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Canie Creek Greenway


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A historic 32 acres of forest and wetland in Malvern Hills is listed for sale for development by Pulliam Properties. Development of this property would destroy what could become a beautiful woodland park for our community.

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Canie Creek Greenway

  1. 1. (The Vrabel Tract) West Asheville’s Newest Park
  2. 2. A glimpse into West Asheville’s early settlement
  3. 3. 1815: Robert Henry purchased 770 acres along Hominy Creek from John Jarrett 1827: Henry and his slave discovered the sulphur spring on his farm 1830: Reuben Deaver, Henry’s son-in-law, built a wooden hotel on the hill above the springs and began taking summer boarders. By the 1840s, nearly 500 visitors were arriving each summer
  4. 4. 1885: The Swannanoa Hunt Club incorporated as the Swannanoa Country Club and built a 9 hole golf course 1897: The club moved to property on Merrimon which was on the trolley line and moved. It is now the Country Club of Asheville.
  5. 5. 1885: Edwin Carrier buys 3000 acres including the Henry property 1887: Carrier rebuilds the Sulphur Springs Hotel naming it the Belmont 1892: The “fireproof” Belmont Hotel burns to the ground
  6. 6. 1906: Professor Otto Schoenfeld, world champion fencer purchased 220 acres around the springs to build a physical training school Shoenfeld is believed to have built the pavilion around the springs 1913: Lawrance Fabacher purchased the undeveloped property
  7. 7. 1920: Mayor Gallatin Roberts announces that the City of Asheville is purchasing the property from Fabacker for a park. “I consider this property the finest to be found anywhere for park purposes,” Mayor Roberts declared
  8. 8. 1925: “A small but charming club house will be built on the golf course on the north side of the School Road and over the large sulphur spring” 1927-28: Houses are built in the Malvern Hills community 1938: Malvern Hills Golf Course is sold to Hilliard Green
  9. 9. 1944: Chester Cogburn buys the Malvern Springs tourist park, with 25 log lodge units and including the Malvern Springs golf course and clubhouse The property has remained in the family since that purchase
  10. 10. A quick slide show of the greenway
  11. 11.  We could create a community park with a greenway that connects Patton and Sand Hill  The park would be modeled after Bent Creek Community Park and other similar projects  The property ideally would be put into a conservation land trust that would oversee its creation and maintenance
  12. 12.  A greenway through this tract would connect the Malvern Hills community to the river parks and eventually to downtown and Enka along the greenways  The trail through the Goodwill property will provide connection to ART stop on Patton Avenue
  13. 13.  The Vrabel property is home for many birds and animals  We can plant native plants that provide food for wildlife  Monarch butterflies are in crisis, the boggy areas would be great for planting milkweed  We should appreciate and enhance the diverse ecosystems that exist here
  14. 14.  Community work days could clean the creek and redevelop the riparian zone along creek  We could enhance the boggy areas with a constructed wetland which will add diversity to the existing flora and fauna
  15. 15.  The property is beautifully forested with diverse trees  A trust could manage the forest to allow old growth and diversity  Work parties could clear vines out of trees  Native hardwoods could be planted
  16. 16.  Sulphur Springs is a historic area with the earliest settlements in West Asheville  The springs were important to the Cherokee, and became a popular destination in the 19th century  The meadow is the site of Asheville’s first golf course
  17. 17. The greenway will provide recreational space for the community  Cycling  Walking  Playing in the creek  Nature exploration  Gathering for neighborhood potlucks
  18. 18. Teachers at Vance Elementary and Francine Delany have been developing curricula for use in the Hominy Creek Greenway which incorporates  Plant and tree identification  Experiencing the quiet of woodlands  River ecology  Invasive plants identification
  19. 19. Creating the vision
  20. 20. The Friends of Canie Creek Greenway will organize under the umbrella of the Friends of Hominy Creek Greenway. Both organizations celebrate wetlands and public space. The collaboration will help assure this new park’s creation.
  21. 21.  To create and maintain a community park as an independent, resident funded entity that provides a safe place for children to play, as well as for our adults and youth to enjoy nature and community  To protect the creek and natural wetlands that are a large part of our park area  To connect Malvern Hills to the French Broad and beyond on the greenways
  22. 22. Building community by working together
  23. 23. The Friends of Hominy Creek Greenway is a group of neighbors and other stakeholders who are creating a vision and working to create special parks for our community. This group has had amazing success.
  24. 24.  Organize – we have a core       group to work as a steering committee Create our vision for the park Involve the community Create a managing entity Raise money Negotiate the purchase Celebrate!
  25. 25.  March 16 – A core group met which will become our steering committee  March 23 – A brief presentation at Malvern Hills Community meeting  April 8 (tentative) - Major presentation for Malvern Hills Community
  26. 26.  We invite you to come tour this beautiful property with us  I am available for tours most any time  Email:
  27. 27. Together we can make it become a reality!
  28. 28. Together we can make it become a reality!