World glucose self testing markets


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World glucose self testing markets

  1. 1. World Glucose Self-Testing MarketsGlobal blood glucose self-testing products market is undergoing a significant transition driven by theadvent of new analytical technologies and new recommendations for tight glucose control formonitoring diabetes. The worldwide incidence of diabetes is dramatically increasing, and it is estimatedthat 439 million people will have developed the disease by 2030. In addition, the proliferation of themiddle class within developing nations, particularly China and India, has resulted in both a substantialrise in Type 2 diabetes and the financial means to manage the disease.This study analyzes the market for glucose self-testing in the following product segments:  Blood glucose testing devices (blood glucose test kits, blood glucose meter/monitors)  Diabetes testing supplies (blood glucose test strips, lancet devices, reagent strips, blood glucose sensors) and control solutions.The purpose of this report on Global glucose self testing markets is to provide a comprehensive analysisof the specific segment of the over-the-counter diagnostics sector known as the glucose self-testingmarket. The term "self-testing" is used to distinguish it from in vitro diagnostics testing for blood glucosein hospitals, commercial labs and doctors offices, the so-called "professional" component of the glucosetesting market. This study reviews the viable technology drivers and assesses the market dynamics ofthe glucose self-testing market worldwide. This report also looks at the industry challenges and potentialthreats, and it makes strategic recommendations for boosting market share. Detailed tables and chartswith sales forecasts and market share data are also included.Explore Comprehensive list of more than 235 Tables & Figures available in the reportGlucose Self-Testing MarketsThis review analyzes the size and growth of the glucose self-testing market, including factors thatinfluence the various market segments within it and dollar volume of sales, both in the U.S. andworldwide. Also examined are:  Glucose detection technology platforms  Clinical applications of world glucose self-testing  The market for quantitative diagnostic glucose tests  Companies participating in this sector  New instrumentation  Trends in the industry  The internal structure of the world glucose self-testing sectorMajor points covered in Table of Contents of this report includeTable of Contents
  2. 2. 1. Overview2. Diabetes3. Market Analysis: Size, Growth, Share and Competitors4. Glucose Monitoring Recommendations5. Glucose Self-testing Technology Platforms and Consumable Products6. Glucose Self-testing Meters on the Market: Description of Test Meters7. Business Trends in the Industry8. Technology Trends9. OTC Testing: Critical Issues10. Current Issues for OTC and Diagnostic Self-testing11. SWOT Analysis12. Company ProfilesList of TablesList of FiguresRequest a Sample for or Inquire before buying the report @ Details:Published: January 2012No. of Pages: 235Price: US$3400Contact:Priyank Tiwari7557 Rambler road,Suite 727, Dallas, TX 75231Tel: +1-888-391-5441sales@reportsandreports.comVisit our Market Research Blog @ With Us: