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Colorful shoe drawing project


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Great drawing project for middle school to high school aged students. Students use direct obersvation to draw their shoes and then add in pattern and color strategies.

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Colorful shoe drawing project

  2. 2. FIRST STEPS 1. Select an interesting shoe to draw. 2. Draw a three X three grid over your shoe photo. 3. Draw an equally proportionate grid on your large drawing paper. 4. Create a line drawing of your shoe on the larger paper following the grid method. (Hint: Go one grid at a time and cover the other grids) 5. Draw interesting patterns in the grids and on the shoes.
  3. 3. ADDING COLOR Now it is time to add color using your colored pencils. Don’t be a afraid to repeat colors, as that creates unity. Follow the chart below. Complimentary colors Warm Analogous Colors Cool Analogous Colors Your Choice Triadic colors Your choice Cool Analogous Colors Warm Analogous Colors Complimentary Colors