How to get endorsed :: Testimonials, referrals & media coverage


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How to get endorsed is part of our 30 Steps Group Coaching program which starts July 15, especially for yoga and Pilates teachers, masseuses, naturopaths, nutritionists, health and life coaches, kinesiologists and healers. Registration opens June 30.

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How to get endorsed :: Testimonials, referrals & media coverage

  1. 1. How to get endorsements
  2. 2. What we’re going to cover • The simple three-step secret to getting fantastic testimonials. • How to uncover perfect referral sources for your business (they may be closer than you think). • Examine the key psychological reason why we are wired to help. • Learn the number one thing you need to know to do your own PR.
  3. 3. Three steps to fantastic testimonials 1. Ask! (In a timely manner) 2. Ask questions, not for a testimonial: Why did you decide to buy? What did we do differently? What were the results you received? 3. Edit (with permission, of course)
  4. 4. Perfect-for-you referral sources
  5. 5. Who does your ideal client see before they hear about you? • Think sideways – outside of your industry. • Think complementary health providers. • Think community leaders and influencers. • Think local (child care, florist, café, bakery, supermarket, accoun tant, book keeper, gym, restaurant).
  6. 6. How to create authentic relationships (when you want people to help you?) • Make ‘doing lunch’ part of your business! • Be a better listener and ask better questions • We all have needs. We all get something out of a relationship. • Be transparent, be real. Don’t deny that you have something for sale. But know the value (beyond money) that you are offering someone.
  7. 7. Ask • People want to help, especially they want to help people who are enthusiastic and passionate. • Give people the opportunity and gift of giving. • Make it easy to help you – ask better questions. • The more advance notice you give someone to help promote you, the easier it is for them. • If you’re short on time and in a panic, don’t show it.
  8. 8. Do your own PR • Very few businesses need 100s of media clips to boost their business. • Traditional media is good for credibility, but quite possibly make NO impact on your sales. • Focus your effort on just 5 media channels. • Prepare a stockpile of content for media. • Do your background research on the journalist you’re pitching to. • Be proactive with topical news, be quick.
  9. 9. Most important thing to know about DIY PR • Know what about your business is newsworthy. • Your story must have appeal – it needs to relate to the audience of the media outlet. • Be brave (act brave). You may need to take yourself firmly in hand and give yourself a “right talking to” to pluck up the courage to make contact.
  10. 10. The truth about DIY PR • Most PR agencies give your pitch to those at the bottom of the pecking order. • PR is time-consuming – so if you want a good return on your time (which is money), then target the 5 media that your ideal clients consume. • You are the best advocate for your business. • You will never feel ready. Why not you? (that’s a rhetorical question! Don’t let your scared ego answer!)
  11. 11. About 30 Steps group coaching • Runs over 9 weeks. • 360 degree business acceleration course. • Action-based, not theoretical. • 30 steps delivered in 3 stages with 3 teleconferences to ask questions, seek feedback. • Private support group & accountability buddy. • Supporting materials including email and phone scripts, video tutorials and audios. • Registration opens June 30, program starts July 15.
  12. 12.