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Experience & Capabilities Snapshot

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Print Christman Snapshot Final 2

  1. 1. Brooke Nelson Christman Experience Snapshot 1998 - 2009
  2. 2. Key Strengths & Capabilities Identifying & Negotiating Strategic Alliances Building Excellent Internal & External Relationships Influencing & Managing Cross-Functional Teams Successful Retail Channel Understanding & Activation Identifying Volume Driving Opportunities Big Event Activation (In-Venue & Trade) Innovative Consumer Promotions Supplier & Agency Management Media Negotiations & Partnerships Timely & Direct Communication
  3. 3. Brand/Package Launch Involvement 1998 2001 2003 2005 2006 2007 2008 1999 H2OK 2002 2004 2000
  4. 4. Energy, Health & Wellness Category Majority of these non CSD drinks were sampled and targeted at on-premise accounts, such as bar, night clubs, health and hospital. 2001 2004 2005 2006 2007 2002
  5. 5. Property Management & Activation
  6. 6. Retail & QSR Channel Partnership
  7. 7. Strategic Alliance Partnerships Big Event Personally Initiated Activation
  8. 8. Promotional Packaging Examples 12 & 24 packs Glass bottles & carriers 12 oz cans Coffee Bag 1/2 wrapped bottle Shrink Wrapped PET Cups 20 oz & 2 liter labels
  9. 9. Local Market Calendars Developed local market calendars that reflected brand volume driving strategies that supported national brand/marketing platforms. Responsible for reviewing & obtaining bottler & marketing property approval for each concept. National Platforms Local Packaging Local Initiatives College on-campus New Products Media Added-Value Media Merchandising Included recaps of contractual commitments (packaging & media) & marketing inventory are reviewed with bottler’s sales team & Key Accounts team to discuss marketing/sales incentive opportunities.
  10. 10. Managing Re-Branding at Crimson Cup All branding elements of Crimson Cup were refreshed and re-launched to represent the brand appropriately. Consistent messaging and visuals were achieved which resulted in increased availability & brand recognition. Logo Old logo had to many variations New logo direction when I started Final logo I developed which and lacked consistency. my job. Did not fit company represents updated version of culture & to close to competitors. old as well as refreshed look. Objective to communicate that crimson Cup is two words has been solved by color blocking the two words. Previous agency & marketing team did not look at any competitive analysis. Packaging Old packaging was made to be placed in coffeehouses and did not fit retail store shelves. Look & messaging was outdated for future targeted customers. “Coffee + Community” tagline I spent months doing competitive analysis features the word “unity” and looking at packaging creative/messaging emphasized in red, implying a trends. New packaging fits on shelving & has sense of being one & supporting been placed in Kroger & Whole Foods. our communities.
  11. 11. Managing Re-Branding at Crimson Cup Website Retail Kiosk Created brand new look and feel to the website. More Lead the visuals and less copy to engage the consumer. Added branding & a customer portal feature which integrated customer design elements networks for ordering & account information. of a Kiosk placed in Kroger. Customer and consumer feedback was great. Hot & Cold Cups Newsletter Refreshed look and Refreshed messaging to tell the look to make Crimson Cup story to it more consumers. appealing and made content pop by adding more visuals and less words.
  12. 12. Defining Brand, Merchandising & Execution Standards Managed special projects for the National Marketing Asset Team & developed a “Standards Handbook” which was a priority for the system. It features how a college campus should be merchandised & executed. Handbook currently utilized throughout the country.
  13. 13. Kroger Marketing Involvement Responsible for supporting marketing initiatives for four Kroger KMA’s: 1. Great Lakes – 266 stores 3. Cincinnati – 109 stores 622 2. Central – 148 stores 4. Midsouth – 99 stores stores Focus is to design Volume Driving programs that generate incremental displays, cases on displays, ad activity and locally relevant consumer engagement. Managed budgets, creative developments, sell-in assistance, regulate execution compliance, redemption reports, etc. Tools / Initiative examples: Catalina Coupons Consumer/Retailer Rebates Smart Source Stock-Ups ROPs Consumer Promotions Custom Ads Custom Merchandisers Custom POS Retailer Ad Tool-kits Dealer Loaders / Incentives
  14. 14. Strategic Alliance Initiative Prior to the Tab energy launch, I reached out to Innovation VP and presented my concept of utilizing the Junior League organization as a partner to help us launch the brand, as their members are market-place female influencers. With a budget of $100,000 I was able to execute a national partnership that resulted in successful results for Tab energy.
  15. 15. Strategic Alliance Initiative Key Call-Outs: Personally Initiated, negotiated & coordinated within a five week window. 300 TaB energy sampling kits distributed to 292 local leagues in North America. 29,352 samples (1,223 cs) to Key Influencers at launch date. Activated two Regional Conventions & National Convention via sampling & merchandise. Provided a $30,000 “Leadership Development Within 5 weeks, Award” to the AJLI which four local leagues won as a coordinated 300 sampling kits, grant. sampled over 29,000 units and engaged our brand With over 45,000 Received National AJLI Publication Coverage on targeted consumers our brand and support.
  16. 16. Promotional Execution Management Develop volume Present the Share Creative driving & brand concept to: Create Project Brief Brief with creative building concept that 1. upper and receive approval agency and will engage targeted management from Brand Team as packaging consumer. Concept 2. the bottler and well as internal legal suppliers. based on consumer, 3. customer on brand Timeline & budget retailer, competitor For funding compliance. is agreed upon. environment. approval •Manage creative Work with CCE •Secure media process. distribution on partner. Present program forecasting volume & details, volume •Secure prize pool. •Obtain POS placing orders of goals and Determine fulfill- quantities from sales sustaining vs incentive program ment option. centers/accounts promotional to individual sales •Finalize rules & obtain packaging for •Develop incentive centers. 1-800#. promotional period. structure. Perform market Notify winner if Recap results visits in the trade applicable and and capture key EXECUTE to confirm coordinate prize learning's to compliance. pool. share.
