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June 13 campus notes 06132013


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Published in: Education, Technology
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June 13 campus notes 06132013

  1. 1. iPad Workshops:Break Week—Library—For You!Monday, July 1st10-11 am Googling Google: Gmail, Drive, Chrome, Play, Books, Earth, Plus.How to store/edit documents, get music, books using FREE apps.1-2 pm On Cloud9—Your own storage Paradise: Content creation storage &manipulation on the iPad. How to managedocuments, pdfs, photos, presentations and video.Tuesday, July 2nd10-11 am Your iPad is not a babysitter: securing and supervising your iPadappropriately. Passcodes, parental controls, apps forstudent/parents.1-2 pm Googling Google: Gmail, Drive, Chrome, Play, Books, Earth, Plus.Wednesday, July 3rd10-11 am On Cloud9—Your own storage Paradise: Content creation storage &manipulation on the iPad.1-2 pm Your iPad is not a babysitter: securing and supervising your iPadappropriately.Ask the Librarian for moreinformation and to reserve your spot!
  2. 2. SupportThe Vet Tech Club!Buy a t-shirt to help us raise money for our club!Front EmblemBrown Mackie CollegeBack Design3 DecorativeColors!XS – XL are $12;after XL add $1 for each size
  3. 3. That is the average amount of time that hiring managers andrecruiters spend reviewing your resume. 2012MAIN CAMPUS NORWOOD CAMPUSTues: 4:30-5:30 PM Tues: 4:30-5:30 PMThurs: 1:00-2:00 PM Thurs: 1:00-2:00 PMNO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY
  4. 4. HAVE YOU HEARD!!NURSING STUDENTS in nursing classesonlyBRING A FRIEND TO CLASSJune 11th and 12thTELL EVERYONE!!Contact person:Cheryl Wilkerson MSN,
  5. 5. Did you know you can set up your own BMC email address?Go ToClick OnYouGotMail
  6. 6. Patron Persistence RecognitionThe Library recognizes students who have beenpersistent in their studies and have recentlycompleted or will have completed adegree/certificate in the next three months.Graduates if you are interested in participating, pleasestop by the library at Main Campus or Norwood.
  7. 7. Norwood CampusNo ParkingNo ParkingStreetParking isPermittedStreetParking isPermittedNorwood ParkingStudent Parking No Parking Staff Parking
  8. 8. Grades Quality Points Total QP GPAPresidents A A A 16 16 16 48 4.00Deans A A A- 16 16 14.8 46.8 3.90Deans A A- A- 16 14.8 14.8 45.6 3.80Deans A A B+ 16 16 13.6 45.6 3.80Deans A A- B+ 16 14.8 13.6 44.4 3.70Deans A A B 16 16 12 44 3.67Deans A B+ B+ 16 13.6 13.6 43.2 3.60Does Not Qualify A A- B 16 14.8 12 42.8 3.57Does Not Qualify A A B- 16 16 10.8 42.8 3.57Does Not Qualify A A- B- 16 14.8 10.8 41.6 3.47President’s & Dean’s ListQualifications
  9. 9. AttendanceMatters90% Attendance = Good Grades90% Attendance = Good Pay
  10. 10. This July Brown Mackie College will host it’s first TalentShow at the Woodlawn Community Center. Exact dates andtimes will be announced soon.We want students, faculty and staff to participate.To sign up now,contact Doug Yeager – 513-672-1936 or email dyeager@brownmackie.eduTalent Categories:MusicDancingComedySketch TheaterMovieTrophies will be awardedfor each category.Grand Prize!July 19, 2013 7pm-9pmWoodlawn Community Center
  11. 11. Two (2) Scholarships Available$500 eachDeadline to ApplyJune 14, 2013
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