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Business Marketing Consultant


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Business Marketing Consultant

  1. 1. 8 Killer Ways toLeave Less Money on the Table Experts|Empires You’re a Leader. Be a Legend.
  2. 2. 2 Meet Brook. Brook Kreder is the Founder of Experts|Empires, a fast growing society of corporate warriors and entrepreneurs turning their visions in to impressive empires. Through on-site strategy sessions, 1-on-1 executive coaching, life-changing retreats and a 12 week Empire|Blueprint Program, Experts|Empires helps clients boost their sales, create an irresistible brand and build a knockout business."Got the kick in the pants I needed today from anold friend and amazing BEYOND amazing coach, For over 12 years, Brook has worked with clients to ampBrook Kreder! Thank you so much for your belief up their U Factor (wow factor), roll over fear and deployand honesty!!! Look out world – it’s global results driven marketing plans. Her results speak fordomination time!!!" themselves...clients often far-surpass their marketing and fiscal goals. Brook also has the uncanny ability to hone inChrista Peppard Sutton on a client’s greatest asset and find fast and simple ways for them to make more money, have more freedom and build a legendary brand. According to Brook, everyone has the capacity to be a legend…the only thing stopping them is fear. The good news is *action* cures fear. “When we commit to scaring the hell out of ourselves daily, even in a small way, we inevitably move from being a leader to living life as a legend. We become more authentic, step in to our power and claim the success and freedom that is rightfully ours.” Experts|Empires 2011 ©
  3. 3. 8 Killer Ways to Leave Less Money on the TableDo you know you are leaving money on the table but you’re not sure what to do about it? 3Maybe you’ve tried different sales strategies and the newest marketing tactics, only to be disappointed in thelack of results? You’ve done seemingly everything, and nothing seems to be impacting that ROI, leaving youfrustrated and at a loss.You are not alone.Millions of other business owners just like you are exhausted. They’ve been running around blindly in circles,distracted and overwhelmed by all of their to-dos and they’re still not making the money (or having the success)they know they deserve.I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs who are desperate, overwhelmed, anxious and unsure. They hirecoaches, take classes, spend time researching next steps online, get angry, get sad, and give up. They go fetalin a corner at the thought of trying just one more thing because they have tried everything and nothing has hadany kind of lasting impact.It’s time to stop that cycle, together.This free report includes 8 Killer Ways to Leave Less Money on the Table. Yep, eight real, actionable strategiesto start adding dollars to your bottom line on the cheap. Because you’re a brilliant business owner, some ofthese you already know, some of them will be new to you. Test one, or test them all. Take what you can use andkeep the rest for when you need a fresh start or a new idea.1. Package Your Products or Services.Your ideal customers (we will call them your peeps) want value. More than a discount, they want a smokin’ hotoffer that includes all of the tools, steps, how-tos and support they need to have what they want. Your peepswant to know what’s in it for them and it’s not just your job to tell them, but to give it to them in a way that is easyto digest, apply or buy. They want to be taken care of so take care of them!You are leaving money on the table if you are trading dollars for hours and you’re stopping the flow of moneyinto your business by not finding a way to turn a one time customer into a long-term client.Let’s look at Peter, for example:Peter owns a photography studio in Minneapolis. He offers several services including weddings, senior portraitsand family pictures. The majority of his peeps are one-time sales because they only get married once (hopefully)and their kid(s) only graduate from high school once. Peter has to work hard to get each individual client, onlyto have the relationship end when the sale is over. He doesn’t have a way to expand his relationship with hispeeps and provide more long-lasting value. Experts|Empires 2011 ©
  4. 4. Peter sits down and thinks about what his peeps want. He’s “in the field” with them every day so he knows theirconcerns, questions, fears and wants. He knows from experience his wedding clients (brides and their mothers)want to be pampered and feel special. Using those concerns and wants, Peter decides to create a package thataddresses them, while stacking his service with value. 4He starts by adding new services – a “finding the perfect dress” photo package that gives his brides a record ofthe time before the big day, and his studio extra business.He also puts together a how-to guide with tips for guaranteeing spectacular photos the day of the event that heoffers on his website and in his in-person consultations, alleviating some brides’ fears of doing something toaffect the final wedding album.He then adds limousine services to and from his studio for engagement “photos and the post-wedding shoot. (Note: the post-wedding shoot isnew too; this gives the bride and groom a photo for their Christmas …peoplecards celebrating their first Christmas). are willing toBecause Peter knows he is one of the first businesses to discovera couple is getting married (they call to schedule their engagement spend morephotos), he partners with a salon, caterer, baker, and dress shop andcreates an affiliate marketing program that allows him to make money money whenby referring the happy couple to his power partners, which also makeslife easier for prospective brides, since his all-in-one packages give their