Social media for business via business enterprise presentation


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Social Media for Business presentation learn how to use social media in your business today.

See how and study how business are using social media network to build their brand, engage with customers and much more.

Inside the presentation you will learn what tools and tips to use to help build your business online through social media networks.

Please feel free to visit to learn more about social media, internet marketing, and how to build a business online using various social media tools and networks to strengthen your brand online and offline.

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Social media for business via business enterprise presentation

  1. 1. Is Y Marketing W our orking For You?
  2. 2. W is Akil Brown ? ho • Problem Solver • Friend • Brother • Son • Business Owner • Blogger • Internet Marketer • Social Media Consultant • infopreneur
  3. 3. Connect with Me • Twitter @ AkilBrown • Facebook – Akilbrown • Linkedin - @ AkilBrown • Google Plus - @ AkilBrown •Y outube Channel @Mr.AkilBrown
  4. 4. W W W ho, hat here, W and How of Social Media hy W social media networks to focus hat on to grow your business? How to connect with people online to build your brand? W you need to be connected to hy social media? W do you need to be connected ho to? W here to go to find more customers/ prospects?
  5. 5. Vital for Business Success3 Things we all have in common and want more of :Time, Resources, & Money• Leverage of your Time• Leverage of your Resources• Leverage of your Money
  6. 6. W is Social Media? hatSocial Media is a Vehicle/communication channel where like mindedindividuals/companies can engage, share, like, and discuss information that isrelevant and informative.
  7. 7. Statistics1. 80% of consumers research the internet • 100 Millions active Twitter accountsbefore making a buying decision • 700 Million Plus active Facebook Accounts2. 70% of people searching the internet do • 150 Millions Plus Professions onnot click below the first 3 links in Google. Linked •Y outube Exceed 2 Billion views a day3. 60% of all traffic on the internet is nowvideo.4. Y ube is now the #1 search engine! ouT
  8. 8. So the question is...
  9. 9. How much of this audience are you capturing?
  10. 10. How is social media being used in businesses? •Provide solutions and used the research online to product new products on an ongoing basis •Provide deals and offers to save people time and money •Engaging with customers and prospects to find out their wants, issues and needs . •Answer issues concerning products •Share useful information to help grow their brand awareness
  11. 11. 7 Downsides T T o raditional Advertising1. Expensive2. W was the last time you used the Y hen ellow Pages?3. Hard to track metrics4. Longer turnaround times5. Print errors6. Disconnect from your clients7. Y can’t build a relationship ou
  12. 12. W should you sit up and take notice? hy• Social Media is here to stay• Advertising has become a lot more cost effective• Businesses are becoming more customer focus• Chance to find out what your customer likes, wants, andneeds
  13. 13. LinkedIn Benefits for Business Owners • Increase your visibility. • Improve your connectability. • Improve your Google Pagerank. • Enhance your search results • Ask for Advice • Connect with like minded individuals • Create joint ventures • Find suitable workers • Free source of marketing • Joined Industry/Community groups • Create Industry/community groups • And much more
  14. 14. Twitter Benefits for Business Owners • Research T ool • Branding • Collaboration and Networking •T raffic Generation • Promote offers and deals • Engage with followers •T rack and monitor • Reputation Management • Find out what customers are saying • Market Research and Segmentation • Increase customer satisfaction with better customer service • Instance feedback
  15. 15. Facebook Benefits of Business Owners• Brand awareness• Engage with prospects and customer• Reputation Management• Promote deals and offers• Increase fan base• Drive web traffic• Lead Generation• Client Retention• Viral Effect• Feedback Mechanism• Idea generation• Much More
  16. 16. Youtube Benefits for Business Owners • Create and upload videos in minutes • Global and Local Audience • No need to repeat yourself often • Demonstrate your expertise • Sell for you 24/7 • Give your customers a face with the brand • Create SEO friendly videos • Drive traffic to your site or link • Communicate with members who comment on your videos • Potential to go Viral
  17. 17. Social Media Pros & Cons• Easy to set up and get started • Must maintain participation or risk amateur appearance• Allows you to connect with current customers and attract •T akes time to complete – social media learning curvepotentially new customers • T time to participate ake • ROI can be difficult to pin point depend on methods used• Helps you monitor keywords that are associated with your • Some businesses can benefit more than othersbrand, products or services • Can be costly if you are not sure what your doing• Instantly identify opportunities to provide customersservices• Become a resource to your market• Y can follow anyone ou• More followers = more reach for your updates• Improve the overall image of your company by beingaccessible
  18. 18. 6 Ideas to jump start your lead generation strategy •Tweet, share, recommend offers to your audience • Connect social media account to your website/blog • Create landing pages to answer questions • Build your reach – engage and help more people • Join discussion, groups and communities within your niche • Use the right languages, tags, keywords to target your audience
  19. 19. What the Experts DON’ T Tell You about Social Media• Not everyone uses social media.• Building social communities takes time and creativity.• Y can’t control what people say on twitter. ou• Measuring and analysing social media data and ROI requires the right resources.• A consistent message is crucial across all social media channels.• Social Media is Fast.• Y need quality content. ou
  20. 20. The Three Pillars Of Success Brand Lead Raving Recognition Generation Fans
  21. 21. Brand Recognition1. People buy from companies they know!W you become the most recognized brand in your industry you become the default “go-to” company hen .2. Buyers are more informed than ever!It is essential to be known as the industry leader. How do you get there? By giving away as much free, valuable informationas you can.3. People buy from companies they trust!By being an industry expert and providing all the information you are the one they go to when they have questions, concernsor need services from.
  22. 22. Etiquette for Businesses Using SocialMedia• Answers all question good or bad• Provide Useful advice• Do not aim for the sale• Help solve a problem• Give before you receive• Always use include first name when reply• Do not pick a fight
  23. 23. Areas were I can help you build your business W ebsite Google tools Facebook W ebsite Design Twitter W ebsite Creation Linkedin Domain Names Youtube Finding the money niches Offline Strategies List building Strategies Traffic Generation tips Outsourcing foro Success W ebsite must haves Building realtionships Video marketing Developing sales funnels Landing pages Testing and Tracking W ebsite Optimisation Autoresponders Opt-ins Membership Sites Blog creation W ebsite tools Facebook Timelines W ebsite analytics
  24. 24. Is there anything else you would like toknow ? Stay connected via • Twitter @AkilBrown • Facebook – Akilbrown • Linkedin - @AkilBrown • Google Plus - @ AkilBrown •Youtube Channel @Mr.AkilBrown