Culminating UBS Internship in Louisville
Ryan Moran, University of Louisville, Class of 2014
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Culminating UBS Internship in Louisville by Ryan Moran


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Culminating UBS Internship in Louisville by Ryan Moran

  1. 1. Culminating UBS Internship in Louisville Ryan Moran, University of Louisville, Class of 2014 Made possible by the generous support of the Brown Fellows Program, the University of Louisville College of Business , and the BFG and Trident Groups of UBS Financial Services, Inc. Enrichment Project Goals Previous Enrichment Projects §  2010: Traveled to Vietnam and Cambodia for a cultural immersion and orientation trip with the 2014 Brown Fellows. §  2011: Studied international political economy, international marketing, and contemporary South Asian politics at Christ University in Bangalore, India. §  2012: Interned at Donghua University’s Center of International Programs and studied Mandarin Chinese in Shanghai, China. §  Synthesize what I have learned through the University of Louisville’s College of Business and Bangalore’s Christ University with international work experience from Shanghai. §  Gain a better understanding of and participate in the daily operations of a major financial institution. §  Build a experiential foundation necessary to begin working in the financial industry, particularly in Louisville. §  Enrichment Project Outcomes As a result of this enrichment project, I was: Summer 2011: Taj Mahal in India aer classes ended at Christ University. §  Able to gain significant research experience that I am using to apply for domestic and international graduate programs. Enrichment Project Summary Summer 2010: View of rice paddies on the way to Sa Pa in northern Vietnam. Identify possible post-graduation employment opportunities. §  A temporary team member for one of the world’s most successful financial institutions. §  Challenged to rethink the financial and economic theories I had learned in the classroom. §  Introduced to Louisville’s professional network. §  Offered a part-time job with UBS during my final year at the University of Louisville. §  Given the resources to create a proprietary retirement calculator, which may eventually be patented by UBS or an independent limited liability company (LLC). §  Able to work with a number of Louisville charity organizations, primarily Ardi’s Bears, World Sight, and the Dream Factory. For 10 weeks this summer, I interned at the Olympia Park branch of UBS Financial Services, located in Prospect, Louisville. As a research associate, I worked with the BFG and Trident Groups to: §  §  Identify currently undervalued mutual funds that have demonstrable long-term resiliency. §  Summer 2012: Shanghai’s famous Pudong skyline proudly demonstrating the city’s growing commercial success, separated from the historic Bund waterfront by the Huangpu River. Analyze and communicate mutual fund performance. Cra a new marketing campaign introducing clients to UBS’s less known capabilities. §  Digitize operating files for high-net-worth clients. §  Construct simple Financial Goal Analyses (FGAs). Sample Research Data Special anks e table below was a starting point for the BFG Group’s retirement readiness campaign, based on Aon Consulting’s 2008 Retirement Readiness: A Measurement Tool For Retirement Planning. With this data, we built a proprietary retirement calculator that allows for: is project would not have been possible without a supportive and dedicated team. In particular, I would like to thank: §  Andrew Grubb, Brown Fellows Program Class of 2014 Mentor §  Adjustable inflationary expectations. §  Christy Burge, Accountancy Instructor and Project Mentor §  Mutual fund performance. §  Jonathan Butcher, VP of Wealth Management, BFG Group §  Dick Wilson, Senior VP of Wealth Management, Trident Group §  §  Individual Savings Preferences. Jonathan Butcher of the BFG Group at the UBS Olympia Park office in Prospect, Louisville, setting up a meeting with new clients. Corporate economies of scale. Pre-Retirement Income ($000s) Social Security Private Sources Total Private Replacement Income ($000s) 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 69 59 54 51 46 42 39 36 25 31 31 30 32 35 38 42 94 90 85 81 78 77 77 78 5 9 12 15 19 25 30 38 Replacement Ratio Estimates (%) ESTIMATED Corpus Requirement (inflation excluded, $000s) 3.00% Withdrawal 4.25% Withdrawal 5.50% Withdrawal 167 310 413 500 640 817 1,013 1,260 118 219 292 353 452 576 715 889 91 169 225 273 349 445 553 687 Based on this table, this is what the retirement income breakdown might look like for someone with preretirement income of $50,000. Social Security Private Sources Unreplaced Income $9,500 19% $15,000 30% $25,500 51%