heart is ”them direction for all the other wedding details that bride is juggling.Everybody wins -- Peter gets longer-term customers and lots of word ofmouth from his partners, his partners win from the extra referrals, and involved.most importantly, the brides win, by having all of those millions of detailsand choices covered with one phone call -- to Peter.Do you see how this works? Peter went from just a wedding photographer to a value-added service provider thatgives brides an entire experience. Weddings are emotional and people are willing to spend more money whentheir heart is involved. Knowing this, Peter became instrumental to the event and expanded the relationship withhis customer from one day to several months, for a premium price.He was leaving money on the table but by thinking about what his peeps wanted he was able to sell less, makemore and provide an outstanding service. ACTION STEP: Think about your product or service. How can you package that, either within your organization or with partnerships? Come up with several ideas today. 1) _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ Experts|Empires 2011 ©
  5. 5. 2) _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ 5 3) _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________2. Diversify.It’s easy to hit a financial plateau in your business. You can either find yourself within an easy comfort zone, oryou may think you’re just too darn busy to go out and drum up new business.Combat that plateau and grow some new revenue quickly by adding a product or service that compliments yourexisting offering. It gives you the chance to pull more money from your current clients and attract new peeps withsomething different. Since it’s much easier to tap into a peep who has already spent money with you than it is togo after someone altogether new, you can easily build new revenue streams without the time it takes to go outand forage for new clients.For example:Let’s say you run an architectural firm that provides all the basic services. You have a great business, a decentclient-base, and give great service with what you do. Yet, you’ve reached a financial lull in your business andyou’re not sure how to get more clients.It’s time to think differently, and look at diversifying those services. You could: 1) Start offering space planning (or design, marketing, fund-raising assistance, etc.) to existing clients; 2) Put together and sell a product that teaches others to do what you do (on a much smaller, home use scale); or 3) Find a product line you can get behind and use to grow your business (become a furniture or carpet vendor, or partner with one on a joint-venture level, maybe with a co-branded label or for referring customers back and forth).Diversifying allows you to sell more to your existing clients and lessens the burden of finding new customers,while keeping your name in your paying clients’ minds. You build your brand and your reach...all in one. ACTION STEP: Where, in your existing business, can you diversify your offerings to add even more value to your customer’s experience with you? What steps do you need to take to get that started? Experts|Empires 2011 ©
  6. 6. Two areas you can diversify: 1) _________________________________________________________________________________ 2) _________________________________________________________________________________ 6Action steps to get started: 1) _________________________________________________________________________________ 2) _________________________________________________________________________________ 3) _________________________________________________________________________________3. Be the Expert You Are.The very best way to distinguish yourself from yourcompetition and improve your market share is tobuild your authority. Volumes could be written(and have been) about how to position yourself “ …distinguish yourself from your competition…as an expert in your field(s), but there are somesimple ways you can increase your authority whilenot adding too much to your already-burdened to-do list. Try a few of these: build your authority. ” 1. Create a video series and post it to YouTube showing/teaching people what you do. YouTube is second only to Google for searches. Your videos should be educational or informational in nature, and show your potential customers exactly what your business is about and why you are the service provider who would be the perfect choice to give it to them. It doesn’t need to be technically perfect, but do make sure that the information you’re providing is helpful, useful, or actionable for your viewers. 2. Start writing articles and posting them on websites like or www.ezinearticles. com. These can be posted to your own blogs, as well, providing double-duty for your content and adding to your authoritative clout. If you know of well-known blogs in your industry, offer the articles (or new ones) to them as guest posts, as well. The key is to get your name out there as someone who knows his/ her subject matter and is willing to share that knowledge. (Not a writer? See #4.) 3. Book speaking gigs (or have someone book them for you). Create a personal media kit and send it to local or relevant media letting them know you’re available for interviews. Blog, and mention your availability in a sidebar or your “about me” post. 4. Join online forums and share your knowledge. Most forums have restrictions on self-promotion (either rules-based restrictions or social restrictions -- avoid being seen as a spammer or just “that guy” who constantly promotes without providing any relevant discussion or you’ll do more harm than good.) By answering other people’s questions, you show how much you know, rather than telling how much you know...and your authority grows.The fact is, if you really know your stuff, you’re doing a disservice to the world by not sharing it. Chances are, youknow more about your industry than the vast majority of the world outside that industry, and by sharing that stuff,you can pretty quickly position yourself as the person to go to when a problem arises with which you can help. Experts|Empires 2011 ©
