Building The Next Generation Workforce


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Building The Next Generation Workforce

  2. 2. Envision ourcommunity without… ConstructionWorkers, NuclearMedicine Techs, Plumbers, Chefs orBrickMasons
  3. 3. Considera world without careerand technical professionals… RegisteredNurses, ComputerTechnicians, ChildcareProfessionals, HospitalityExperts, orHeating& AirConditioningTechs
  4. 4. Imagine a thriving economy without… Aircraft Pilots, Auto Technicians, Graphic Designers, VeterinaryAssistants, Machinists, MotorcycleTechs orDental Hygienists
  5. 5. Here’s the reality!… NorthernNevadadoes NOThaveenough well-trainedemployees andskilledworkers to meet thedemandof ourcommunity corporations, factories, hospitals or businesses. Manyhigh-skill, high-wagejobs remainunfilled.
  6. 6. The Educational challenge… Today’s knowledge-based, technology-saturated economy is fuelling a pace of change and technological advancements unparalleled since the early 20th century.
  7. 7. IS MEETING THE CHALLENGE! How Washoe County School District Career& TechnicalEducation
  8. 8. Career& Technical Education Classes…  Establisha cleargoal of careerand college readiness forall CTE students  Engagestudents in specific career-related learning experiences that equip them to make well-informed decisions about furthereducation and training and employment opportunities  Support students in the acquisition of rigorous core knowledge, skills, habits and attitudes needed forsuccess in postsecondary education and the high-skilled workplace  Offercourseworkwith clearly articulated curricula which meet orexceed Nevada state standards and expectations  Help prepare students with higher-level skills necessary in a fluid workplace economy in which workers need to be lifelong learners  Preparestudents who may choose to enterthe workforce directly afterhigh school with a level of skills and knowledge in a particularcareerarea that will be valued in the marketplace
  9. 9. Washoe County School District CTE course and program offerings…
  10. 10. Middle School Exploratory Courses Home and CareerSkills (LIVING SKILLS) CareerPlanning Personal Development Personal and Family Resource Management Foods/Nutrition
  11. 11. High Schools Skill-Specific Courses BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION Banking in the Work World Business Communication Business Management The Company Introduction to Business Desktop Publishing Information Technology/Multimedia General Business Marketing Business Law Personal Finance Success in the Work World Computer Accounting Computer Literacy/Applications CyberCorps/Networking/A+ Certification Web Site Design and Maintenance
  12. 12. High Schools (continued) FAMILY ANDCONSUMERSCIENCES Clothing Construction Family & Personal Psychology Fashion Design, Creation & Marketing Foods Human Growth & Development Interior & Architectural Design Introduction to Culinary Arts Nutrition & Food Science
  13. 13. High Schools (continued) TRADE & INDUSTRY EDUCATION Advanced Construction Automotive Technology ComputerAided Drafting & Design Drafting Engineering Design Introduction to Construction Introduction to Engineering Metalworking Technology Small Engine Repair Woodworking Technology
  14. 14. Advanced Job-Specific Courses  3D Design and Imaging  Advanced CADD Year 1 & 2  Advanced Culinary Arts  Advanced Digital/3D Design/Multimedia 1 & 2  Agriculture Leadership  Business Computer Systems  Commercial Baking  Digital Video Production/Senior Memories  Early Childhood Education  Electronics  Emergency Services/Police, Fire, Rescue  Entrepreneurship, Marketing & Hospitality Management  Graphic Arts  Health Occupations  Medical Assistant  Machine Tool/Manufacturing  Plant and Environmental Horticulture Science  Sports Medicine  Veterinary Medicine Technician  Welding Technology 1 & 2
  15. 15. CTELEARN andEARNPROGRAM Work-Based Learning Experiences Job Shadowing CareerMentoring Internships Field Trips Guest Speakers
  16. 16. CTECHOICESPROGRAM Remember Being a Teenager? If you knew then just a little of what you know now, wouldn’t it have been easier? CHOICES is an interactive decision-making workshop that empowers teens to achieve academic success in pursuit of their career and life aspirations. In two hour-long sessions, business and community volunteers take students through real-world exercises on academic self-discipline, time and money management, and goal setting.
  17. 17. CTE CAREERS FOR ME PROGRAM THE STUDENTS LEARN THETHE STUDENTS LEARN THE MOST IMPORTANT STEPS INMOST IMPORTANT STEPS IN FINDING AND KEEPING AFINDING AND KEEPING A GREAT JOB!GREAT JOB! This program moves the student through finding where they fit in, resume writing, successful interviewing, how to apply for a job, and finally teen work and money management.
  18. 18. Tech-Prep Articulated Courses High School Students MayEarn College Credits Through Successful Completion of CTE Articulated Courses.  Truckee Meadows Community College  Western Nevada College  The Art Institute of Las Vegas  Great Basin College  The Nevada Hospitality Foundation
  19. 19. CTE Student Organizations DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) FCCLA (Family, Career& Community Leaders of America) FFA (Agricultural Education) SkillsUSA (Trade & Industry Education) SCHOLASTIC ARTS HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America)
  20. 20. What’s So Great About Career& Technical Education!? According to Nevada Department of Education statistics, Nevada high school students enrolled in Career & Technical Education courses have a lower drop-out rate than the general high school population, and have a higher graduation rate. CTE programs help prepare students for the fastest growing occupations identified in the U. S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook for 2007-2008. Research from the American Diploma Project shows that the skills needed for success in the workplace are often the same skills needed for success in postsecondary education. According to the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB), students who complete a rigorous academic core coupled with a career concentration have test scores that equal or exceed “college prep” students, are more likely to pursue postsecondary education, have higher grade point averages in college, and are less likely to drop out of college during the first year.
  21. 21. Why Support Career & Technical Education in the Washoe County School District? CTE programs provide students with realistic job previews. CTE students recognize the value of developing job specific technical skills and employability competencies at a sufficient level to enable themto gain a foothold on the professional ladderwithin an occupation. Studies indicate that CTE graduates are more likely to be employed, more likely to access postsecondary training, and have higherincomes and professional standing than peers who do not experience CTE.
  22. 22. Our Recommendation… Career & Technical Education is advocating for clearly focusing our community on the goal of preparing EVERY STUDENT for full participation in a spectrum of college opportunities, meaningful work, career advancement, and active citizenship through enrollment in CTE classes.