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May 12 campus notes 05122014


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May 12 campus notes 05122014

  1. 1. Brown Mackie College Cincinnati
  2. 2. The first week of May classes, President Krout & Associate Dean Bosko will be handing out Honor’s, Dean’s and President’s certificates
  3. 3. Student Veterans We are building a wall and need your help. An “Honor Wall” that is. We’d like to hang your portrait on our upcoming Honor Wall. Please email for a time to get your picture taken!! OR
  4. 4. Student Veterans of America
  5. 5. Student Veterans of America First Chapter General Meeting • May 17th at 12pm room 145, Wood Lawn campus • This is to sign-up all members and meet each other. • We will also explain the Mission statement and positions that need filed: • President, Vice- President, Secretary, Treasurer and Sergeant of Arms
  6. 6. Another benefit of being a BMC Student……… Show your student id badge at the Skyline located at 9907 Springfield Pike and receive 10% off your order
  7. 7. Senior Time for Senior Care Volunteer Program Contact Dee McGuire to Volunteer 513.672.1796 or Second Year Anniversary Do you: Like to read aloud? Play piano? Play billiards? Like to play cards? Be a STSC Volunteer.
  8. 8. GO OPT-IN FOR E-STATEMENTS CHANGE TO E-STATEMENTS TODAY! Access everything from the Student Portal Electronic Billing Statements Brown Mackie College offers the ability to Go Green and receive all of your bills electronically. Please click here to manager your election to: (1) receive electronic notification of your billing statement; or (2) receive a paper billing statement.  Receive an email reminder when your e-statement is ready  Never lose a bill – everything is on the Student Portal  Reduce clutter and waste
  9. 9. BMC If you park across the street at Gold Kist… Cross only at the stoplight! Additional parking Across the street Walk in crosswalk BMC-Cincinnati is not responsible for jaywalking fines. Main Campus
  10. 10. Child Care For The Summer Make your plans for Childcare this summer so you can attend classes.