  7. 7. Your visibility and credibility -- both important in most decision-making processes -- are impacted in a big andpositive way when you establish your authority. ACTION STEP: Pick one of the above-mentioned possible ways to build your authority, and try it today, right now. Search for some new forums in your industry while you’re at it, and observe the culture of each. How 7 can you get in there and really start positioning yourself as the expert you are, today?To build my authority today, I will: ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________4. Leverage Your Content.Many business owners struggle with “what should I say?” Even people who know their customer bases intimatelycan draw a blank -- it’s not just you.Choose your soap box (or message) you want to communicate on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.Then, to make it easier on yourself, identify your customers’ pain points, or the places where they most oftenhave problems within that soap box content. Speak to those pain points, solve the problems, give light at theend of the tunnel -- and you’ve got an irresistible body of content that people won’t fail to read.Expand the content under each message and use it across multiple platforms. Your platforms may include ane-zine, social media posts, your blog, online articles, a letter to your clients, a free training call, a white paper,whatever creative thing you can come up with. Having one message work across many forms of media will helpyou leverage your time. Don’t be afraid to re purpose content for different niches, too, if your business servesmore than one.If it’s the writing that scares you, services like,, and can give youfairly cost-effective writing on the subject of your choice in almost no time. While most of the resulting contentstill needs a little “tweaking” to fit what you had in mind, it can be a time and sanity saver if you’re simply drawinga blank for a starting point, or if you need a quick-and-dirty article to put up across several article sites. Writing ityourself may be best, but in a pinch, call in an expert. ACTION STEP: Make a list of ten different “pain points” that your customer may have that your product or service could solve. For each of those pain points, come up with several aspects that you could write an article or blog post about that would solve, highlight, or help alleviate the pain for your customers. Then write one. Yes, today.Pain Point _________________________________________________________________________________Solution _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Experts|Empires 2011 ©
  8. 8. Pain Point _________________________________________________________________________________Solution _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 8__________________________________________________________________________________________Pain Point _________________________________________________________________________________Solution _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Pain Point _________________________________________________________________________________Solution _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Pain Point _________________________________________________________________________________Solution _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Pain Point _________________________________________________________________________________Solution _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Pain Point _________________________________________________________________________________Solution _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Experts|Empires 2011 ©
  9. 9. Pain Point _________________________________________________________________________________Solution _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 9__________________________________________________________________________________________Pain Point _________________________________________________________________________________Solution _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Pain Point _________________________________________________________________________________Solution _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________5. Do it Scared.This is one of the most powerful tools available to you...action. Business owners who refuse to get out of theirown way and into the flow of money, abundance, recognition, and success leave huge sums of money on thetable. Doing it scared means being willing to take action even if it feels yucky or, worse, hard.Here’s the deal: Action cures fear every time.Pick up the phone and call a potential peep. Connect with power partners on LinkedIn. Do that radio show call in.Whatever it might be, take your cue from Nike and just do it! There is nothing more empowering than showingup on the other side of fear, no matter what the result. And considering that every time you stand up to fear, youbuild new “muscles” that help you face the next challenge head-on? It’s the single best thing you can do on aregular basis to springboard yourself straight to the top of the heap.Show up. Take a deep breath. And do it scared. ACTION STEP: Pick one thing that you’ve been putting off because it gives you that knot in your stomach full of butterflies. Then make the call, put in the connect request, answer the email or make the decision. Just do it.I want ____________________________________________________________________________________ ,but I am afraid _____________________________________________________________________________ . Experts|Empires 2011 ©
