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Valet Parking Revenue Control & Automation Systems

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Automated Valet

  1. 1. (C) Copyrighted 2007 Automated Valet™<br />Parking Solutions & Software Systems Automation and Revenue Control<br />
  2. 2. (C) Copyrighted 2007 Automated Valet™<br /> Innovative Solutions<br />AVPM®, the world’s FIRST and ONLY valet parking application to track, monitor, control, manage valet keys, vehicles, tickets, employees, payroll and revenue all in one system.<br />
  3. 3. AVPM® VDES<br />From the valet staging point the Bluetooth® RoadRunners scanner allows the user to enter any or all of this info instantly to the AVPM® system.<br />Ticket number with time stamp, by scanning the bar-coded ticket <br />Vehicle make, model, year by scanning the bar-coded VIN number <br />Vehicle color, by scanning bar-coded color from the back of the ticket<br />“Who received/served the vehicle?” The scanner is assigned to the user before he starts using it <br />”Who is parking/retrieving the car?”, By scanning the bar-coded employee ID <br />Damage control <br />Check out date <br />VIP recognition <br />When the guest is ready to leave a simple scan with the SAME scanner will send the information to the key room attendant and request the vehicle.<br />Bluetooth® technology scanners are ready to be utilized. It is more affordable and reliable. It works like a computer<br />There is NO manual information entry, no click and nothing to hold if you use the wrist band! <br /> With Bluetooth® Wireless Technology you may connect up to seven scanners at the same time to one computer. This makes it even more affordable.<br />Patent Pending<br />Virtual Data Entry System<br />(C) Copyrighted 2007 Automated Valet™<br />
  4. 4. (C) Copyrighted 2007 Automated Valet™<br />Garage Entry Systems<br />State-of-the-art IP cameras will allow you to track pre existing damages and lower false claims.<br />The valet driver will scan the ticket and/or employee ID or both, while the imaging process continues on in the background. So in no time the gate will go up and the driver will park the vehicle .<br />The garage entry camera’s will take video images of the car which you can stop frame by frame to check for possible damages. Each Camera takes up to 30 frames!<br />
  5. 5. AVPM® VATS<br />Validation Tracking System<br />We really mean REVENUE CONTROL!<br />With AVPM® validation stickers it is IMPOSSIBLE to have a revenue leak caused by validations.<br />AVPM® system will create scrambled bar-coded lettered and numbered stickers with an expiration date. They cannot be reused.<br />(C) Copyrighted 2007 Automated Valet™<br />
  6. 6. AVPM® TIS<br />Ticket Inventory System<br />Another innovative solution for revenue control: Without administrative permission no ticket can be used.<br />Reusing tickets is impossible.<br />(C) Copyrighted 2007 Automated Valet™<br />
  7. 7. (C) Copyrighted 2007 Automated Valet™<br />Monthly Parker Billing System<br />Unlimited amount/type of rates (weekdays, weekends, nights, holidays, days, etc)<br />Restricted time zones<br />Unlimited amount of tenant types with different rates.<br />Unlimited amount of vehicles for each monthly account<br />VIP monthly accounts<br />Schedule rate increases for each tenant type<br />“Take Over” customer option with different grace period.<br />Credit on file option to charge monthly invoices automatically.<br />
  8. 8. (C) Copyrighted 2007 Automated Valet™<br />Employee setup features a fully integrated Employee Scheduler.<br />Finger print reader for accurate time & attendance<br />Driver license swiping to the system to track expiration date<br />2 types of payroll options for each employee<br />Tip entry<br />Employee schedulerwith tardy report and overtime approaching report.<br />Payroll Report with optional payroll interface to the preferred payroll company<br />
  9. 9. A 50 employee schedule setup can be done in only 5 minutes.<br />(C) Copyrighted 2007 Automated Valet™<br />
  10. 10. Service Fees<br />With AVPM® systems you may add as many service fees as needed, to the system with different pricing options. Tax included, excluded, flat fees, custom fees and more<br />(C) Copyrighted 2007 Automated Valet™<br />
  11. 11. Master account setup & billing<br />With your AVPM® system you may create master accounts, print VATS (Validation Stickers) and charge different rates, as needed. At the end of the week/month you can send the invoice or have their credit card on file to charge them automatically.<br />(C) Copyrighted 2007 Automated Valet™<br />
  12. 12. Speed & AccuracyeXpress check in / check out<br />(C) Copyrighted 2007 Automated Valet™<br />With the AVPM® system you may process one vehicle in 0.3 seconds at the entry.<br />Exiting process will take 0.1 second if the guest will pay cash, 0.3 second if the guest will present a validation sticker/ players club card.<br />IT IS UP TO YOU to decide how many vehicles to process.<br />
