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Video Anytime AnyWhere AnyDevice


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Do you need to deliver a video any where in the world without paying for a golden master DVD to accomplish it? Would you like to deliver it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? How about on ANY device? Come to this session to learn how this is possible and why it's important to you!

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Video Anytime AnyWhere AnyDevice

  1. 1. Video Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device By Bradley D. Brown CEO
  2. 2. Agenda } Background,Introduction, Premise, New Terms in a New World } Case Studies} Anytime, anywhere, any device? } Myths and Truths } Summary
  3. 3. Biofor BradleyD.Brown
  4. 4. DreaminColor } How often do you get the opportunity to be your own first customer? } I saw a need }  I found someone solving the need and approached them about using it to solve my needs (and others) }  They didn’t want to do that, so I set out to do it on my own This is real…and is happening Businesses are transforming daily…
  5. 5. HowdoesaBarre Instructorgiveaclassat4am?
  6. 6. AGuitarTeacherin Californiateacha lessoninJapan?
  7. 7. A professional snowmobiler provide tips to a less seasoned rider while he’s thousands of miles away? Year round? } “Burandt will host clients from Lebanon, Russia, Sweden, Iceland, Norway and Italy.”
  8. 8. Video Consumption is Growing Exponentially * Internet Video Consumption
  9. 9. Second (and Third) Screens Are Exploding
  10. 10. InstantStreaming& Downloading }  Store, transcode, deliver and monetize video content stored in the cloud. }  Harness total flexibility to offer your content in a variety of ways: }  Sell content outright }  Rent }  Subscriptions }  More consumer options equal more revenue opportunities
  11. 11. All Devices, Anywhere & Anytime •  Consumers want the ability to access content optimized for every screen: •  Desktop •  Laptop •  Tablet •  Smart Phone •  Smart TV •  Platform provider handles all transcoding and other technical specifications
  12. 12. Marketplaces } Your Product} Their Branding} Their Community } Their Customer} Fewer Options (1 day rental, purchase)} No Subscriptions} Generates Incremental revenue
  13. 13. NetflixModel } Your Product} Their Branding} Their Community} Their Customer} Paid based on minutes viewed } Generates Incremental revenue
  14. 14. Branding (vs. Marketplace) Branding: •  Your branding •  Your product •  Your community Keep: •  More margin •  More profits •  Consumers focused •  Competitors off of your site
  15. 15. VODvs.DVD } DVD / Physical - Pressing and storing, Distribution, Fulfillment - All of that is just to get the first DVD into their hands } VOD – Video on Demand } People like both virtual and a backup (i.e. physical)
  16. 16. NewTerms } VOD – Video on Demand } SVOD – Subscription- based VOD} TVOD – Transaction (Rental / Purchased) VOD } AVOD – Advertising VOD } Transcoding – converting mezzanine file to formats necessary per device
  17. 17. CaseStudy#1 BDBSoftware } Onsite technology training – Oracle ApEx } Oracle ACE Director } World renowned Oracle expert } Vision – Train While Sleeping (24x365), no travel, not over and over }
  18. 18. Anytime? } Could previously only train while I was awake and at a specific location } Now I train 24x7 – even while I’m sleeping } International customers } Techies who like to work/ train all night
  19. 19. Anywhere? } Could previously only train wherever a plane would take me} DVDs have limitations }  PAL vs. NTSC issues }  Must carry the DVDs }  Must have a DVD player with you
  20. 20. AnyDevice? } DVDs are limited to computers and TVs } VOD Media players for desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, smart TVs (Google TVs), smart devices (Roku, Apple TV) } People watch on EVERYTHING
  21. 21. CaseStudy#2 TheDaileyMethod } Yogo Studios around the world } Yogo guru, marketing guru } Vision – Sell digital version since we’re already selling a DVD }
  22. 22. CaseStudy#3 ChampionshipProductions } Head track coach at Iowa State University} Started recording and doing production for peers } Large family business } Vision – Need to offer digital too – and it’s hard } http://championshipproduction
  23. 23. CaseStudy#4 ChrisBurandt } World Renowned Snowmobile Expert } Desire to do recording and production for peers } Currently offering subscription (yearly, monthly)} Request a Video } Vision – Prove out the model }
  24. 24. CaseStudy#5 JoeVideographer } World Renowned Videographer} Services business – paid by the hour - linear } Now can get a slice of every sale} Vision – do production AND recurring revenue
  25. 25. NewBusiness Models } Affiliates (2 tiers) } Rentals } Subscriptions } Installment Payments } Living Video – build as you go } Drip Content – 8 week bootcamp rolled out over time } Gifting } Redemption Codes } Credit System
  26. 26. MythorTruth? } There are no more DVD players } People Won’t Download Content} Nobody Will Watch a Workout Video on a Phone
  27. 27. Therearenomore DVDPlayersinthe world } DVD Manufacturers and Replicators claim they produced more DVDs and CDs last year than ever before – some of this is due toconsolidation} Many small replicators and duplicators are gone } DVD Players don’t exist on phones, tablets and more new laptops
  28. 28. PeopleWon’tDownload } People download and watch when they are offline, on a plane, train, automobiles…} Downloading is important to people } Protected downloads (i.e. non-DRM free) are important to content owners
  29. 29. NobodyWillWatcha WorkoutVideoona Phone } People watch on all devices – it simply comes down to watching on the device they have with them
  30. 30. Summary } People watch anytime, anywhere, any device } This is real, is happening and is undeniable } Solution(s) do exist – created based on need } Businesses aretransforming in flexible manners – asdemonstrated