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Grouvie is a website proposal created at the Film Hackathon in New York City.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  1. 1. See Movies & Socialize
  2. 2. What’s Grouvie?A free service that plans your moviehangout with your friends.Based on the movie that you are going to watchand you and your friends’ personal preferences,Grouvie suggests hangouts in the area to enjoybefore or after the movie, enhancing yourmovie experience.
  3. 3. A straightforward platform, simple touse, that plans his movie night out.Grouvie enables the social aspects of going out tothe movies: engaging conversations about theparticulars of the film, and discovering newplaces to socialize in before or after the flim.No Foursquare, Facebook,Twitter needed!
  4. 4. Easy to use!ZERO barriers to use Grouvie - users only needan email account to plan their movie hangout.Grouvie saves time and facilitates theexperience, leaving moviegoers with the bestpart: enjoy the movie and hangout!
  5. 5. APIsThe Grouvie solution incorporates:- Facebook, for login, likes, friends (optional!)- CartoDB, for geolocation and data storage- via Mashery, forlatest theater listings
  6. 6. How does it work?
  7. 7. Product Demo
  8. 8. Future Enhancements- Mobile, but still simple!- More Facebook integrationto create & promote events- Integration with othersocial and geo services tomine for data and enhancesuggestions
  9. 9. Revenue StreamsThere are myriad opportunities:- Partnerships with theaters, distributors- Group offers- Product integrations with films, restaurants- Valuable “check-in” data, followup emails withMovie and Venue feedback
  10. 10. Thank You!!- Bruna Calheiros, <>- Mike Caprio, <> (please hire me!)