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Our new education guide, packed with information about our products and partners in the education sector

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4993 buk education guide 2011 (web)

  1. 1. How to find printingequipment that gets anA in every department Z
  2. 2. e up W e will help you com r with the right answe Find choosing the right printing equipment a tricky subject? It’s hardly surprising, with so many options and so much jargon getting in the way. At Brother, we keep it simple and make it easy. We recognise the importance in listening to ‘your voice’ when it comes to developing our products, so we have established strong and effective partnerships with schools, colleges, universities and key education bodies over many years of working in education. Those partnerships have helped us to create a whole range of sustainable printing solutions for education, which means you can concentrate on what’s really important – development and learning. “As some of the most innovative and cost-effective solutions available, you can be sure they’re the best choice for your school print strategy” This useful guide will not only help you choose the right solution for printing, scanning, copying, to faxing and labelling, but also explain the partnerships we embrace and invest in, to make education integral to our business. Michelle Molloy Senior Business Manager – Education Brother UK2
  3. 3. Contents 2 Welcome, Michelle Molloy 3 Contents 4 Listening & Learning 5 We can help make a difference 6/7 Partnerships that make the grade 8 The art of winning – announcing our competition winner 9 The right solution to make your life easier10-13 The Brother guide to school printing14/15 In a class of our own - James Rennie School & Croydon College case studies 16/17 Mono, colour and all-in-one printers18/19 A3 colour & electronic labelling printers 20 Meet the education team D Find out more at www.brother.co.uk/education
  4. 4. Listening and LearningSince being founded in Nagoya, Japan, over 100 years ago, Brother has growninto a global business. Our ethos is to be ‘at your side’ – working closely with ourcustomers and building long-term partnerships. This diagram demonstrates justsome of the ways we are constantly helping our customers.In education, this means partnering education pioneers to understand theirtechnology needs to produce innovative, high quality, effective printing solutionsthat have a real impact on learning. Such an approach has given us a versatileproduct portfolio that includes faxes, printers, multifunction machines andlabellers, as well as award-winning products such as the world’s first compactA3 multifunction printers.With environmental issues now high on everyone’s agenda, we’re extremelyproud of our long-standing reputation for environmental and ethical excellenceand our award for the highest possible score, 100/100 for technology productsby the Ethical Company Organisation for five successive years. Our commitmentto the environment also includes protecting four square kilometres of Amazonrainforest in partnership with Cool Earth.4
  5. 5. We can help make a difference to improvingefficiency and reducing costs, too Helping you meet your specific needs By working closely with education establishments and organisations,we have developed features you really need – such as enhanced security and paper-saving double-sided printing. We will help you focus on what’s You are guaranteed great value really important for moneyYour time should be spent helping pupils It’s not just the initial cost of purchase.and students rather than looking after The technology you choose needs toyour printer. So Brother machines are be affordable to run, too. Brother lasereasy to use, high speed and designed to printers, for example, reduce total cost ofhelp improve efficiency. ownership with a separate toner and drum so you only have to replace one at a time. We will do our best to never let you down Our reputation for reliability and service is unsurpassed. But for added peace of mind all our products come with 12 months warranty. We will help you minimise your We are confident you’ll be impact on the environment impressed by our productsTo help you meet your commitments to We will let you try our products for FREEsustainability, Brother products are amongst before you buy. Contact our educationthe greenest for energy use and recycling, team for more information about our FREEearning us the Energy Star, Nordic Swan evaluation scheme (see back page forand Blue Angel accreditations. contact details). Find out more at www.brother.co.uk/education
  6. 6. Partnerships that make the grade too If youre sourcing equipment for your school, you want to know youre dealing with someone who totally understands education. At Brother, its integral to our business. So much so, weve developed key relationships with a number of education bodies: These include the National Academie s Conference, which was an excitingThe Specialist Schools and Academies opportunity for academy staff to comeTrust (SSAT) is an independent, not-for- together to explore their work to dateprofit organisation dedicated to raising and to discuss new policies, and thelevels of achievement in secondary Annual National Conference, which thiseducation, and has a membership of year focused on three key elements:over 5,600 schools and organisations. What should students learn, how shou ldBrother’s relationship with SSAT has students learn and how can we remo vebeen developed over several years and the barriers to learning? has resulted in us sponsoring a number www. ssatrust.org.ukof key projects.Futures Our involvement with the SSAT includes the sponsorship of the Vision Futures Vision Awards in 2008, which awards specialist schools and academies across England who are recognised as being at the Awards heart of their community. Apart from demonstrating our commitment to community education, the sponsorship helped us to better understand how printing is used throughout schools across the country.6
