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  1. 1. SUCCESS VITAMIN “Emphatic listening takes time, but it doesn’t take anywhere near as much time as it takes to back up and correct misunderstandings when you’re already miles down the road, to redo, to live with unexpressed and unsolved problems, to deal with the results of not giving people psychological air.” Dr. Stephen R. Covey The 7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleBMC Campus Notes Tuesday, June 5th, 2012
  2. 2. Free Application Federal StudentFinancial Aid Have you completed your FAFSA for 2012/2013?
  3. 3. Planning on attendingcollege after July 1, 2012?Complete the new federal aid application to qualify for federal grants and student loans FAFSA.ED.GOV
  4. 4. Required Information 040513 and 005127 are the school codes you need to add to your FAFSA Do not forget to complete your housing plan, live off campus or live with parent You will need your tax return information for 2011 to complete your FAFSA
  5. 5. Ohio State Grant You have to complete the FAFSA quickly to see if you qualify for the State Grant, if you miss the filing deadline you will not be eligible to receive this grant. Complete your FAFSA now so you do not miss the deadline, it is approaching quickly and time is running out.
  6. 6. Questions or Need Help? Call 513-672-1929, leave a message and someone from the Student Financial Aid office will contact you Stop by Student Services to make an appointment for FA during the following times Monday – Tuesday – Thursday8:30am – 9:30am 12:30pm – 1:30pm 5:30pm – 6:30pm
  7. 7. Annual Hoxworth Blood DriveNorwood – Tuesday, June 12th – 12 pm-2pmWoodlawn – Thursday, June 14th – 1pm – 3 pmCall Jerry @ 672-1983 to schedule.Who Will You Save?
  8. 8. Campus Supply StoreIt is a great idea to prepare for your next course! We agree!Your friends at the campus supply store and want to remind you that you can pick up your textbooks for June classes between May 21st and June 1st
  9. 9. Career Services Cindi Paolello Charlie King Sabina ContractorSenior CS Advisor Director of CS CS Advisor Angela Ellis Erica Okere Shannon Walters CS Advisor CS Advisor CS Advisor
  10. 10. Remember; it’s the lawSmokers mustbe away fromthe doors ofany publicbuilding.
  11. 11. Hello Norwood Students! Starting on May 4th, the Norwood Campus will begin opening its facilities @ 8:00 am on Fridays (7:30 am on all other days) Computer labs will open @ 8:30 am on Fridays Please only access the building after 8:00 am on Fridays as earlier access will trigger the building security system, thanks!
  12. 12. Join for Senior Time for Senior Care community outreachprogram for senior citizens- use your volunteer experience on your resume!
  13. 13. Tip of the Week! Online Job Searching Networking Works!Sites like LinkedIn and Facebook can help you get intouch with other networkers at specific companies, withcollege affiliations or in a certain geographic area. Let’s get to work!
  14. 14. Attention BMC StudentsStarting in May, the Norwood Learning Center will start to house members ofthe upper management team as a means to provide better academic,financial, and student support services to the students of BMCC-NorwoodOffice is located next to bookstore and hours available will be8:30 am – 1:30 pm Mondays : Dean McKinley Tuesdays: Dean Jines Thursdays: Peggy Johnson
  15. 15. Computer Lab EtiquetteIn order to preserve a clean and healthy environment in thecomputer labs we will enforce the policy: NOFood or Beveragesin Computer Labs
  16. 16. Questions? DR. JAY DOUG SHANNON PRINCE ELLIS SARAH TAULBEE AVENIDO YEAGER ZOZ IT & Biomedical Practical Nursing Allied Health Audio Video Criminal Justice Equipment Technology Associate Production Legal Studies Administrator ANISHA SHELLEY MIKE NANCY JERRY DANIELS BOSKO BATTERSON KILLEEN LINDAHL Business Early Childhood Surgical Technology Veterinary General Technology Education Technology Education
  17. 17. Peer Tutors Needed!!WOULD YOU LIKE TO HELP OTHER STUDENTS?ARE YOU A MASTER STUDENT?CAN YOU TUTOR MATH AND ENGLISH? ALL SUBJECTS ARE NEEDED.Please see Mrs. Abney in the StudentSuccess Center to volunteer. THANK YOU!
  18. 18. Books weighing you down?? Have a book that you do not really need anymore? Willing to share a used book? Need extra cash? Consider assisting a Brown Mackie student who is in need of a Fundamentals of English Book or Fundamentals of Math Book Please contact Suzette Everhart at severhart@brownmackie.edu , 513-672-1990 or leave a message in Room 102 on her desk before, during break or after classes.
  19. 19. Metro Bus Passes NOW AVAILABLE FOR STUDENTSBeginning March 2012, Metro will no longer issue monthly passes.The monthly pass will be replaced with a 30 day pass.Bus pass is valid for unlimited rides for 30 days from the day of first use.Financial aid money must be on your student account in order to charge your bus pass.Bus pass is non-refundable and irreplaceable, students are allowed only one pass per course.Visit www.go-metro.com or call 513-621- 4455 for bus schedules and ride information.
  20. 20. FREE Computer Literacy & Skills Workshop NEED HELP WITH:  Working with files, email, troubleshooting, printing, etc  Using the internet, search engines, and e-college issues  Using the mouse and keyboard for computer navigations  Basic computer skills, such as Microsoft Office  Windows basics & other applications These are skills necessary for you to be successful in school.Schedule an appointment at the Learning Resource Center WHERE: Woodlawn Campus WHEN: Varies TIME: Varies COST: FREE For Questions: Stop by the Learning Resource Center @ Woodlawn
  21. 21. Shuttle service between campuses Monday Tuesday Thursday Woodlawn NorwoodDeparting WoodlawnWoodlawn 8:30am Arrives Norwood 9:05amWoodlawn 9:50am Arrives Norwood 10:20amWoodlawn 11:00am Arrives Norwood 11:30amWoodlawn 12:10pm Arrives Norwood 12:45pmDeparting NorwoodNorwood 9:10am Arrives Woodlawn 9:45amNorwood 10:25am Arrives Woodlawn 10:55amNorwood 11:35am Arrives Woodlawn 12:05pmNorwood 12:50pm Arrives Woodlawn 1:20pm
  22. 22. JERRY FAIRALL, DirectorBusiness Management, Accounting Technology,Early Childhood Education, Veterinary Technology,Practical Nursing, Allied Health, SurgicalTechnologyMIKE DAVISInformation Technology, Legal Studies,Audio/Video Production, Architectural Design &Drafting, Computer Networking, BiomedicalEquipment Technology GLENNA ABNEY Student Success Center Coordinator
  23. 23. Computer labs are open onFriday and Saturday on MainCampus only Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm Saturday 9:00am – 1:00pm
  24. 24. The LibraryVisit www.BrownMackieLibrary.com to use the Book Board,where you can buy or sell used textbooks!
  25. 25. Make yourplans forChildcarethis summerso you canattendclasses.