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Opportunities and challenges - inter-school collaboration


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Part of the June 2015 education briefing. A session focussed on inter-school collaboration models.

Published in: Education
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Opportunities and challenges - inter-school collaboration

  1. 1. Opportunities and challenges  - inter-school collaboration
  2. 2. Drivers for collaboration teacher training & education diminishing LA capacity/services accountability agenda leadership capacityshared services creating safety net educational outcomes
  3. 3. Common models of collaboration
  4. 4. Common action Very informal Agree at convenience to work together on a specific activity
  5. 5. Common action pros conspros cons
  6. 6. Most likely to be appropriate… • not worked together before • need a ‘quick fix’. Common action
  7. 7. Memorandum of understanding Short document setting out what you are agreeing to do Not legally binding Balance between detail and brevity Can be supported by joint committee*
  8. 8. Memorandum of understanding pros cons
  9. 9. Most likely to be appropriate… • contract too formal but ‘handshake’ not sufficient commitment • large numbers of parties working together. Memorandum of understanding
  10. 10. Collaboration agreement Formal contract setting out rights and obligations Typical terms: objectives, business planning, KPIs, decision-marking, term and termination
  11. 11. Collaboration agreement pros conspros cons
  12. 12. Most likely to be appropriate… • worked together before and now need to rely on outputs to greater extent • need greater commitment from parties because activities carrying out e.g. joint buying • sharing staff/resources. Collaboration agreement
  13. 13. Collaboration company Similar to collaborative agreement but also have shared company Company can be profit/not for profit/charitable
  14. 14. Collaboration company Constitutional Relationship Contractual Relationship School Academy Collaboration Company COLLABORATION AGREEMENTCOLLABORATION AGREEMENT
  15. 15. Collaboration company pros cons
  16. 16. Most likely to be appropriate… • need greater commitment for collaboration company • want to access benefits of limited liability and greater shared decision-making • want to jointly employ. Collaboration company
  17. 17. Hard federation / academy group One legal entity responsible for maintaining two or more schools
  18. 18. F&GP hard federations School 4 School Level Governing Body GB level T&L Staffing Premises School 3School 2School 1 Regulations set out rules on composition & appointment of GB. Frequently committees established on cross-federation basis. Different approaches to leadership – from Executive Head Teacher to separate Head Teachers reporting to Chair
  19. 19. Academy 1 multi-academy trusts LGB School Level Board of Directors Trust level Members Academy 2 Academy 3 Academy 4 LGBLGBLGB Members – appoint & remove directors Board of Directors – approve accounts, MFA, employ staff, hold land & overall responsibility Academy - SFA, oversight of educational standards at local level
  20. 20. umbrella trust Members Members Members Members Board of Directors Board of Directors Board of Directors Board of Directors Academy 1 Academy 2 Academy 3 Academy 4 Members Umbrella Trust Board of Directors
  21. 21. Hard federation/academy group pros conspros cons
  22. 22. Most likely to be appropriate… • pre-existing relationship with high level of trust • strong common ethos/culture • want to achieve shared service type efficiency AND collaborative at all levels including governor level. Hard federation/academy group
  23. 23. Some barriers • not enough time • too complex • GB feel pressurised • one sided. Unblocking the barriers
  24. 24. Unblocking • WG to report on – why needed – approach • firm but fair timeline • clear rationale with targets. Unblocking the barriers
  25. 25.