SnappforGood for Alumni Offices and Universities


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Short summary of the first socially responsible Instagram photo and video contest platform.

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SnappforGood for Alumni Offices and Universities

  1. 1. SnappforGood Engaging Young alumni and Students to Grow Your Donor Base
  2. 2. We enable Universities to engage and raise money from their young alumni and student base on our Instagram Social Photo and Video Contest platform ( Quick Facts What We Do Why We Are Used Low cost and effective way to increase the percentage of Young Alumni and Undergraduates that donate and are engaged with the University. Who Uses SnappforGood Charities, foundations, schools, universities, museums, associations (any 501c(3)). Marketing, Fundraising, Outreach, Event and Volunteer Management Staff What Does it Cost? $125 month, and $39 per month thereafter for our base package. 100% of donations go to the appointed cause.
  3. 3. Quick Facts How it Works On our site, create a fun or inspirational photo or video contest and invite your target community to enter the contest. Identify a fundraising goal, a marketing objective, some fun prizes, and a contest theme (s). We then publish your contest page on our web site with tools to invite your followers on social media. Promote the contest using your marketing channels. When contest participants sign up, they have to either make a donation pledge or commit to volunteer. Then contestants simply start snapping, posting, and sharing their photos or short-videos on Instagram to win prizes. We handle contest creation, participant sign up, and tracking photo or video galleries through your contest hashtag. Flexible Tool Contests can be run as a stand-alone event and you change themes (eg New School Year, Sports Seasons, Summer Projects, How I Give to My Community) during the course of the year.
  4. 4. Why User Generated Photos and Videos? More Engaging Content Pictures, whether they are photos or videos, can tell a story. Most nonprofits publish photos of their events, but rarely let users post their own photos for a cause. They are missing an opportunity to let their supporters shine a light on their favorite cause. More Viral Content Studies have shown that photos and videos are shared and liked twice as much as other content on large social media sites. They are a great way to promote your cause quickly, at a low cost, and reach a larger audience. Big Audience Almost everyone carries a smartphone camera in their purse or pocket. And hundreds of millions of people are active users on Instagram with one-click sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and email. Its easy to use, and fun for contestants.
  5. 5. SnappforGood Contact Information W: E: P: 919-539-4697 Instagram @snappforgood Twitter @snappforgood Facebook snappforgood Roger Brook CEO