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Presentation to the UNLV Libraries on a program to highlight and promote innovative student, staff and instructor use of library media resources and tools, and show others "how it's done."
Note: the opinions and proposals are solely the author's, and do not reflect the views or policies of the UNLV Libraries.

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Diy Media

  1. 1. UNLV UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES “The UNLV Libraries will define the new academic research library—bringing people and information together in innovative ways.”  Academic libraries in the 21st century have evolved from repositories into learning centers providing engaging resources and services like high-speed network connections, digital collections, fully-equipped study spaces, media production labs and more  Surveys like Educause’s annual Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology have consistently shown that students value educational technology in the abstract, but look to their instructors and other mentor figures for guidance ( The challenge for libraries: to help students turn abstract potential into real applications and show them that they can be producers and creators of content as well as consumers (and for library staff to be seen as reliable, helpful consultants in that process) 11/6/2013 Brian Schuck 1
  2. 2. UNLV UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES “Doing more to facilitate use of technology in creative and meaningful ways—ways that encourage and support the use of technology for academics—is something that each of us has a certain level of responsibility for to improve students’ technology experiences.” - Executive summary, ECAR 2013 Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology UNLV library staff already have a robust “personal” web presence, sharing their expertise using tools like subject guides. The goal of DiyMedia: Extend that presence to include students, instructors and other staff who have done creative things with library media resources. 11/6/2013 Brian Schuck 2
  3. 3. UNLV UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES Objectives:  Reinforce libraries’ image as a key resource for creativity  Cultivate a culture of sharing: students have expertise too  Engage with “real world” UNLV examples  Emphasize simple ways to be creative with media tools  Utilize existing dissemination tools, e.g., subject guides  Increase numbers of students, staff and faculty involved with media  Promote examples in more locations, web and physical 11/6/2013 Brian Schuck 3
  4. 4. UNLV UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES Recruitment:  Library units  Library student employees  Individual faculty members and graduate students  Student organizations  Offices of Online Education and Information Technology Incentives:  T-shirts (or similar) to all participants  Extra credit negotiated with instructor  All participants entered in iPad (or similar prize) raffle  Featured (by permission) in libraries publicity 11/6/2013 Brian Schuck 4
  5. 5. 11/6/2013 Brian Schuck 5
  6. 6. UNLV UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES Promotion & Distribution 11/6/2013 Brian Schuck 6
  7. 7. UNLV UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES Measuring Success:  Diversity of authors (students, staff, instructors)  Good range of examples and subjects using diverse resources  Page hits, comments and usefulness ratings  Prompt responders to take longer survey: What resources have you used in the past?  What are you likely to use in the future?  What types of library assistance have you used?  What resources or services would you like to see? Referers: who else is linking and where are page users coming from?  Use in workshops, classes, presentations (word of mouth)  Consideration: review periodically for freshness 11/6/2013 Brian Schuck 7
  8. 8. UNLV UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES Questions? 11/6/2013 Brian Schuck 8