  13. 13. Special & Timed Events<br />AVPM® Systems handles the special & timed events on the back end. It means that YOU decide and schedule the events and the pricing (unlimited types of pricing). The rest will be handled by the system. You may schedule the events for an unlimited time.<br />If needed, the AVPM® system will remind your employees about an event before it happens so they can get ready for it.<br />(C) Copyrighted 2007 Automated Valet™<br />
  14. 14. (C) Copyrighted 2007 Automated Valet™<br />AVPM® is…<br />….. IN THE NEWS<br />…..WINNING AWARDS<br />&<br />National Parking Association’s Best Technology Winner! October 2007<br />
  15. 15. (C) Copyrighted 2007 Automated Valet™<br />Additional Features<br />Very user friendly and easy to use touch screen monitor interface will allow your employees to start working with AVPM® systems in a few minutes.<br />Automatic room charge posting<br />Great tool for the hotels. The system will automatically post the charges to the overnight guest folio. We can build interface to any type of Hotel Management System.<br />Room charge report<br />When the HMS interface is not possible with just one click this report can be run and returned to the front desk to post the overnight charges.<br />Advance check out report<br />Do you need to know when customers will leave, so you can make the vehicles ready? This report will give you the check out list with all the requested services (car wash, oil change etc)<br />Unlimited rate options with Advance Rate setup<br />Unlimited amount of different special rate setup.<br />Oversize & Luxury vehicle rate setup by VIN decoding<br />VIP account setup<br />Bi-weekly progress report<br />Garage report<br />Vehicle search by make, model, year, color, name, last name, entry/exit time or ANY combination of these fields<br />
  16. 16. (C) Copyrighted 2007 Automated Valet™<br />Closed ticket report<br />Express check in/out feature<br />Telephone request feature<br />Operation Board monitoring system<br />Remote monitoring & reporting via internet for unlimited amount of locations<br />Garage Entry system with/ without cameras<br />Shift end cashier report with/without CASH DROP feature<br />Self serve customer request kiosk<br />Credit Card interface<br />Watchdog Early Warning System<br />Failsafe backup system<br />If we don’t have ANY feature that you need, we will build it for you for FREE.<br />
  17. 17. (C) Copyrighted 2007 Automated Valet™<br />Premium Hardware<br />NCR RealPOS70 point-of-sale unit with touch screen monitor<br />NCR Cash Drawer<br />Epson Receipt Printer<br />Symbol LS9208 Barcode Scanner<br />Optionally, we offer less expensive hardware solutions<br />
  18. 18. (C) Copyrighted 2007 Automated Valet<br />Automated Valet™ insures your speed on all applications!<br />AVPM® systems have a 99.9% uptime<br />GUARANTEED!<br />
  19. 19. (C) Copyrighted 2007 Automated Valet™<br />Maintenance & Help Desk<br />In addition to our initial 60 days, no extra charge telephone support, AVPM® offers different varieties of maintenance programs including phone, on line or on site programs. <br />Even though AVPM® systems requires very low maintenance, these programs are highly recommended in order to receive additional features and upgrades to your system.<br />
  20. 20. (C) Copyrighted 2007 Automated Valet™<br />WORRIED ABOUT A WARRANTY?<br />AVPM® offers 1 year warranty on the AVPM® software in addition to our MONEY BACK guarantee. <br />If the AVPM® system does not work the way we set it up (in accordance with your instructions) simply pack up our system and send it back to us.<br />
  21. 21. (C) Copyrighted 2007 Automated Valet™<br /> Notice Something Missing??…<br /> We have given you an idea of what we CAN do. Should you need something different, we will create and customize the system for your specific needs.<br />
  22. 22. (C) Copyrighted 2007 Automated Valet™<br />Automated Valet™ Installs!<br />Seminole Hard Rock<br />~Hollywood, FL<br />Seminole Coconut Creek Casino<br />~Coconut Creek, FL<br />Hard Rock San Diego<br />~San Diego, CA<br />
  23. 23. (C) Copyrighted 2007 Automated Valet™<br />Automated Valet™ Installs!<br />Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport for<br />Parking Concepts Inc<br />
  24. 24. (C) Copyrighted 2007 Automated Valet™<br />AVPM® Installs at Miami Marriott’s<br />Miami Dadeland<br />JW Marriott Miami<br />Doral Golf Resort<br />
  25. 25. (C) Copyrighted 2007 Automated Valet™<br />City National Plaza<br />~ Los Angeles CA<br />Emory Hospital<br />~Atlanta, GA<br />
  26. 26. (C) Copyrighted 2007 Automated Valet™<br />AVPM® Installs at Malls<br />Natick Collection, MA<br />Freehold Mall, NJ<br />Perimeter Mall, GA<br />
  27. 27. (C) Copyrighted 2007 Automated Valet™<br />LAX Park <br />~LAX Airport Off-site Parking<br />Parking Solutions Inc<br />~NC Airport Off-site Parking<br />Park.Fly.Org<br />~Jacksonville Airport Off-site Parking<br />
  28. 28. (C) Copyrighted 2007 Automated Valet™<br />Please visit our web site at<br /> or call (954)636-4831 for more information.<br />We are open 24/7<br />We are proud to offer a real “revenue control & automation system” to the valet parking industry. <br />Please ask our customers about our system and us.<br />Sincerely,<br />Ken Gokhan Gulec<br />CEO<br />Automated Valet Parking Manager, LLC<br />1224 N. University Drive<br />Plantation, FL 33322<br />