  17. 17. Big Event Activation – NCAA Campaign: OSU National Champions I am the program lead managing cross-functional departments to ensure in-market timing and execution excellence. Game Day Highlights 6 am Jan. 3rd 12:15 am EST Jan. 4th 12:45 am EST Jan. 4th Coca-Cola cans are Coach Tressel and his Coke can is on ESPN during produced in Buckeyes received the Press Conference – Cincinnati, OH. Cans Fiesta Bowl Trophy don’t they look good sent to AZ on Delta together?! Dash at noon EST.
  18. 18. Big Event Activation - NCAA Activation RESULTS: Results Snapshot Multi-Media Incremental 140,000 cs lift Radio Coverage 100 % increase volume in 6pks TV Coverage Incremental 250+ displays National & Regional Newspaper coverage Incremental 9+ ad features Exposure to 5,254,245 GP up $1.10 per cs –vs- normal 6 consumers pk pricing Free PR Value received $50,000 + Creativity Multi-Channel Custom packaging & POS Both developed prior event get in market Grocery 200+ immediately C&P 150+ Custom vending program on on-campus (OSU) 184 machines in-venue (Fiesta Bowl) Creative way to get can to activation successful achieved stadium & in Press/Locker rooms. throughout Ohio
  19. 19. Big Event Activation –Super Bowl Part of the Coca-Cola North America team that activated the 2006 Super Bowl, which was a Pepsi event. Energy Full Proximity Marketing plan was executed around central portfolio Detroit which grew our energy portfolio 326% for February. growth was Mobile Sampling Tours distributed over 30,000 cans of Vault, 326% MTD Full Throttle & Rockstar in 3 day period. in Feb. Hawaiian Tropics girls utilized in 24 bar/nigh club accounts to sample and engage brand with consumers within 5 day period. 12 radio station on-air promotions executed, valued at $156,000. Gained 350 new shelves & 219 new countertop cooler placements.
  20. 20. Commemorating Events Tool-Kit I won 2nd place in the country for my OSU National Championships Activation plan & was requested to document it, therefore providing a guide for our system. Collegiate & Professional Sports Tool-kit with approved packaging, POS, merchandise, truck backs, print ads and Press Release templates. Guide outlines key people, key timing and expected financials associated with various initiatives.
  21. 21. Athlete Endorsement & Activation Maintained & built relationships with key local “celebrities.” Packaging, POS and merchandising elements were utilized which drove market share and built brand awareness.. Identified Kirk Herbstreit to be excellent opportunity to partner with for the POWERade brand in the college channel. Negotiated with Mr. Herbstreit & his attorney for two months and we identified great opportunities. Coca-Cola Company purchased Glaceau, so maintained his endorsement with that brand. Jalen Rose OSU Coach Steve Yzerman Indiana Pacers Jim Tressel Kirk Herbstreit Detroit Red Wings ` Tiger Woods John Sally Foundation OSU Coach ESPN Game Day Super Thad Matta Bowl activation
  22. 22. Mobile Tours & Brand Ambassadors Division lead for the majority of the tours, to ensure communication, financial approval and account leverage were executed. Coke Coca C2 - (2004) – 5,100 Coke My Coke Rewards (2006) – Sign DASANI Plus (2007) – 18,400 in OH DASANI Sensations (2006) – 27,000 cans sampled up 32,000 consumers for MCR & MI and 12,000 via Sodexho OH & MI and 12,000 via Sodexho Vault (2005) – 22 days in Coke Zero Road Jam - (2005) – 5,100 Sprite Re-Mix - (2004) – Coke Lime & Sprite Remix Aruba Jam Region, 54,000 cans cans sampled 5,100 cans sampled (2005) – Lead for the Division – 32,000 samples during 3 week period Full Throttle (2006) – 22 days in Vanilla Coke (2003) – 32,000 samples Caribou (2007) – 32,000 samples Minute Maid Lights - (2002) – Region, 54,000 cans during 3 week period during 3 week period 12,000 cans sampled
  23. 23. Web Based Promotions Localized the national My Coke Rewards platform, which is a web based consumer promotion tied to collecting points from consuming Coca-Cola products. Executed in Midwest key time period, tied to college football. Negotiated with local partners for locally relevant prize pool. Obtained 26 free prizes valued at $20,000+. Tied in which linked into MCR website and drive traffic throughout promotional period. Kroger was key retailer providing thematic displays and in-ad mentions as well as providing double points for MCR via Catalina coupons.
  24. 24. Consumer Promotion Sample Campaign: “Legends of the Shoe” Bobbleheads Key Call-Outs: Worked with OSU to influence their key retail sponsors to execute this concept during football season. It allowed for one major market campaign, verse individual smaller promotions. Integrated three Coca-Cola consumption packages as a required purchase to receive discounted offer: 1.Convenience: Speedway & Coke 20 oz 2 Grocer: Kroger & Coke 12pk 3. QSR: Donatos & Coke 2 liter Custom packaging, POS, in-store displays, football ad and TV and radio Kroger circular ad & spots were utilized. in-store POS Gained 70 incremental displays at Kroger, which generated a 47% increase vs prior. Received In-ad placement and front lobby displays in 46 stores during six week period. OSU Football Guide Ad
  25. 25. Consumer Touch Points Example Car Display at Football Game Custom Packaging Donatos Boxtopper throughout Ohio Negotiated with Account Partners for prize pool Scratch Card Game Piece – seeded inside 12 packs Media Partner Custom POS