  10. 10. Action you can take NOW to overcome this fear: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 106. Mine Your Customer List.Are you always working on your website, making last minute changes that you hope will help? How about trollingFacebook? Do you know more about your Twitter friends’ lives than you do your own?Let’s give these activities a rest and start working on building you a list of peeps.Look at how are you capturing your customers’ contact information. Do you have a system in place that pullsthem to your business, gives them what they need and leaves them begging for more? If you don’t, it’s time tostart collecting that information and delivering your message, right now.It’s been said that you can make a million dollars out of a list with just 1000 people, depending on your businessmodel and your price-points. While no one can guarantee that kind of success, think about it: what if you did10% of that?Work tirelessly at building your audience so you have people to serve. Once your list is built there are many,many creative ways to talk to your peeps that will leave them eager to buy from you. ACTION STEP: Look at how you’re capturing customer information. Do you even have a mailing list set up? If not, start today. Pick a mail provider (like Constant Contact or Mad Mimi) and put the sign-up form on your website. If you have one already, look at how you’re using it. Are you just sending sales messages, or are you providing value? Look at how you can engage those peeps instead of just talking at them, and send a new message today.Who is your mail provider? ___________________________________________________________________What types of messages can you send to provide value and engage your peeps? (Hint: These can also be thesolutions you identified earlier when exploring your peep’s pain point) 1) _________________________________________________________________________________ 2) _________________________________________________________________________________ 3) _________________________________________________________________________________7. Teach Others to Do What You Do.Continuing education is a multi-billion dollar industry. Everyone on the planet is buying self help books for everything imaginable. We’ve already established that you know things...valuable it’s high time to starttapping into that education market to get your own piece of that highly-lucrative pie. Experts|Empires 2011 ©
  11. 11. This doesn’t have to mean teaching an in-person class (although it might, if you are so inclined.). It can alsomean teaching a teleseminar or webinar, creating a DVD series, a workbook, checklists, how-tos -- anything thatleaves your peeps with more knowledge than they had before your teaching.People love to learn and they are willing to part with their hard earned dollars to do so. What can you teach the 11world that is valuable and that they are willing to pay for? Once you have decided to teach, think about whatproducts you can develop to support your message, your brand, and your business. ACTION STEP: Sit down with a notebook and a pen and think for a minute about all of the things you know about your business or industry. What do you know right now that most people don’t know? Make a long list, and pick one or two to develop into potential classes or learning opportunities to your visitors, peeps, and potential customers.Three things you know that most people don’t: 1) _________________________________________________________________________________ 2) _________________________________________________________________________________ 3) _________________________________________________________________________________How could you turn these into classes or learning opportunities? 1) _________________________________________________________________________________ 2) _________________________________________________________________________________ 3) _________________________________________________________________________________8. Double Your Price.If your peeps are buying on price alone then you’ve positionedyourself as a commodity. This is a losing game. There will alwaysbe someone out there willing to do what you do for less money than “ …you need to be chargingyou’re willing to take. Always. what youWhatever price point you’re at today, or whatever you think you areworth…*drum roll please*….double it. That’s right. I said double it. deserve for the value that ”And that’s just a starting point. youre giving.If you’re trying to expand your business it’s time you start operatingfrom a place where people are willing to pay good money for yourtime, energy or product. You need to be charging what you deservefor the value that you’re giving. Experts|Empires 2011 ©
  12. 12. You may lose some peeps initially (if you do, they weren’t your peeps anyway) but you’ll make just as much ormore money working with people who find that value in what you provide.*Side note: this is where that gnome inside your head is going to rear its ugly face and say, “who are you tocharge more? Your time, energy, heart, know-how aren’t worth that much! You have to work 100 hours a weekto make that much! You can’t do that!” If this is you, go back to number 6 where we talk about doing it scared. 