Texas history 1.1


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Texas history 1.1

  1. 1. Texas History Chapter 1.1: The Six Essential Elements of Geography
  2. 2. How might your life be different if you lived in the desert? Sahara Desert
  3. 3. How does the geography of Afghanistan affect our soldiers fighting the War on Terror?
  4. 4. Why are we studying this? People have lived in Texas and influenced it’s environment for thousands of years. The geography of Texas influences how people live.
  5. 5. Six Essential Elements of Geography • The world in spatial terms • Places and regions • Physical systems • Human systems • Environment & Society • Uses of Geography
  6. 6. The World in Spatial Terms • Geography—the study of the special physical and human characteristics of a place or region • Environment—physical surroundings
  7. 7. The World in Spatial Terms •Culture—a learned system of shared beliefs, traits, settlement patterns
  8. 8. What are some cultural traits of Pearland/Houston?
  9. 9. The World in Spatial Terms • Geographers look at where things are located • Geographers use many tools —Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  10. 10. The World in Spatial Terms • GIS— computer databases that gather, store, and organize geographic information Example of a GIS created map
  11. 11. Google Earth
  12. 12. Places & Regions Physical Characteristics Human Characteristics
  13. 13. Places & Regions • Regions –Formal –Functional –Perceptual The Regions of Texas
  14. 14. Physical Systems • Geographers study the physical processes and interactions among four physical systems – Atmosphere – Land – Water – Life
  15. 15. Physical Systems • Ecosystem—all of an area’s plants and animals together with their non- living environment This flowing East Texas stream is an important part of a bottomland hardwood ecosystem.
  16. 16. Human Systems • Involves the study of population distribution, growth, and movement • Migration—Movement of people • Urbanization—an increase in people living or working in cities
  17. 17. Environment & Society • Concerns how people interact with the environment • Roy Bedichek— Texas naturalist who warned about the dangers of pollution Roy Bedichek
  18. 18. Geography & Society • Humans affect the environment for better and worse—pollution, restore deforested areas • The environment affects humans—where they live
  19. 19. Uses of Geography • Geographers— locate natural resources • Historians—use geography to understand history • Conservation programs
  20. 20. List the six essential elements of Geography. Then describe each element Element Purpose