Advancing Chronic Care with eHealth Technologies in Japan


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Nations around the world can use similar approaches – including deploying home health monitoring technologies for people with chronic illness. Presentation: “Advancing Chronic Care with eHealth Technologies in Japan: Proving Global Solutions for an Aging Population” from the annual Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Conference on eCommerce in London.

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Advancing Chronic Care with eHealth Technologies in Japan

  1. 1. Mainstreaming eHealth
  2. 2. Advancing Chronic Care with eHealth Technologies in Japan: Proving Global Solutions for an Aging Population Steve Brown CEO Health Hero Network Ltd Mainstreaming eHealth
  3. 3. The Aging Population Challenge in Japan • Total population drops from 120M (2000) to 100M (2050) • Population over 65 rises from 18% (2000) to 37% (2050) • Traditional familial care of elderly declining rapidly • • New solutions needed for chronic care Mainstreaming eHealth
  4. 4. What can eHealth do? • Tools to support and educate patients to improve self- care, wellness, and health behavior • Tools to support caregivers in the monitoring and management of patients with chronic disease • Value to patients, caregivers, and society: Prevent the worsening of chronic disease Increase access to chronic care Lower the burden and cost of chronic care Mainstreaming eHealth
  5. 5. Tools to support and educate patients • Easy-to-use interactive countertop device • Daily personalized dialogue and guidance • Communication hub for home medical devices Behavior modification Mainstreaming eHealth
  6. 6. Personalized daily guidance and feedback • Congestive Heart Failure • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease • Coronary Artery Disease • Diabetes • Hypertension • Asthma • Depression • Senior Wellness (diet, activity, medications) Development tools and platform approach enables adaptation to local needs Mainstreaming eHealth
  7. 7. Fully customizable dialogue content • Example from Dutch COPD program operated by Sananet BV in Netherlands Mainstreaming eHealth
  8. 8. Communication hub for home medical devices * Subject to appropriate regulatory approvals Open system can serve devices from many different vendors Mainstreaming eHealth
  9. 9. Tools to support caregivers • Web-based application services for caregivers • Daily patient status and needs stratification • Symptoms, behavior, knowledge Monitor everyone but manage by exception Mainstreaming eHealth
  10. 10. Systems approach Enabling an improved model of chronic care Mainstreaming eHealth
  11. 11. Yamatake Corporation – Pioneer of chronic care improvement in Japan • Over 90 years experience in innovating in process automation and factory automation • Develops new business in the fields of health care, energy conservation and food safety and agriculture • 7,100 employees, over 1.4 billion (USD) in sales – 2003 • Created the Safety Service Centre which runs a personal emergency response service • Developed chronic care improvement system and service based on Health Buddy® system in partnership with Health Hero Network • Chronic care improvement services through Safety Service Centre Mainstreaming eHealth
  12. 12. Obstacles to improving chronic care in Japan • Insufficient economic incentives for healthcare providers to focus on prevention • Entrenched healthcare interests and institutions are slow to change • Population health factors are moving in the wrong direction (obesity, diabetes, lung disease all rising) Does this sound familiar? Mainstreaming eHealth
  13. 13. Situation in Japan is model for global needs to improve chronic care for aging population • Very different healthcare systems in Japan, Europe, USA • Very similar needs to improve chronic care for aging populations Leading toward similar eHealth solutions Mainstreaming eHealth
  14. 14. Video example is from Health Buddy® program in Netherlands operated by Sananet BV Mainstreaming eHealth
  15. 15. Similar chronic care improvement programsand pilots underway in 2005 • Japan (Yamatake) • Netherlands (Health Ministry, hospital pilots with Sananet) • USA (Veterans Affairs national program, Medicare pilots) Opportunity to learn from examples around the world New body of evidence being generated to support systems approach to improving chronic care for aging patients Based on eHealth enabling tools Mainstreaming eHealth
  16. 16. Future developments will further increase capabilities applications globally Health Buddy® 2 Processor: Samsung ARM 2410 Memory: 64MB Persistent Storage: 32 MB Operating System: Linux Screen: 640 x 240 Color LCD Ports: 4 USB, 1 RJ45 Serial Modem: 33.6 kbs Multiple languages Remote configuration 45 health applications Mainstreaming eHealth
  17. 17. Contact Information Steve Brown CEO Health Hero Network Ltd 40 Abbey Road Monkstown, Co. Dublin Ireland Tel: 00353 1 280 3997 Fax: 00353 1 280 9806 Mainstreaming eHealth