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Sample Home Inspection Report Notes by Advantage Inspection Professionals in Palm Desert California.

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Sample Inspector Notes

  1. 1. Inspection Address , Dear : At your request, a visual inspection of the above referenced property was conducted on . An earnest effort was made on your behalf to discover all visible defects. The following is an opinion report, reflecting the visual conditions of the property at the time of the inspection only. Hidden or concealed defects cannot be included in this report. No warranty is either expressed or implied. This report is not an insurance policy, nor a warranty service. IMPORTANT: The Inspection Notes is not the entire report. The complete report may include additional information of concern to the client. It is required that the client read the entire Inspection Report, including the Standards of Practice, limitations and scope of Inspection, and Pre-Inspection Agreement must be carefully read to fully assess the findings of the inspection. It is strongly recommended that you have appropriate State Licensed Contractors evaluate each item of concern Before the close of escrow. Please call our office for any clarifications or further questions. INSPECTOR NOTES Recommended Evaluation / Repairs Recommended Upgrades Annual Maintenance Items GROUNDS SURFACE DRAINAGE: CONDITION: 1. Surface drainage of property needs adjustment.
  2. 2. EXTERIOR - FOUNDATION TRIM: CONDITION: 2. Repair openings and paint to prevent moisture intrusion. VEGETATION: 3. ROOF SYSTEM ROOF: ROOF COVERING STATUS: 4. Appears serviceable/within useful life, Annual inspections should be done every couple of years by a State Licensed Roofing Contractor. ATTIC COMPONENTS: INSULATION CONDITION: 5. Several areas have missing insulation installation is recommended.
  3. 3. REMARKS: 6. Recommend attic hatches have insulation above them to prevent energy loss. GARAGE FLOOR: CONDITION: 7. Cracks noted are typical. HEATING - AIR CONDITIONING HEATING SYSTEM: SUPPLY PLENUM/COIL: 8. There were air leaks and conditioned air was escaping, sealing is recommended for better efficiency. FILTER TYPE AND LOCATION: 9. Filter(s) located at, interior ceiling. Filter is dirty, suggest cleaning/changing filter regularly.
  4. 4. AIR CONDITIONING: COMPRESSOR: 10. Unit was level and installed on recommended pad. Refrigerant insulation is missing at refrigerant line, line should be insulated for better efficiency. COOLING FINS: 11. The condenser unit cooling fins are currently dirty. Part of the regular maintenance is to hose off these fins to keep them clean and unobstructed. This will improve the overall efficiency of the unit.
  5. 5. INTERIOR INTERIOR DOORS: CONDITION: 12. All interior doors appeared functional at time of inspection. Some door(s) are missing doorstops, recommended installation to prevent damage to walls. FIREPLACE & SOLID WOOD BURNING DEVICES: FLUE/VENT SYSTEM: 13. Residue has built to at least 1/8" and is due for it's normal cleaning by a chimney sweep. Cleaning should be done before burning fires in the unit. BATHROOMS BATHROOM AREA: CONDITION OF TOILET: 14. The following problems were noted: Toilet is loose at floor, correction is advised to prevent leaking. This involves removal of the toilet, inspecting for water damage, replacing the wax seal and re-installing the toilet. Recommend further evaluation and repairs by a State Licensed Plumbing Contractor. KITCHEN - APPLIANCES - LAUNDRY REFRIGERATOR: WATER HOOK-UP: 15. Yes. A water hook-up is provided at the refrigerator opening = Did Not Test. Recommend replacing/using a flexible braided stainless steel water line at the refrigerator for better protection against leaks. LAUNDRY: WATER HOOK-UPS: 16. Did not test It is recommended that you use the more expensive braided steel water hook-up lines for this installation. The cheaper rubber lines are prone to rupturing and flooding of the home. Thank you for selecting our firm to do your home inspection. If you have any questions regarding the inspection report or the home, please feel free to call us. Sincerely, ADVANTAGE INSPECTION PROFESSIONALS, a division of Carmichael, Inc. 760-835-8772