Fighting the Funk


Published on Ever feel like you’re in a funk . . . you know, those times when nothing seems to be working right . . . when everything you do breaks . . . when you feel like crying a river of tears?

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Fighting the Funk

  1. 1. Fighting the Funk Life is Too ShortEver feel like you’re in a funk . . . you Toknow, those times when nothing seems Waitto be working right . . . when Foreverything you do breaks . . . when you Someday!feel like crying a river of tears?
  2. 2. Fighting the Funk Life isFor those who are usually exuberant Tooand positive and joyful, when the funk Shorthits, it’s like the moment a kite falls to Tothe ground. One minute you’re soaring Waithigh above the clouds and the next – Foryou plummet downward, get tangled Someday!up in the feelings and sink in a swampof melancholy.
  3. 3. Fighting the Funk Life is TooMost of us fight the funk in the wrong Shortway – by beating ourselves up over it. To WaitWe allow negativity to grab hold and Forpull us in a downward spiral. Someday!
  4. 4. Fighting the Funk Life is Too ShortWe start to believe there is something Towrong with us . . . like maybe we aren’t Waitas far along on the happy curve that we Forthought we were. Someday!
  5. 5. Fighting the Funk Life is Too Short ToThere are two things you need to Waitrealize about the funk. For Someday!
  6. 6. Fighting the Funk Life is TooRealize that EVERYONE falls into the Shortfunk. Yes, everyone. Even those who Tohave the most incredible relationships, Waitwho enjoy financial success, who have Forgreat health. REM sings it best . . . Someday!“Everybody hurts . . . sometimes.”
  7. 7. Fighting the Funk Life isRealize that it’s the Law of Opposites at Toowork in your life to help you Shortunderstand this wonderful journey Tocompletely. Without feeling hurt, you Waitcannot understand love. Without Forknowing lack, you won’t grasp plenty. Someday!Without the funk, you can’t understandhappiness.
  8. 8. Fighting the Funk Life is TooOnce you understand this, rather than Shortberating yourself and feeling like you’ve Tofailed at living in a state of happiness Waitand contentment . . . once you accept Forthe funk, you begin to release the hold Someday!it has on you.
  9. 9. Fighting the Funk Life is TooJust acknowledge it, embrace it. . . like Shortyou would an old acquaintance that Tojust walked into a room. “Oh, I Waitremember you . . . it’s been a while Forsince you came around.” Someday!
  10. 10. Fighting the Funk Life is TooThen, you can begin to gently guide this Shortold acquaintance to the door like you Towould an unruly guest. Wait ForSo, how do you fight the funk? Someday!
  11. 11. Fighting the Funk Life is TooYou start by counting your blessings. ShortYes, it’s the same old message that has Tobeen proclaimed from early on . . . Waitcount your blessings, name them one Forby one. Someday!Speak them, write them, share them.
  12. 12. Fighting the Funk Life is TooIt’s called flipping the switch. When Shortthe funk hits you and the negative Tothoughts and feelings flood your Waitmind... flip the switch and find a Forpositive thought to replace it. Someday!
  13. 13. Fighting the Funk Life isThis isn’t always the easiest thing to do Toowhen you are in the funk…it might take Shortdays or weeks to see any results... but Toone little positive thought builds on the Waitnext little one… and in time, they will Forcompound and turn into a mighty force Someday!that will swoop the funk right out thedoor.
  14. 14. Fighting the FunkIn our culture that thrives on instant Life isaccess to everything, we seek an Tooinstant fix to our funk . . . which is why Shortalcohol, prescriptions and drugs are so Toprevalent. These things take the edge Waitoff the funk, but it doesn’t ever leave, it Forjust gains momentum until more Someday!alcohol, more prescriptions, moredrugs are needed.
  15. 15. Fighting the Funk Life is Too ShortYou don’t want to go down that Todestructive path. Wait For Someday!
  16. 16. Fighting the Funk Life is TooInstead, you can take the right kind of Shortsteps towards fighting the funk . . . the Todaily, hourly, minute by minute account Waitof all your blessings. For Someday!For as long as it takes, do this to fightthe funk.
  17. 17. Fighting the Funk Life is TooFinally, always remember…you are not Shortalone in this battle. Everyone gets the Tofunk…everyone fights it. It doesn’t Waitdiscriminate. For Someday!
  18. 18. Fighting the Funk Life is TooYou are more powerful than you realize Shortand you can overcome the funk that Tocomes knocking by taking the Waitconsistent, small steps without giving Forup. Someday!
  19. 19. Fighting the Funk Life is Too ShortHere’s to your amazing journey, your Toincredible life, your absolute happiness. Wait For Someday!
  20. 20. Fighting the Funk Life is Too Short ToStart right now . . . Wait For Someday!
  21. 21. Fighting the Funk Life is Too Short To Wait For Someday!