Ta b l e o fContentsMessage From the President	 1Reaching Greater Heights,Overcoming Greater Challenges	 2Statement of Fin...
2R e a c h i n g G r e at e r H e i g h t s AHSF A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 1 1 – 2 0 1 2This past year, AHISD managed to...
Financial Positions t a t e m e n t o fAssets		 2012		 2011Current AssetsCash and Cash Equivalents	 $	 206,480	 $	 100, 08...
Grants to EducatorsAlamo Heights High SchoolSmart Board+Smart Tools+Smart Curriculum+Smart Students	 $	 2,743Inquiry Based...
Endowed FundsThe Foundation’sGeneral Endowmentwas created in the fall of 2002 with the goal of obtaininglong-term financia...
DiamondMr.  Mrs. Carl FellbaumMr.  Mrs. Steven LeeMays Family FoundationMr.  Mrs. Mark MaysMr.  Mrs. Troy TomanPlatinumMr....
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Anne Krause	PresidentTiffany Mills	President-ElectMark Mays	SecretaryJulie Hill	TreasurerLisa Krenger	VP ResourceAllocatio...
AHSF Annual Report
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AHSF Annual Report


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AHSF Annual Report

  1. 1. Ta b l e o fContentsMessage From the President 1Reaching Greater Heights,Overcoming Greater Challenges 2Statement of Financial Position 4Grants to Educators 6Endowed Funds and Scholarships 8Annual Supporters 10m e s s a g e f r o m t h ePresidentThe name Alamo Heights has been synonymous with academic excellence for over a century, and the Alamo Heights School Foundation is committed to doing all it can to help the District maintainthat reputation and give the children, who are our future, a topnotcheducation. Despite the passing of the recent Tax Ratification Electionthat will result in approximately $875,000 in revenue for the District,the excellent programs and educators are still in real jeopardy as stateeducation budget cuts continue and the District is forced to operate ata deficit. Alamo Heights has already received a two-year $5.6 million hitand more cuts may be coming.Anticipating the need and believing in our community’s capacity to getbehind the District, the Foundation has set fundraising goals that arethe highest ever, but achievable.  In addition to guaranteeing the District $250,000 toward teacher salaries tohelp attract and retain the very best there is, the Foundation has invested in staff development and doubled itsresource allocation budget to award $100,000 in grants to educators.  These awards are focused on studentengagement and rich curriculum that will result in profound learning.  The Foundation, through its endowment,also funds three outstanding teaching positions and is in the process of permanently endowing the prece-dent-setting Wellness Coordinator position and program.  These positions total almost $200,000.Significant time and energy have been devoted to the Foundation’s future by way of a five-year strategicplan.  In order to take the Foundation to the next level and increase its impact to the District, we are takingintentional steps to raise more money to meet the District’s growing needs.  One of our primary goals this year that is near and dear to my heart is to increase participation.  By educating the community about theFoundation’s mission and impact, it is our hope that more people will choose to give.  We need parents, alumni and concerned citizens all to be part of the solution.  Gifts of all sizes add up in a powerful way,strengthening our community by enriching the lives of students and teachers.    Heartfelt thanks go to our committed volunteers, professional staff, board members and friends who continueto support the work of the Alamo Heights School Foundation.  It is an honor to be part of such a phenomenalteam. Together we can Reach Greater Heights!Yours in Service,Anne Krause PresidentAHSF A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 1 1 – 2 0 1 21
