Professional Development Scholarship. Graduate students completing a Masters or Doctor- al degree in a field intended to further their career in nuclear medicine are eligible candidates. Submis- sion deadline is October 15, 2004. For further information about both scholarships, visit Professional Development and Education Fund News investing in a better future PDEF
  4. 4. Your Support is Critical As we celebrate the Society’s 50th year of ex- istence, we honor the talents and achievements of the men and women whose commitment a half-century ago built a strong foundation for the Society of Nuclear Medicine. To continue this legacy of excellence, your support is critical. We ask you to join the SNM Donor community if you haven’t already done so. You can make a contribution at the Annual Meeting at the ERF Booth or mail in a donation. Your tax-exempt, charitable gift to the Education and Research Foundation for the Society of Nuclear Medicine will be used to expand educational and research opportunities in nuclear medicine. Thank you for including the Society among the worthy causes you support! To mail in a donation, make out your check in U.S. dollars to Education and Research Founda- tion SNM. Mail to: The Education and Research Foundation 1850 Samuel Morse Drive Reston, Virginia 20190-5316 Attention: Development Department To make a credit card donation, call Kathy Bates, Director of Development, at 703.708.9000, extension 1028. Donor Note All donations to the ERF and SNM are recog- nized with a letter of appreciation that can be used as documentation of your charitable contri- bution. Let the Development Office know if you haven’t received one. Become a Corporate Friend In its relatively brief existence, Corporate Friends have served a pivotal role in the Professional Development and Education Fund. They have helped build a foundation for success not only through their monetary contributions, but through their involvement in the development of PDEF-sponsored programs as well. Their input has been valuable. We invite other companies to consider joining us. Stop by the booths of Corporate Friends for their view on their participation, or contact Kathy Bates, the SNM Inc. Director of Development, at the Annual Meeting by visiting the ERF or SNM booths, or calling her at 703.708.9000, ext 1028. Applications for 2005 Awards and Grants Now Being Accepted The following awards and grants are administered by the Society of Nuclear Medicine and funded by the Educa- tion and Research Foundation. For applications and additional information visit, Awards and Grants Funded by the Education and Research Foundation Alavi-Mandell Awards recognize first time senior-authors of scientific articles published in The Journal of Nuclear Medicine. Deadline: At time of manuscript submission. Mark Tetalman Award recognizes the accomplishments of a young investigator in nuclear medicine. Deadline: November 15, 2004. Paul Cole Scholarships are offered to students accepted or enrolled in certificate, associate or bachelor degree nuclear medicine technology programs. Deadline: October 15, 2004. Pilot Research Grants provide seed money to young scientists carrying out clinical or basic research in nuclear medicine. Deadline: November 15, 2004. Student Fellowship Awards enable students to spend elective quarters and/or summers working on clinical and basic research activities in the U.S. with experts in nuclear medicine. Deadline: November 15, 2004. Benedict Cassen Prize and Fellowship are administered and funded by the Education and Research Foundation. For information visit