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WWME #3 Family Life is Hard


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WWME #3 Family Life is Hard

  1. 1. Week # 3
  2. 2. Culture Church (media) MEET THE MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES KNOWN AS ME Friends Family (school)
  3. 3. The day I splat- ter painted the kitchen... family
  4. 4. Family: is God’s idea. 1.
  5. 5. Family: Can be the hardest place to live for Jesus...
  6. 6. In many ways you are Embarrassed by your family... a combination of long term conflict, proximity, sibling rivalry, and the natural authority struggles that are part of developing identity.
  7. 7. In many ways you are Hostages to your family... they control where you live, what you watch, who you can be friends with, what clothes you get to wear, whether you get to have pierced ears or long hair, or get frosted tips.