  2. 2. 2R e a c h i n g G r e at e r H e i g h t s AHSF A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 1 1 – 2 0 1 2This past year, AHISD managed to meet the daunting challenges brought on by Senate Bill 1’s massive budget cuts. It wasn’t easy, but transforming the District intoone of the leanest in the state helped retain vital programs and top-quality educators.The numbers tell the story in stark terms: the bill cut AHISD’s 2011-2013 budget by$5.6 million. That’s a $702 loss per student. To preserve vital programs, the District tightened operations in other areas, cutting office and campus budgets by 20 percent, increasing class sizes, eliminating some staff positions, freezing salaries, and operating at a deficit to ensure that academic standards were not diminished.Despite the budget cuts, AHISD has maintained excellence —· High School in top 1% of nation’s schools in college prep· 94% of high school graduates go to college· over $5.5 million in college scholarships offered to the Class of 2011· among the most educated teachers in the state · SAT scores routinely higher than national scores · TAKS scores in upper percentiles across the board · state and national achievement in leadership, athletics, academics, music, art, theater and technologyHigh quality education is thefoundation of a strong communityand AHSID continues to delivertop academic programs in theface of critical financial challenges.Belt tightening helped and so did generous contributions to the Alamo Heights School Foundation, which continues to fund:· teacher salaries so we can attract and retain exemplary educators· grants to educators in reading, science, technology and math · enhanced classroom materials and technology· the District’s Wellness Program for students· workshops for students and teachers· leadership speaker series· and much moreCommunity support and financial gifts to the Foundation helped AHISD getthrough some tough times, but they’re not over yet. The Foundation continues its mission to raise much-needed funds to ensure that our district remains one of the best in the state.overcoming greater challengesR e a c h i n g G r e at e r H e i g h t s3
  3. 3. Financial Positions t a t e m e n t o fAssets 2012 2011Current AssetsCash and Cash Equivalents $ 206,480 $ 100, 083 Pledges receivable due within one year, net of allowance 147,333 33, 988Total Current Assets 353,813 134, 071Other AssetsInvestments – at fair market value $ 4,756,265 $ 4,931,962 Non-current pledges receivable, net of allowance and discount 132,010 — 4,888,275 4,931,962 $ 5,242,088 $ 5,066,033Liability and Net AssetsLiabilitiesAccounts payable $ 22,102 $ 1, 872Scholarships payable 29,425 31,500Total Current Liabilities 51,527 33,372Net AssetsUnrestricted $ 421,853 $ 740,768Temporarily restricted 572,956 158,771 Permanently restricted 4,195,752 $ 4,133,122 $ 5,190,561 $ 5,032,661 $ 5,242,088 $ 5,066,033The Programs That YourDonations Support:We’re proud to support high-qualityprograms and opportunities in thedistrict, helping AHISD maintain itsposition as one of the top districtsin the state.4 $ 5,242,088 $ 5,066,033Foundation Gifts of support to AHISDAHSF A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 1 1 – 2 0 1 2Faye LangleyCowden Chairfor ElementaryEducation$11,838HeightsHeroes$1,250OtherEndowed Funds$20,996Additional Grants $25,420Scholarships $27,4005fiscal year2012Grant forTeacher Salaries$250,000Glen R. andSally P. RamsdellChair in English$60,956Grants toEducators$65,416AHISDWellnessProgram$75,000Teacher forAcademic Excellencein science$50,000
  4. 4. Grants to EducatorsAlamo Heights High SchoolSmart Board+Smart Tools+Smart Curriculum+Smart Students $ 2,743Inquiry Based Data Collection Experimentation $ 5,000Fives on May 9 (AP Calculus Materials Assistance) $ 1,310Texas STAAR End-of-Course Coach Workbook $ 329Alamo Heights Junior SchoolFrom Readers to Writers $ 337Junior School Musical $ 2,500Lights! Camera! Action! $ 1,276Green Screen Me! $ 250SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard $ 5,245See For Yourself! $ 365Academic UIL/Science Olympiad Enrichment Materials $ 1,150Guided Reading Room with Leveled Books $ 4,500Libros En Espanol Para Nuestra Biblioteca $ 4,000CambridgeFeeding Our “App”etite For Learning $ 1,000Measuring Up! $ 658All Hands-On Science $ 2,805WoodridgeWoodridge