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Safrea self publishing presentation


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Self-publishing presentation

Published in: Education
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Safrea self publishing presentation

  1. 1. How self-publishing can elevateyou.
  2. 2. RobinJackson
  3. 3. TraditionalPublishing
  5. 5. Self-publishingvs Traditional
  6. 6. E-books “We’reenteringa new phase ofrapid evolution inpublishing”
  7. 7. Reading moving to screens
  8. 8. And to further complicate things • The devil’s in thee-details…
  9. 9. Ebookretailers –many more
  10. 10. E-book Royalties
  11. 11. Booksellingmoving tothe web Brick & Mortar Web Today?
  12. 12. Ebooksto overtake print Print books Ebooks Today?
  13. 13. Globalebookmarket to eclipseUS market Global Today? U.S.
  14. 14. Power of publishingshiftingto authors Author Today? Publisher
  15. 15. Number of books publishedindie vs. traditional Indie books Today? New trad. books
  16. 16. Ebooksvs Print Books
  17. 17. Ghost Writer Charges • Hourly:R500- R2500/hr • PerWord:R0.50-R5.00/word • PerProject/Book :R25,000 –R150,000 3 Different Ways a Ghost Writer Might Charge: *Remember that if the client is a celebrity or a well known political person then the prices are much higher
  18. 18. Ghost writing and yourrights • Copyright statutes provide that the creator of the work is the copyright owner • person hiring the ghost writer will own the copyright. • must be a written agreement because copyrights cannot be transferred verbally • include in their written contract a provision that the ghost writer is assigning his copyright to the author
  19. 19.