May 19 campus notes 05192014


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May 19 campus notes 05192014

  1. 1. Brown Mackie College Cincinnati
  2. 2. Congratulations President’s Honor GPA 4.0 Kristi Abrams Gloria Allen Matthew Bressert Leeanna Collins Earl Flynn Lorena Garr Mary Knecht Casey McKinney Viet Nguyen Jenny Richardson
  3. 3. Dean’s List - January Quarter Rebecca Anderson Crystal Dickinson David Kennedy Crystal Still D'Ana Barmore Jennifer F. Dunbar Lauren M. Kirry Michelle N. Taulbee Leo Bennett Anja M. Fasman Landen C. Kleineick Jameis M. Taylor Liezl Berdin Jamein Figg Donminique Leary Holly R. Thomas Holly A. Boots Ricky L. Fischer Danielle L. Maxey Trease Thompson Daniel Bowling Kaytlin M. Gibbons Cindy K. Nickel Teresa A. Treinen Clarissa Brewer Elizabeth A. Hardy Karishma A. O'Brien Jessica B. Turner Erik L. Burnside Jennifer A. Henggeler Socheathta K. Phouny Lindsey K. Walker Shakela M. Cobb Lominda A. Hicks Tiffani N. Powell Schuylesha E. Washington Clint Cole Bradley A. Ison Danielle L. Price Chad E. Cornelius Dillan M. Johnson Edward Smith Kelli C. Davis Chales Kelch Linnisah Y. Speed
  4. 4. Audra R. Bester Amber R. Ellis Michelle M. Noe Ebony C. Smith Heather Campbell Yvonne G. Fowlkes Melinda J. Osborn Marshella R. Smith William D. Chapman Rebecca Fritsch Kenneth S. Pate Darlene Stallworth Laura R. Clifford Anna Hamblin Courtney R. Pennington Donna J. Toure Heather R. Collins Wendell K. Harper Elizabeth Perdue Salika T. Ushery Kristy L. Cook Natasha Hayes Cassie Philpot Mykiale J. White Amber N. Crawford Kasey M. Justice Brittany N. Randolph Jennifer A. Whitt Brandy D. Daniels Azaria L. Kennedy Peter Raps Samantha L. Widener Sade Davis Rakem T. Kimble Maurice O. Reese Sara A. Wright Jalessa D. Dennis Margaret M. Niehoff Tanganika D. Roberson Christina E. Younger
  5. 5. Student Veterans of America
  6. 6. Student Veterans of America First Chapter General Meeting • May 17th at 12pm room 145, Wood Lawn campus • This is to sign-up all members and meet each other. • We will also explain the Mission statement and positions that need filed: • President, Vice- President, Secretary, Treasurer and Sergeant of Arms
  7. 7. Child Care For The Summer Make your plans for Childcare this summer so your graduation date is not delayed
  8. 8. Link to site:
  9. 9. Dress and act as if you work in your field of study – be ready! Vet Tech Business/Accounting
  10. 10. Did you know you can set up your own BMC email address? Go To Click On You Got Mail
  11. 11. MEDICAL ASSISTANTS HOW IS YOUR PORTFOLIO LOOKING? WHAT IS A PORTFOLIO YOU ASK? A Portfolio is your performance successes, your brag book if you will! It shows extern site managers and potential employers what you can do! YOU DON’T HAVE ONE YOU SAY? No worries ! We have the materials and templates to get you started to have a stellar Portfolio ! IS IT IMPORTANT TO HAVE ONE? YES, YES! But only if you want to stand out as a professional on externship and when interviewing for your career position! Come to Career Services to get started TODAY!! Visit Angie Garrison or Charlie King Career Services
  12. 12. Ambassador Honor Society Is collecting Box Tops to benefit the Princeton School district. Please save your tops and place in the boxes in the Library at both Woodlawn and Norwood!!!
  13. 13. Attendance Matters 90% Attendance = Good Grades 90% Attendance = Good Pay
  14. 14. Remember, it’s the law
  15. 15. Senior Time for Senior Care Volunteer Program Contact Dee McGuire to Volunteer 513.672.1796 or Second Year Anniversary Do you: Like to read aloud? Play piano? Play billiards? Like to play cards? Be a STSC Volunteer.
  16. 16. Main Campus Student Break Room
  17. 17. Did you know you can email your Department Chair from ECOLLEGE? Click on the Email tab & select their name
  18. 18. Norwood Campus No Parking No Parking Street Parking is Permitted Street Parking is Permitted Norwood Parking Student Parking No Parking Staff Parking