  7. 7. The ICT Regi ster allows us only develop to not our relations schools, but hips with communicate practice dem best onstrated by and update sc case studies hools on prom and competit otions ions we are ru By sponsorin nning. g the ICT Re Showcase Aw gister ards, which ce some of the lebrates most innovativ Operated by being underta e work the SSAT, the ken by registis a unique re ICT register er schools source enablin across the U g schools K, we have beto share advi strengthen ou en able to ce and best pr r relationshipsall aspects of actice about further. learning and www.ict-reg technology. ister.net Brother to Working with Naace allows engage and collaborate with the ICT helping professionals in education us to invest in the righ t technology k closely solutions for you. We wor with the Naace community and k tanks get actively involved in thin throughout the year as well as ference supporting the annual con Brother is a member and sponsoring which kee ps us regularly updated on partner of Naace, a professional es. key education programm association aiming to advance education through the use of ICT. www.naace.co.uk Find out more at www.brother.co.uk/education
  8. 8. The art of winning Here’s an assignment that not only showcased students’ artistic talents, but also helped one lucky student win a wireless Brother all-in-one printer for themselves and an A3 multifunction printer for their school. Open to students aged between 11 and 18, we put the brief out to Secondary Schools to get them to help us design and illustrate an A3-sized piece of artwork to be used within this Education Guide. As the standard of the work we received was so high, choosing from the many entries was extremely difficult. After long deliberations though, the eventual winner was chosen. We are proud to announce that the student whose work is featured in the centre pages of the guide is Marta Weglarowicz from Cardinal Newman Catholic High School in Warrington. Congratulations Marta!8
  9. 9. The right solution to make your life easierReducing costs & time• Cut your paper costs. Available throughout Brothers product range, double-sided printing can save up to 50% on paper, while booklet printing can save up to 75%.• Control costs more easily. Colour Restrict and Secure Function Lock keep you in control of who uses certain features, without restricting everyday printing.• Save time when you scan. With Brother all-in-one printers you can scan to a network folder, VLE, email, USB host or FTP, without even having to turn on your PC.• Get a clear advantage with ISIS scanning. We are the first to introduce industry-standard ISIS scanner drivers as standard on our all-in-one machines, for maximum compatibility with all the leading document management software.Confidentiality & security• Confidentiality guaranteed. If you’re printing sensitive documents, the Secure Print feature makes sure they don’t print out until your password’s entered on the control panel.• Keep sensitive information safe. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption makes any data unreadable to potential hackers to keep all your information secure.• Protect against fraud with PIRA. All Brothers PIRA-accredited machines make sure printed cheque data cant be easily altered and comply with APACS (Association for Payment Clearing Services).• Save time with BR-Admin. Free with every Brother networked product, this management software helps to identify simple and easily solved problems using email reporting. Find out more at www.brother.co.uk/education
  10. 10. sTA ff RoomIn the Staff Room, teachers often use printersto print worksheets for lessons. Printers in theStaff Room are very useful because teachersdon’t need to look anywhere else for a printer.lib RAR yIn the Library, children use the printersto print their homework. This is verygood for children who don’t have aprinter at home. The printer in theLibrary is very useful because it iseasy to get to.i.T RoomsThe printers in the I.T Rooms are very usefulfor doing homework and coursework. It iseasy to print the work we do in I.T lessonsand put it in our folders. We don’t have towalk around the school to get our work fromdifferent printers.Dining RoomAssembly H A llAt lunch we have a dining room. In themorning this room is used as an assemblyhall where a projector shows the assembly.
  11. 11. Competition winning artwork by marta Weglarowicz,Cardinal newman Catholic High school, Warrington A computer each so we don’t have to share.
  12. 12. Lockers to keep Computers for those whowork safe. need to do homework. Computers. Smartboards used to provide an easy connection to the work. Find out more at www.brother.co.uk/education
  13. 13. o f f iC eIn the office there should be at least one printerfor one person that works because childrenwho need to print things usually go to the office. ART Room In Art Rooms, printers are useful to print artwork from the computer directly into the classroom. Smartboards also help the teacher to show painting directly from the laptop and provide an easy connection to the work. Smartboards used to provide an easy connection to the work. Wardrobe to keep all the work together. g R Ap Hi C s C lAss R oom Printers are in the wardrobe so there is more space for work in the classroom. m A T Hs D e p A RTmen T There is a printer to print homework and work sheets. A teacher’s laptop is connected to smartboard and a printer.
