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Hiv testing clinic

  1. 1. Herpes - A Highly Contagious STDGenital herpes, known specifically as herpes, is an STD caused by the herpes simplexvirus (HSV). It is mainly passed on through direct contact with the vagina, genital skinor the mucous-covered linings within the mouth. This particular form of STD is a viralinfection that enters ones skin or linings via the microscopic tears. The virus would thentravel inside the body to settle permanently in the nerve roots within the spinal cord.HIV Testing ClinicWhen an individual suffers a herpes outbreak, it means that the virus had alreadytraveled through the nerve fibers and had met the original site of the infection. Themoment the virus reaches the skin, blisters and redness emerge. Subsequent outbreakswill then be experienced sporadically right after the initial manifestation of the outbreak.They could emerge every week or years apart.The HSV-1 or herpes simplex virus-1 and the HSV-2 or herpes simplex virus-2 are twoforms of herpes that cause genital lesions. The HSV-1 is the one responsible for theblisters in the mouth area and the HSV-2 brings about lesions or genital sores around theanus area. People having suppressed immune systems, as a result of either stress,medications or infection, would normally experience longer and more frequent herpesoutbreaks.An estimated 50 million people living in the USA suffer from genital herpes. Roughly60% of adults with sexually active lifestyles are infected with the herpes virus. One ofthe main reasons for this prevailing high rate of herpes infection is that many infectedindividuals are not aware that they are infected for the disease show little or nosymptoms most of the time. Many would experience outbreaks with only having asymptom of minimal discomfort or mild itching. The longer the infection stays in thebody the lesser the emergence of symptoms during outbreaks.Herpes belongs to the list of the most stubborn viruses that ever afflicted human beings.More than two thirds of its sufferers experience reoccurring outbreaks for the rest oftheir lives. Although the recurring condition is not anymore as uncomfortable andpainful than the earlier attacks, it still continues to be highly contagious. Always beaware that once the herpes comes out again, the skin and the entire body becomesextremely contagious. Thus, one should be careful to manage the repeated outbreaks andprevent transmitting the disease to others.
  2. 2. One of the best places to seek assistance after the outbreaks emerge is the private STDclinics. Visiting an STD clinic will help you control the spread and the severity of yourherpes. These private clinics can provide you appropriate treatments and crediblediagnosis of your condition. There medical personnel are highly trained to provide youwith the proper way to manage and treat the disease. What separate these clinics fromothers is that they offer 100% confidentiality and are way much faster to provide testresults. So, may it be herpes or any other forms of STDs you are experiencing, be wiseto visit your nearest STD clinic and have yourself tested.HIV Testing ClinicsGenital Herpes - this is such a stubborn STD that keeps on recurring over the course ofyour lifetime. Learn more about this condition and discover ways on how to deal with itappropriately.