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Nutriferonageofthesuperbugs2132013 130325160944-phpapp02

  1. 1. NUTRIFERON  Powerful breakthrough in immune system science  Naturally boosts interferon production  Created by the discoverer of interferon  Proven by 4 clinical studies  Am J Chin Med. 2004; 32(5):755-70.  J Alternative Complement Med. 2004 Apr; 10 (2):397-9.  J Gastroenterol. 2004 Sep; 39(9):873-8.  Clin Pharm Ther. 2004; 14(2):129-142.And a new United States Patent # 7,381,435, issued June 3, 2008
  2. 2. THE AGE OF THE SUPERBUGSThe evolution of a virus and bacteria from the over use of antibioticswill give rise to a whole new world of diseases. The answer lies in thenew technology of developing super immune systems. NUTRIFERON
  3. 3. Yasuhiko Kojima, MD  Shaklee NutriFeron was developed by Dr. Yasuhiko Kojima, MD, the discoverer of interferons and an eminent immunologist, professor and scientific researcher from Japan  Dr. Kojima began his immunology research in 1932, and Shaklee NutriFeron is the result of this pioneering research  He isolated four key natural compounds that induces key immune cells – increasing the body’s natural production of interferonIt is the only formula of its kind in the world
  4. 4. NutriFeron – Proven in Science Nutriferon Study at Weill Nutriferon increased the activity Cornell Medical College of natural killer cells, specific studied Nutriferon’s impact RESULTS immune cells that target tumor on viral activity - Dr. Ann cells and cells infected by Moscone, country’s leading pathogens including viruses virologist Shaklee’s research contributes to the effectiveness and formulation of our products and some of it simply advances the science of nutritionShaklee funded the development of an entirely new technique for studyingviruses called HUMAN AIRWAY EPITHELIAL MODEL…why? Because itallowed testing now without using animals.
  5. 5. IMMUNE NUTRIFERONHEALTH THE SHAKLEE DIFFERENCE Breakthrough in Immune System Science • Created by Discoverer of Interferon • Naturally Boost Interferon Levels • Supported by Four Human Clinical Studies In a recent laboratory study, NutriFeron has been shown to positively impact natural killer (NK) cells EXCLUSIVE EFFECTIVE EXCLUSIVE 3 4 40 PATENTS HUMAN CLINICAL YEARS OF STUDIES RESEARCH
  6. 6. NUTRIFERON4 MACROPHAGE ACTIVATING HERBSPlantago seed Japanese honeysuckle Significant research has already been published about the 4 herbal constituents of NutriFeronPumpkin seed Safflower flower
  7. 7. NutriFeron is a unique combination of 4 oriental herbal-preparations, which have a long history of use reducing inflammation and promoting organ health Pumpkin Seed Honeysuckle Flower• Potential anticancer agent after Japanese Honeysuckle flower extract using it as an anti-toxin treatment against cancer cells • Chinese herb known to possess anti- inflammatory properties• Been found by Yamanouchi to aid in suppression of IgE antibody in • Stimulated increased tumor necrosis certain allergic disorders factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) secretion Activating Herbs
  8. 8. Plantago seed Safflower Asian Plantain seed extract Safflower flower extract• Used as folk medicine in Taiwan for • Protective against brain damage caused treating infectious diseases related to the by reduced blood supply (as with stroke) respiratory, urinary, digestive tracts • Offers “significant neuroportective• Possess abroad-spectrum of anti- effects” leukemia, anti-carcinoma & antiviral activities, as well as activities which • Protective of the liver, since it modulate cell-mediated immunity demonstrated both anti-proliferative and proapoptotic activities in liver cells• Making this a broad-spectrum preventative for many infectious diseases Activating Herbs
  9. 9. WHAT IS INTERFERON and HOW IT WORKS • Interferon is a natural Interferon’s Three Important Functions substance produced by the body and is activated when a cell 1. It signals neighboring cells to put up is attacked by a virus. their defenses 2. It activates ‘killer’ cells to kill invading pathogens 3. Helps protect you from the daily exposure to million of germs that can lead to serious infectionsInterferon is an essential part of your immune system that can boost your immune system
  10. 10. How Does NutriFeron Work?1. Increases the production of your body’s natural interferon2. Optimizes your natural immune response process at the cellular level3. Prepares your immune system to better handle invaders4. Educates naïve healthy cells about a present or potential danger in your bodyNatural “killer cells” in action
  11. 11. Everyday Life is Filled with HEALTH THREATS • Touching things when you shop • Eating with non-sterile utensils • Shaking hands with someone You’re exposed every single day of your life Your Immune System in the Real World Immune system is your body’s natural shield against infection. Everyday life can compromise immune function and weaken the body’s ability to make interferon Poor nutrition Pollution Stress FatigueEveryday Life Is Filled with Health Threats Many of those threats are invisible
  12. 12. The killer T cells terminate cancer cells and cellsinfected by a virus or bacterium T - Cells
  13. 13. NutriFeron Many of the diseases associate with aging and stress areinflammatory in nature NutriFeron is the most effective natural therapy available for stimulating the release of natural interferon reducing the damaging side effects of inflammation Aging & Stress
  14. 14. NutriFeron – Leads the way in Prevention • Capable of suppressing the development of cancer cell lines • Reduces damage to the lining of the colon • Protects the liver • A therapeutic agent for inflammatory disease in general • Effective product to strengthen your natural defenses