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February 14


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Published in: Education
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February 14

  1. 1. Tuesday, February Tuesday, February 14, 2012 14, 2012SUCCESS VITAMIN
  2. 2. Next meeting at Norwood on Wednesday February 15th at 6pmGo with the Medical Club for a tour of a Local Pharmacy on FridayFebruary 10th. Meet at Main Campus at 1:30 pm Limit is 20 people- See Dr. Avenido or Yvette Briggerman
  3. 3. Chili Cook-Off• 21 Feb At Norwood, The Legal Studies Club will be having a Chili Cook-Off. Bring a Quarter to Vote for the Best. Voting will start at 10:00.
  4. 4. AVP Skills Workshop Sign Up NowAVP Department is conducting a Camera and Recording Studio Workshop.We also added an iMovie workshop.Basic Skill set – Prepares you for equipment proficiency test.Wednesday February 15th from 4pm to 8pmSign up by emailing Doug Yeager –
  5. 5. DOUG PRINCE SHANNON NANCY SHELLEYYEAGER ELLIS ZOZ KILLEENAudi Video Information BOSKO Criminal Justice Veterinary Early ChildhoodProduction Technologies Paralegal Technology Biomedical EducationAnisha Dr. JAY MIKE SARAH JERRYDaniels AVENIDO BATTERSON TAULBEE LINDAHL Business Allied Health Surgical Practical GeneralTechnology Technology Nursing Education Associate
  6. 6. Wanna Shoot a Movie?Sign up toparticipate on theCollege Movie FestivalMarch 18 toApril
  7. 7. When: 8:30am and 5:30pm Thursday, February 16thWhere: Main Campus, ECE Lab (219)Agenda: Elections?, Best Meeting Day/Time?, Field Trips?,Guest Speakers?, Workshops?, Fund Raising?Contact: Manuel Susarret, Faculty Advisormsusarret@brownmackie.edu513-672-1933
  8. 8. Volunteer Opportunity • 9th Annual Health Expo • Volunteers who work a minimum of four (4) hours on Saturday, April 28th between 10:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. • Training will be announced at a later date. • No medical training necessaryContact your department chair to complete an application Completed applications are due Friday February 17th
  9. 9. Books weighing you down? Have a book that you do not really need anymore? Willing to share a used book? Need extra cash?Consider assisting a Brown Mackie First Quarter Studies student who is in need of a Fundamentals of English Book Fundamental of Math Book Please contact Suzette Everhart at , 513-672-1990 or leave a message in Room 102 on her desk before, during break or after classes.
  10. 10. Metro Bus PassesImportant information: NOW AVAILABLE FOR STUDENTSBeginning March 2012, Metro will nolonger issue monthly passes.The monthly pass will be replacedwith a 30 day pass.Bus pass is valid for unlimited ridesfor 30 days from the day of first use.Financial aid money must be on yourstudent account in order to chargeyour bus pass.Bus pass is non-refundable andirreplaceable, students are allowedonly one pass per course.Visit or call 513-621-4455 for bus schedules and rideinformation.
  11. 11. LPN Students - Community Service Opportunity • Who: Contact Mr. Wilson to complete the Field Trip Form • When: Saturday February 18th 2012  9AM – 1:00PM • Where: Cherry Grove Kroger • What: Glucose Screening
  12. 12. 1098T – Important InformationForms are mailed to all eligible students by 1/31/2012For information on the Taxpayer Relief Act, as well as additional resources to assist you in understanding higher education tax incentives visit:To print a duplicate form please visit Choose the „STUDENT” option  Choose “NEED HELP LOGGING IN?” optionFor further assistance call 1-866-428-1098*Please note that Brown Mackie College and our servicer ECSI cannot provide tax advice. If you have questions regarding the higher education tax incentives, you should consult a qualified tax professionalor contact the IRS Taxpayer Assistance hotline at 1-800-829-1040.
