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Keyword research for coronavirus marketing


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Presentation about how to discover keywords for coronavirus seo marketing efforts.

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Keyword research for coronavirus marketing

  1. 1. The World Is A Different Place Today ● Some say it will never go back to the way it was before. ● Either way, there are opportunities to be had now and we can prepare for the new normal in the future.
  2. 2. You Will Miss 100% Of The Shots You Don’t Take
  3. 3. From Neil Patel
  4. 4. 3 Parts of SEO 1. Keywords - Identify what people are searching for 2. Content - Use those phrases naturally in everything you do online 3. Backlinks - Get backlinks to your website from good related websites
  5. 5. What is a Keyword? ● A word or phrase used to do an online search, 92% of the time they use Google ● If people don’t get find the right answer they are looking for they don’t look on page 2 or 3, they refine their question. ● Google Instant often auto completes the question for you, did you mean?.....
  6. 6. Do You Need To Be #1? If you want to win the game of SEO the answer is YES
  7. 7. Normal Keyword Tools ● Keywords Everywhere ● WMS Everywhere ● Ahrefs ● Ubersuggest ● Google Instant
  8. 8. Google Trends ● Compare search trends since 2004 and zoom in all the way down to the last hour. ● Filter by country, states & metro areas ● You can search within web, news, images, shopping and YouTube. ● See what’s trending now or check and compare your keywords against others. ● It also offers related search terms. ●
  9. 9. SEO Competitors ● Doing a Google search using “allintitle: <keyword>” shows us the number of web pages that have been optimized for that keyword. ● That keyword is in the page meta title tag ● A gauge of how hard it would be to get to the top ● Like this:
  10. 10. SEO Competitors
  11. 11. Where To Use Keywords ● On a new page or post on your website ● In a Google My Business post for local keywords ● Within the title or content of a social media post ● In a hashtag that might be trending ● In the file name, exif data, alt text or description of an image or video ● Keywords bidded on in Google Ads
  12. 12. Local SEO Has Evolved “An SEO company that has clients with local customers in 2020 and are not making Google My Business a large part of their SEO tasks? Sadly, they are still digging where the gold used to be, not where the new gold is being found today.” Bruce Jones
  13. 13. Google Trends Examples
  14. 14. Google Trends Examples ● Toilet paper & hand sanitizer ● Takeout food ● French classes ● Tax relief ● Respirators ● Marketing / SEO ● Give Me Some Ideas Related To Your Business
  15. 15. Keyword Hero ● Discover Keywords That are Bringing In Traffic ●
  16. 16. GS Location Changer ● Do Google Searches from any location. towns, addresses ● ecbpagkllfnkajglp
  17. 17. ● Google Trends ● Keywords Everywhere ● Free SEO Tools Resources
  18. 18. ● Personalized SEO strategy & training for business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing departments ● You learn SEO while we optimize your website together online or in person ● Your SEO help resource and accountability partner