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SPACESUIT X - Analysis Program for Digital Assets - Open Source



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This is the SPACESUIT X analysis program for digital assets. It might help you and is also FREE and OPEN SOURCE. Feel free to use it, adapt it, present it or implement it for commercial or non-commercial projects, no credit required.

SPACESUIT X - Analysis Program for Digital Assets - Open Source

  1. 1. A tool for analyzing the investment merits of coins, tokens & icos
  2. 2. • A blockchain is a statement of truth • Immutable • Email for money • Town square ledger The Blockchain ledger – The Foundation of the Tech
  3. 3. 2009 – THE BIRTH OF THE BLOCKCHAIN • First discussed in a white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto • It is a private, peer to peer network for transferring value • Decentralized: like the Internet, no one owns or controls the technology
  4. 4. What is SPACESUIT X? � A tool used to analyze investment merit � An acronym representing 10 categories to consider before investing � A 10 x 10 rating scale with a total possible outcome value of 100%
  5. 5. Security Participation Accounting & Legal Community, Management & Team Earnings Supply & Demand Usability Industry/Institutional Backing Technical X FACTOR S P A C E S U I T X
  6. 6. � The default value for each category is 10 � Analysts score each category on a 0 -10 scale � Each category is then added up and totaled. This gives projects a final score of 0-100 with higher scores being better � Note: Analyst can change the weight of each category based on personal opinion How does it work?
  7. 7. How secure is the blockchain and/or smart contract? ECURITY
  8. 8. What are you getting for your investment? Is the token usable, a security or other? ARTICIPATION
  9. 9. How is accounting done for tokens and what do they represent? What are the legal risks of the project? CCOUNTING & LEGAL
  10. 10. Who is building this? How strong, large and capable is the team and the community? OMMUNITY MANAGEMENT & TEAM
  11. 11. What will the project earn or what will be done using the project, coin, token or network? What will be transacted on it? ARNINGS
  12. 12. Is supply of the coin fixed or limited? How is supply decided? UPPLY & DEMAND
  13. 13. What will the coin/token be used for? Is it a fuel, rail, mechanism, share, API key or something else? SABILITY
  14. 14. Who in the industry is working on this? Does the project have notable partners, developers, joint ventures, investors or customers? NDUSTRY/ INSTITUTIONAL BACKING
  15. 15. What are the technical details? Does it work now? How? ECHNICAL
  16. 16. What other evaluation factors do you want to add? FACTOR
  17. 17. This tool/project is published under the Creative Commons license and is free and open source. You are welcome to use and adapt as you see fit. About the Project
  18. 18. spacesuitx.orgCreated by Bruce Fenton @brucefenton on Twitter