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Eye makeup for brown eyes


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Check this link here for more information on. Brown eyes are mysterious, sensual, and simply stunning but when choosing Eyeshadow colors for brown eyes, you need to choose wisely but without being limited to possibilities. With the right color or colors, as well as application techniques, your brown eyes would look larger while retaining their natural beauty.
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Eye makeup for brown eyes

  1. 1. Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes There are various eye makeups for brown eyes that will make your eyes pop. Since brown actually is mixture of all primary colors, it easily blends with a lot of colors. Cobalt shadow is a wonderful color and it will make brown eyes vibrant because of the contrast between the two colors. Egg plant mascara is another option that can be used as an eye makeup for brown eyes. The purple will make the whites of the eyes appear much brighter.
  2. 2. Makeup For Brown Eyes Green toned shadows are also available in a variety of shades and they too flatter brown eyes. Navy blue shadow is best for daytime and ladies also for the office. So ladies if you are headed to the office and need a beautiful eye makeup for brown eyes, then navy will create a slight but eye catching contrast. Neutral colors like peaches and even brown itself will do magic to brown eyes and not forgetting metallic colors like gold, bronze and even pink will all make your eyes appear brighter and much more beautiful. Despite the fact that brown is the main eye color out there does not mean that you just walk out and fit in with the crowd. Make use of the so many eye makeup for brown eyes and make yourself noticed.
  3. 3. What Color Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes Brown eyes are best suited with virtually any color of eyeshadow. Shades of green and bronze add warmth to natural eye color while shades of purple add depth and dimension to your eyes and make them pop. A simple palette of colors will help you achieve a perfect make up look that draws attention to the eyes. BRONZE Metallic shades appear great on brown eyes. Bronze is however the most staple. It adds warmth to earthy brown eyes while highlighting gold or yellow flecks in your irises. Bronze eye shadow combines well with green for a multi-dimensional look. PURPLE Purple is the easiest color to use on brown eyes. All shades of purple work well to set off and highlight brown eyes. Its best to use purple eye shadow since it compliments all shades of brown eyes. For an intense look pair with a bronze shade.
  4. 4. Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes GOLD Gold is especially great for light brown enhances natural color without looking overdone. Its best paired with a hint of green for a dramatic look. ROSE Rose colors or shades of pink are best with dark brown eyes. Applying pink or rose shades with gold or brown undertones around the brow-bone helps brown eyes stand out. To amp your look combine with dark purple or gold. GRAY Grey eye shadow looks gorgeous especially on dark brown eyes and lighter skin. When paired with black eye liner it creates a stunning smokey eye especially in darker shades.
  5. 5. Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes For inquiries please visit : We’d like to connect with you.