Research, Networking & Service: A Three Part Project by Katy Ashby


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Research, Networking & Service: A Three Part Project by Katy Ashby

  1. 1. Research, Networking, & Service: A Three Part Project Kathryn L. Ashby, University of Louisville Class of 2016 Networking Service For the networking component of my project, I traveled to Pittsburgh, PA to attend the Society of Manufacturing Engineer’s RAPID Technology Conference and Austin, TX to the Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium (SFF). RAPID is the leading industry conference on Additive Manufacturing (AM) and SFF is the largest academic AM research conference. At each of these conferences I met with potential employers for my upcoming Cooperative Education Experience for the spring of 2013. This December I will be traveling to Cebu City, Philippines for ten days with a multidisciplinary group of students under the direction of the University of Louisville Office of Student Affairs and professors from each of the representative academic units to teach lessons on various engineering topics to students in four schools. In addition to teaching, we will be installing an M100 water purification device from Waterstep in the most rural school and assisting in a dental clinic. Additionally, I will gain exposure to local culture and customs through various group and individual activities. Research Since the beginning of my undergraduate career I have been conducting undergraduate research in Additive Manufacturing and specifically laser sintering of polymers under Timothy Gornet in the UofL Rapid Prototyping Center. During my time as a research intern, I have had the privilege to perform research in collaboration with companies like Nike, the Navy, and Boeing. Most recently, I completed a project on the “Advanced Process Controls for the Laser Sintering of Thermoplastics” in collaboration with Paramount, a 3D Systems Company, under a SBIR grant from the Air Force Research Lab, Materials and Manufacturing Directorate. This research focused on the modeling of thermal profiles during the part cake cool down process in order to reduce part warpage. Plans are in the work to pursue a second phase of this project in the coming months analyzing the in build thermal profiles. Furthermore, I will be presenting this research on behalf of 3D Systems at the National Additive Manufacturing institute meeting in October of 2013. Research Funding: Air Force Research Laboratory, Materials and Manufacturing Directorate SBIR AF121-122 Contract No. FA8650-12-M-5151Proposal No. F121-1221734 UofL Design and Print UofL Design and Print