  14. 14. In a class of our ownWith such a firm commitment to education there’s no betterchoice of printing equipment than Brother. The best way toshow what a difference it can make is to look at examples ofBrother in action. Here are just a couple: chine “Brothers multifunction ma has made a big diff erence to our h cost of school. In the past, the hig us from A3 printers has prevented ter, but investing in this kind of prin Brother has made this an affordable looking to investment for any school make an impact.” KR is Wi ll iAm s, AD of iCT , De pu Ty He AD & He JA me s Re nn ie sC Ho olJames Rennie SchoolJames Rennie School in Cumbria is a specialist communication and interactioncollege for children between 3 and 19 years of age with pronounced or severelearning difficulties. As a result of taking part in the Futures Vision AwardScheme, the school was looking for ways to improve communication andcelebrate pupils achievements.Brothers involvement included supplying the MFC-6490CW, the worlds firstcompact multifunction A3 inkjet machine, making A3 printing affordable and easythanks to its simple wireless network connection. Both staff and students haveused its features to great effect.Filing students work – often on A3 paper – was proving difficult. But with thebuilt-in scanner, every piece of work can be scanned and electronically stored,giving a complete record of each pupils progress while cutting down on filing space.14
  15. 15. r e numbe duced th “Weve re % in by over 5 of printers onths, elve m the last tw that g printers introducin e more us achiev will help costs and , reduce with less ct on our impa minimise rother ment – B th e environ lp us ced to he is best pla .” ese aims achieve th n, ARsDe pAul m lopmenT iT D e ve eR, mAnAg n College CR oyDoCroydon CollegeCroydon is one of the largest providers of Further and Higher Education inthe South East, with over 13,000 students and 1,000 academic and businesssupport staff across three sites. Brother has helped the IT Services Teamstandardise to reduce costs and improve performance, replacing many oldinkjet printers with centralised HL-5380DN mono laser and HL-4050CDNcolour laser printers, plus DCP-9042CDN multifunction machines.The results have been impressive. The printers use ‘green’ settings suchas mono, double-sided and draft quality as their default (although settingscan be changed by staff if needed) to produce significant savings withoutcompromising on reliability or performance. Find out more at www.brother.co.uk/education
  16. 16. Mono Fax, Printers and All-in-Ones ng facilityFAX-2920 Plain Paper Laser Fax Machine with copyi fax and copierThe smarter face of faxing, a fast economical laserperfect for the busy schoo l office.• Compact machine with high quality laser print speed bers• Save time and store up to 220 frequently used fax num• p to 500 page receive U memory for peace of mind - even if your es in memory fax runs out of paper the machine will store received fax• Copy function a vailable - copy up to 20 individual sheetsHL-2270DW High Speed Wireless Mono LaserPrinter with Automatic Double-sided Printing In a busy learning environment you can do without wires trailing everywhere. So the HL-2270DW is just what you need. • Save time with fast 26ppm print speed • Save paper with double-sided printing as standard • Easy wireless set-up, plus extra peace of mind with the latest wireless security • Separate drum and toner to help keep costs down, only replace the one that’s run out • Less refilling with a 250 sheet paper capacityHL-5380DN Network Ready Mono LaserPrinter with Double-sided PrintingHigh quality printing with brilliant efficiency is what this laserprinter is all about, an asset to any school department.• Increase productivity with this network ready 30 pages per minute printer• Double-sided printing feature saves paper and costs• 8000 page high yield toner supplied in the box• Secure print (PIN) feature with built-in LCD screen MFC-8890DW Wireless Mono Laser All-in-One Printer with Double-sided Printing, Copying and Fax* With so many high-end features, you won’t believe the differen ce this printer can make to you and your students! • Network ready 30 page per minute printer, copier and scanner • Built in double-sided printing feature saves paper and costs • Optional 8000 page high yield toner available offering cost effectiv e printing • ISIS compatible scanning16
  17. 17. Colour Printers and All-in-Ones HL-3070CW Compact High Speed Wireless Colour PrinterFast print speed, wireless networking, large paper capacity – whatmore could you want for your staff room?• Fast mono and colour printout speed of 16ppm• Easy and secure wireless connection does away with wires• Large 250 sheet paper capacity means less time spent filling the tray• Space saving, fully featured colour printer HL-4570CDW High Speed Wireless Colour Laser Printer with Automatic Double-sided Printing and In a busy school environment the fast-printing, easy sharing cost management features of this printer are ideal. • Fast mono and colour printout speed of 28ppm • Built in double-sided printing feature saves paper and costs • Up to 800 sheet paper capacity with optional 500 sheet lower tray • PIN protected secure SSL printing MFC-9970CDW Wireless Colour Laser All-in-One Printer with Fax and double-side d printing Efficiency is the key: this spac e-saving high quality laser prin copier, scanner and fax has dou ter, ble-sided printing as standard. • Save time with fast 28ppm colour/mono print spe ed• Save paper, improve efficiency with double-sided printing, copying, scanning and faxing• Print more with up to 6000 page super high yield toners (ISO/IEC1979• ISIS compatible scanning 8) DCP-J715W Compact Wireless Colour Inkjet All-in-One PrinterThis machine offers easy wireless network connectionand fast print speeds , plus you can quickly scan and copyclasswork with the 15 sheet automatic document feeder.