12The operative here is do it. The gnomes don’t stand a chance against your consistent action. ACTION STEP: Need I even say it? Look those gnomes straight in the eye, and double your price. Right now. Today. This second. Your game just changed. Sorry, gnomes. BONUS Lucky # 9 "Brook Kreder is pure energy. Her creativity inspires and brings theTake the Leap. best out of others. She lives at the intersection of innovation ANDMaking decisions and taking consistent action over time is what results. She is brilliant at creatingleads to positive results in your business. The big question after you strategic plans and identifying thelearn something new is ALWAYS how to apply everything you’ve steps to get there…once you worklearned (and actually take action). This is where most business with her, you (or your organization)owners wonder, can I do this on my own? What happens if I don’t will never be the same!"know the answer? Who will grab my hand, pull me out of my ownstink and show me the way? Who will hold me accountable so that by Mary Colfack,this time next year, I barely recognize myself or my business because GM, Holiday Inn ExpressI have grown so much? (You do know this is possible, right?)Well here’s the thing. This same thing used to happen to me. I’d get all of the information (like what wasoutlined in this e-book) and inspiration. Then I’d try to figure out how to make it all happen (overnight ofcourse). In a short amount of time I’d start to feel isolated, frustrated and sometimes even silly. Once in awhile I did manage to implement a few new things in my business but the results were always SLOWERthan I anticipated.Now, you can probably guess how much I believe in having a mentor during the empire building process, butI’ve learned some important things about how to do it right. For one thing, you’ve gotta have some skin in thegame and invest in yourself. Once I took the leap and experienced a high-level of coaching (yes, even now,I’m in a coaching program), I began to see OUTRAGEOUS results, wildly increased income, and a level ofaccountability like I never knew existed.So, I’d like to share with you the high-level coaching programs I offer so you can massively increase yourincome, hone in on your unique position, and build your business. My 1-on-1 coaching programs are byinvitation only and are for business owners who are serious about taking clear action in the coming yearand doing what it really takes to blow the doors off their income in the next 12-24 months. Experts|Empires 2011 ©
  13. 13. I can only accept a few people so they get the level of support and the results they deserve. I only allow peoplewho are truly ready to play a HUGE game, who are ready for a high-level of support and who will unquestionablycommit to doing the work. That’s the only way I can help my clients ramp up their business quickly andsignificantly. 13If you know deep in your heart you were born to be a LEGEND and you’re questioning whether you can do itall on your own or you are serious about amping up your business and income this year please e-mail me I want you to have what you want and I will give you the tools to build it. I can’tdo the work for you. I can mentor and guide, but you have to show up for yourself, make decisions and takeaction. Take the Leap. Do it scared. Turn up the volume and be prepared to shine.Be a LEGEND!Brook Kreder, FounderExperts|Empires ACTION STEP: Visit, click on programs and download the 1-on-1 coaching application. There is no obligation. Once we receive your application, I will contact you to set up a FREE “Get Acquainted” call. Its 30 minutes for us to chat and see if we’re a good match. At that point, I will review my programs with you so we can determine which one would be the very best fit for where you are in your business today. You will know within 7 days if youve been accepted into a program.Picture Yourself in Your New Business Flying out of bed each morning overflowing with enthusiasm and excitement to start your day.   Committed to imperfect, rapid action and making decisions with clarity.   Losing your biggest client and immediately connecting with a better one (this can and does happen!)   Staying calm in the face of fear and taking action to cure it.   Pulling customers to you with ease instead of fighting constantly to push a sale.   Creating products and services that your customers want and are not just willing to but clamoring to pay   a high price for. Doubling your prices and then doubling them again!   Ruthlessly pursuing your zone of brilliance daily with ample time to work on your business instead of in   your business. Sharing your expertise with the world and your peeps are begging you to do so.   Experts|Empires 2011 ©
  14. 14. It’s a pretty picture, isn’t it?Now, you just need to take action, but you may also be wondering where to start. After all, there are only so manyhours in a day and you’ve tried everything with less than desirable results. Not to mention, all this information canbe overwhelming at first. 14And since that’s the way you feel, I have the perfect solution… Your final (and arguably most important) ACTION STEP: Join Me.If you have a fanatic desire to take action, increase your income, attract more peeps and make more money, joinnot just me, but an entire community of like-minded leaders, entrepreneurs and visionaries that’s building rightnow – all committed to creating wealth from the inside out. You’ll have all of the information; tools and supportthat you need to develop and maintain a healthy, thriving business, and leave less money on the table.Experts|Empires offers 1-on-1 Executive Coaching (with Brook), 1 or 2 Day Strategy Sessions, Double YourBusiness in 90 Days Retreats and Empire|Blueprint, a 12-week group program that teaches guerilla tactics toboost your sales, create an irresistible brand and build a knockout business.Stop leaving money on the table.Click your mouse on over to to get all the information about how you can be a partof this community and start kicking your dreams into high-gear. "There are, when it all boils down, two kinds of people in this world: people who talk about getting things done, and people who actually do those things. Brook Kreder is one of the few people I’ve ever worked with who can not only see with exceptional clarity what needs to be done, but knows exactly how to get you there. She walks the walk, and makes sure you do, too." E. Metz, Founder, Hometown Girl Experts|Empires 2011 ©