April 9 campus notes 04092013


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April 9 campus notes 04092013

  1. 1. Did you know you can set up your own BMC email address? Go To Click On You Got Mail
  2. 2. Student Health InsuranceOur student health insurance provider, Collegiate Insurance Resources,has improved their student portal page with improved functionality, userfriendliness, and allows student to navigate their health insuranceoptions. There are also options for dental, vision, property andinternational travel insurance.Here is the link to the new site:www.cirstudenthealth.com/brownmackie
  3. 3. President’s & Dean’s List Qualifications Grades Quality Points Total QP GPAPresidents A A A 16 16 16 48 4.00Deans A A A- 16 16 14.8 46.8 3.90Deans A A- A- 16 14.8 14.8 45.6 3.80Deans A A B+ 16 16 13.6 45.6 3.80Deans A A- B+ 16 14.8 13.6 44.4 3.70Deans A A B 16 16 12 44 3.67Deans A B+ B+ 16 13.6 13.6 43.2 3.60Does Not Qualify A A- B 16 14.8 12 42.8 3.57Does Not Qualify A A B- 16 16 10.8 42.8 3.57Does Not Qualify A A- B- 16 14.8 10.8 41.6 3.47
  4. 4. Attendance Matters90% Attendance = Good Grades90% Attendance = Good Pay
  5. 5. Street Parking Norwood Parking is Permitted No Parking Street Parking is Permitted Norwood Campus No Parking Student Parking No Parking Staff Parking
  6. 6. RideShareBoardMain CampusStudent Break Room
  7. 7. If you park across the street at Gold Kist…Additional parking Main Cross onlyAcross the street Campus at the BMC stoplight!Walk in crosswalk BMC-Cincinnati is not responsible for jaywalking fines.
  8. 8. Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater CincinnatiCamp JoyCCM PreparatorySummer Camps in 513 Area CodeThe Center for the ArtsChild TimeCincyNature CampsKids First SportsActivity TreeGorman Heritage Farm CampHamilton County Park DistrictLaff A Lot CampsKids CampsUniversity of Cincinnati R.E.C. Kids CampCamps Information ServiceSummer Classes For You . . . . .Summer Camps For Your Kids
  9. 9. COMPUTER LITERACY WORKSHOPWednesdays from 9am to 12 pm in the Student Success Center
  10. 10. Did you know you can emailyour Department Chair from ECOLLEGE? Click on the Email tab & select their name
  11. 11. Career Services Now offers a Resume Clinic for YOU! Want an effective resume? Does your resume have what it takes to land the job ? Come learn about ways to improve your resume and get feedback from the Career Services team about what is needed on a resume. Tuesday from 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm Main and Norwood Campus Thursday from 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm Main and Norwood Campus Walk ins are welcome, but be aware of limited seating
  12. 12. Introducing the NEW BMC Print Management Solution - GoPrint Why Print Management How to Print Eliminate wasted printed pages. 1. When you send a print job, the web client print manger pops up. Cut down on accidental printing. 2. To view and release your Reduce environmental footprint. print jobs, you are required to log in using your Student Portal ID and password. Reduce wear/tear on lab printers. 3. Then walk over to the printer to pick up your print jobs.Starting March 11, 2013
  13. 13. Just as grabbing your keys to head to school is second nature so should grabbing your ID badgeSchool ID badges should be visible and worn at all times while on school grounds. If you have lost or misplaced your badge see one the Academic Advisors.