• Save time with fast 28/35ppm colour/mono print speed• Print without limits with borderless colour printing• Lab quality photos in 30 seconds• Easy wireless set-up, plus extra peace of mind with the latest wireless security Find out more at www.brother.co.uk/education
  18. 18. A3 Compact Colour Inkjet All-in-OnesMFC-5895CW Professional A3 ColourInkjet All-in-One Wireless Printer with Fax wireless and A4A3 gives you all sorts of big possibilities. And withcopying, scanning and faxing, the possibilities become endless! and hi-speed faxing• Save time with fast 28/35ppm colour/mono print speed• Easy sharing with the latest W i-Fi technology for faster connections ethernet and USB • otal connectivity including Hi-speed USB 2.0, wireless, T host with direct scan t o PDF featureMFC-J6510DW Professional A3 Colour Inkjet All-in-OneWireless Printer with Fax and Double-sided PrintingYour students can hit the big time! Now you can print out projectwork, posters and diagrams right up to an impressive A3 size.• Save time with 12/10 images per minute mono/colour print speed and automatic document feeder and large paper tray.• Easy sharing with the latest Wi-Fi technology for faster connections • Stunning A3 colour prints with crisp 6000dpi printing• Money-saving optional super high yield 2400 page individual inks (ISO/IEC24711) MFC-J6710DW Professional A3 Colour Inkjet All-in-One Wireless Printer with Fax, Double-sided Printing and Lower Paper Tray Time-saving, space-saving, money-saving, paper-saving… in a busy school department, that’s exactly what you need from a printer.• Save paper with A3 double-sided printing • Save time with fast 12/10 image per minute mono/colour print speeds• Money-saving optional super high yield 2400 page individual inks (ISO/IEC247 11) MFC-J6910DW Professional A3 Colour Inkjet All-in-One Wireless Printer with Fax, Double-sided Print/Copy/Scan and Lower Paper Tray Here’s a machine that really means business. Everything about it is geared to helping everyone do things as efficient as possible – in stunning, full colour A3!• Save paper with A3 double-sided printing and A4 double-sided cop ying and scanning • Save time with fast 12/10 image per minute mono/colour print speed s• Huge 500 sheet paper capacity means less time spent re-filling the tray• Money-saving optional super high yield 2400 page individual inks (ISO /IEC24711)18
  19. 19. Labelling PT-1090 Handheld Label PrinterOrganising has never been easier. The sophisticated labellingsoftware included allows all sorts of designs, including highlycustomised labels and a lot more besides.• Prints hard-wearing labels up to 12mm wide• 9 styles of printing and 5 print sizes• Efficient automatic built-in tape cutter• ABC style keyboard with 12 character LCD screen RL-700S RFID Desktop Label Printer Our innovative RL-700s is a labelling printer with a built-in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader, writer and re-writer unit. This means that information can be written electronically to a chip which is embedded into the 24mm tag (label) – perfect for asset management and document management. QL-580N Network Ready Add ress Label PrinterKeeping things tidy makes for more efficiency – and withthe QL-580N everyone can get organised!• Prints up to 68 labels per minute• Automatic built-in heavy duty c utter• Label design software included• Network ready and perfect for shar ing VM-100 Visitor Management Software consumables for Visitor A special package of software and information and Managem ent. This software manages visitor uses any QL printer to print name badges. ges in seconds • Create professional looking visitor bad • For use with QL label machines Find out more at www.brother.co.uk/education
  20. 20. Meet the Education Team Yvonne Broadley Michelle Molloy B.A. (Hons.) Bernadette Jackson Head of Verticals Senior Business Manager – Business Management Support yvonne.broadley@brother-uk.com Education bernie.jackson@brother-uk.com 07968 122 514 michelle.molloy@brother-uk.com 0844 844 9940 07799 113 697 Sales Team Zoe Brown ACIM Phil White B.A. (Hons.) Charlotte Wall End User Client Executive End User Client Executive End User Client Executive zoe.brown@brother-uk.com phil.white@brother-uk.com charlotte.wall@brother-uk.com 07775 515 830 07824 991 701 07919 370 475 Midlands and South North (Temporary), North West South Marketing Team Stuart Mabe MCP Andrea Finan ACIM Stephanie Whalley B.A. (Hons.) Channel Product Manager Channel Development Manager Channel Development Co-ordinator stuart.mabe@brother-uk.com andrea.finan@brother-uk.com stephanie.whalley@brother-uk.com 07795 260 714 0161 931 2337 0161 931 2275ZLFTEDUCGUIDEU3 RAFT 03/11 V2 ISO9001:2008 ISO14001:2004