  13. 13. Campus hours on Saturday have changed New hours: 9:00am – 1:00pm
  14. 14. DATE: february 23, 2012 TIME: 1:00 – 6:00 pm PLACE: bmc main campusCome learn aboutyour summer childcare options!Visiting child care programswill provide incentives such as:•Transportation to and from BMC•Multiple Child discounts•Referral discounts•Waiving of registration fees•Acceptance of child-care vouchers
  15. 15. NEED CASH?? Need cash for things at school??  You can now use the new ATM located in the student lounge at main campus (Woodlawn) This machine is in response to the needs identified by BMCC students themselves on past Noel Levitz surveys
  16. 16. Got Old Rugs? Give ‘em to us The vet tech club is seekingdonations for rugs that will be givento the Boone County Animal Shelter. Drop em off at the vet tech lab andwe’ll do the rest. Please help keep an animal warm this holiday season
  17. 17. Shuttle ServiceO The shuttle service that has currently run between main campus (Woodlawn) and the bus stops located along Glendale-Milford Road (9am-4pm), will be CANCELLED from here forwardO Shuttle service between main campus and the Norwood campus will NOT be affected, thanks!
  18. 18. Winter Weather Closings With winter just around the corner, please be aware that if we have inclement weather, all closing information can be found on any of our local TV and radio networks. Please be safe if you have to travel in snowy or icy conditions!!
  19. 19. Woodlawn Norwood Shuttle service between campuses Monday, Tuesday & ThursdayDeparts Woodlawn 8:30am Arrives Norwood 9:05amArrives Woodlawn 9:45am Departs Norwood 9:10amDeparts Woodlawn 9:50am Arrives Norwood 10:20amArrives Woodlawn 10:55am Departs Norwood 10:25amDeparts Woodlawn 11:00am Arrives Norwood 11:30amArrives Woodlawn 12:05pm Departs Norwood 11:35amDeparts Woodlawn 12:10pm Arrives Norwood 12:45pmArrives Woodlawn 1:20pm Departs Norwood 12:50pm
  20. 20. JERRY FAIRALL, DirectorBusiness Management, AccountingTechnology, Early ChildhoodEducation, Veterinary Technology, PracticalNursingGLENNA ABNEYAllied Health, Surgical TechnologyMIKE DAVISInformation Technology, LegalStudies, Audio/Video Production, ArchitecturalDesign & Drafting, ComputerNetworking, Biomedical Equipment Technology
  21. 21. DiD you know……… ..............students who register on the carpool website to provide rides are eligible for a weekly gas card raffle? Sign up today! ckiecincy This weeks winner is:
  22. 22. Wanna Shoot a Movie?Sign up for theCollege Movie FestivalMarch 18 – April 1Contact
  23. 23. FREE Computer Literacy & Skills Workshop NEED HELP WITH:  Working with files, email, troubleshooting, printing, etc  Using the internet, search engines, and e-college issues  Using the mouse and keyboard for computer navigations  Basic computer skills, such as Microsoft Office  Windows basics & other applicationsJUST SHOW UP: necessary for you to be successful in school.  These are skills  WHERE: Room 210 (Woodlawn Campus)  WHEN: Wednesdays  TIME: 10:00am-1:00pm  COST: FREE For Questions: Call Mr. Ellis at 672-1584 or e-mail No Reservation Needed…
  24. 24. Tuesday, February Tuesday, February 14, 2012 14, 2012Peer to Peer Tutoring Students who want to help other students can apply to the campus’s Peer to Peer tutoring program. This is an opportunity for community service and a great way to build your resume. For more information, please contact Diane Bellamy in the “Service to others is the Learning Center( Room 111) or payment you make for your space here on earth.” Jenelle Kunz at 513-672-1592. ~ Mohammed Ali
  25. 25. Tuesday, February 14, 2012Computer labs are open onFriday and Saturday (maincampus only) Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm Saturday 9:00am – 1:00pm
  26. 26. Book BoardVisit to use the Book Board, where you can buy or sell used textbooks! The Library