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Final paper guideline gradesheet


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Final paper guideline gradesheet

  1. 1. COMM 1050: Intro to Communication Theory Final Paper/Presentation Guidelines & Grade sheet (Please staple this sheet on the back of your paper.) Introduction Points Possible Points Earned • One paragraph • Is there an attention-getting story? • Is there a clear thesis sentence • Does the introduction outline the rest of the paper? 20 Current Research • Are there 5 examples of current research? • One or two summary paragraphs? • A summary of the method? • A summary of the findings • A paragraph of personal analysis? 150 Conclusion • Does this conclusion summarize the theory, research and the paper? 30 Overall Paper • Are there 5 – 7 sources beyond the text book? • Is the reference page APA? • Are the in-text citations APA? • Is the paper 7 pages? 50 Presentation • Is the presentation 10-15 minutes long? • Did you you will address why you choose the theory (the rationale), • What research is in your literature review? • How the research supports the theory? 50 Total Score 300