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Groveton images


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Images of Groveton VA (Fairfax County) Past and Present

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Groveton images

  1. 1. 1860 Property Owners with an overlay of the current Groveton Streets
  2. 2. Popkins Farm late 1950s
  3. 3. 1st Fairfax County Police Sub-Station was Groveton 1948-1982 and was located on North Kings Highway in Penn-Daw – Torn Down 2014 and is now the Shelby Complex
  4. 4. Fairfax County Police Officers Paul Dove and Charles E. Norfolk
  5. 5. Penn Daw Fire Department No 11 11th Fire Station in Fairfax County 1942-1967
  6. 6. Dixie Pig Barbecue Placemat
  7. 7. 1964 Dixie Pig Barbecue Restaurant
  8. 8. 1947 Dixie Pig Barbecue Restaurant Originally known as Starlight Grill – Benjamin Griffin Sr. and Helen (Bishop) along with Harry and Minnie Holt leased the restaurant for 3 years from Timothy and Alice Ragen until the Griffins purchased it in 1951/1952.
  9. 9. 1950 White Owl Motel and Restaurant Owned by Earl Curtis Feeser
  10. 10. Wagon Wheel Motel
  11. 11. 1952 Southern Pig Bar-B-Q Restaurant Operated by Harry and Minnie Holt
  12. 12. Mid-1950s Penn Daw Motor Hotel
  13. 13. 1940s Penn-Daw Hotel Owners Edward L. Pennell and Samuel Cooper Dawson – Combined their names to create Penn-Daw name.
  14. 14. Nightingale Complex Owned by Ellsworth “Elmer” Nightingale – Upper portion of picture is Nightingale Trailer Park. Nightingale Hardware and Appliance Store located off street in middle of picture. Route 1 is running left to right at the bottom of the picture. To the far right was Club Nightingale. Not shown to the right would have been The Log Cabin Tavern (owned by Nightingale) and Paul’s Ice House (owned by Paul Wease).
  15. 15. Totem Pole Motor Lodge Located between Spring Drive and the Wagon Wheel Motel on Route 1.
  16. 16. Mount Pleasant Tourist Home Located in Penn-Daw near Penn-Daw Motor Hotel
  17. 17. Hybla Valley Gulf Station
  18. 18. Hino Tourist Home
  19. 19. Fairview Motel
  20. 20. Evelyn Gas Station Located near existing Krispy Kreme Store on Route 1
  21. 21. Evelyn Inn Located on Route 1 near existing Krispy Kreme
  22. 22. Devers Motel and Restaurant “Open Kitchen” Located on Route 1 – now a car wash
  23. 23. Beddoo Motor Lodge Beddoo Street was named for the Lodge but the lodge was actually closer to the current Del Ray Glass.
  24. 24. Army Truck Camp Fort Humphreys/Fort Belvoir – Located off Located off of current Fordson Road between Hybla Valley and Groveton, south of Popkins Lane.
  25. 25. 1918 - Route 1 – South of Groveton
  26. 26. 1918 – Route 1 South heading toward Ft. Belvoir
  27. 27. 1960 - Groveton Baptist Church
  28. 28. St Louis Catholic Church (original Groveton School)
  29. 29. Groveton Episcopal Church Located on Route 1 (now Beacon at Groveton Complex) – originally known as Groveton Chapel and is now located on South Kings Hwy called St. Mark’s Episcopal Church.
  30. 30. 1904 - Groveton Chapel Located on Route 1 (now Beacon at Groveton Complex) – burned down – was rebuilt as Groveton Episcopal Church and is now located on South Kings Hwy called St. Mark’s Episcopal Church.
  31. 31. 1957-1975 Groveton High School (on Popkins Lane) Now known as Bryant Alternative High School
  32. 32. 1933-1972 3rd Groveton Elementary School Located on West Oak Street, now known as Memorial Street, now the Beacon at Groveton Complex.
  33. 33. 2nd Groveton Grade School Located on corner of Route 1 and Groveton Street – now Beacon at Groveton Complex.
  34. 34. 1876-1926 Groveton Schoolhouse and Groveton Mission Located on Popkins Lane and now part of St Louis Catholic Church property.
  35. 35. Groveton Schoolhouse heading north on Snake Hill (Route 1)
  36. 36. Ayres Farm (off Popkins Lane and off of Cherry Arms Apts)
  37. 37. Ayres Farm calendar: Groveton Dairy
  38. 38. Popkins Farm house (originally slave quarters)
  39. 39. Stone Mansion House in Stoneybrooke – originally called “Retirement”
  40. 40. Collard House – owned by Collard and Kerby families – family cemetery located to the left of the picture
  41. 41. 2014 Huntley House Off Harrison Lane – open for Saturday tours
  42. 42. Pierson Property – off Harrison Lane across from Huntley
  43. 43. 1960s Harrison Farm (aka Huntley House)