School Store Wagon $ 500The Letterheads $ 1,145Padres Por La Educacion $ 1,268Service Learning “Si” $ 1,070Read It Your Way at the Daily CAFÉ $ 6,868Growing a Generation of Readers $ 1,200IXL Math for Woodridge $ 3,500HowardEvery Minute Counts Literacy Cart $ 3,500Picture This! $ 802Starting Off on the “WRITE” Track $ 5,000Woodridge/CambridgeSTEMscopes $ 3,936Woodridge/Cambridge/HowardAction Potential! Brain- Research Study Group $ 2,138RobbinsCalculators for Robbins Academy $ 1,0222 0 1 1 – 2 0 1 2R e a c h i n g G r e at e r H e i g h t s6AHSF A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 1 1 – 2 0 1 37
  5. 5. Endowed FundsThe Foundation’sGeneral Endowmentwas created in the fall of 2002 with the goal of obtaininglong-term financial security for AHISD in support of theDistrict’s programs. Currently, the General Endowment pro-vides the annual salary for the Teacher for Academic Excel-lence in Science. The Teacher for Academic Excellence wasestablished in 2007 to provide distinguished students at thesecondary level advanced opportunities in science educa-tion including activities such as internships in various sciencelaboratories, independent studies, special science projects,and participation in professional science conferences.The Rob Boldrick Memorial Fundwas established in 1991 in memory of Rob Boldrick, 1974Alamo Heights graduate, to support teachers whose study,training, or program development will help students witha penchant for learning and academic achievement; andthose interested in careers in science, mathematics, andlanguage arts. Two grants were funded through the 2011-2012 Rob Boldrick Award: Jessica Rodriguez and ElizabethKreager, Investigating Electricity; Xandra R. Garanzuay,Forensic Science Training Laboratory Equipment.The Glenn R. andSally P. Ramsdell Fundwas established in 2007 through a bequest from Miss Jac-queline Ramsdell. The income generated from the bequestfunds a teaching position in the area of English at AHHS. Theposition of the Glenn R. and Sally P. Ramsdell Memorial Chairin English is filled with a highly creative, enthusiastic personwhose primary task is to nurture excitement in literary pursuits within the students at Alamo Heights High School.Kay Caldwell holds this position.The Faye Langley CowdenChair for Elementary Educationwas established in 1994. Mrs. Cowden, a 1930 graduate ofAlamo Heights and former teacher, established the endow-ment as a commitment to continued excellence in AHISD elementary schools. Carol Espensen, a second grade teach-er at Cambridge, holds this position.The AHISD WellnessCoordinator Positionwas established in 2009 funded solely through Foundationgifts in support of providing a trained professional to helpwith the social and emotional issues of the communitywhich impact all AHISD schools. Michelli Gomez Ramonserves as the District’s Wellness Coordinator.The Graham LadenshohnMemorial Lecture Serieswas established in 1991, in memory of Graham Ladensohn,who loved his teachers. The Graham Ladensohn MemorialLecture Series brings inspirational and educational speak-ers to the Alamo Heights Independent School District forfaculty and the community.The Caroline Gose Fundwas established in memory of Caroline Gose, a 2003 AlamoHeights graduate, to support a joint student-faculty projectbenefiting AHHS and the Alamo Heights community in theareas of journalism, theater or community service, reflectiveof Caroline’s interests. 2012 Recipients: Interact Club’s Tripto the North Pole benefitting terminally ill children; Birthdays for Hope benefiting the residents ofHaven for Hope.The Martha SpoorYoung Writers Fundwas established in honor of Martha Spoor, a 1987 gradu-ate of AHHS and an English teacher at the Junior Schoolfor almost 14 years. Her goal was to instill in young peoplea lifelong love of expressing themselves in their writingthrough the use of critical thinking and creativity. The fundsupports a two week summer writing workshop for 7thgraders in AHISD.The Charles UrschelGuenther Theater Arts Fundwas established in 2008 in memory of Charles Guenther, a 1983 Alamo Heights graduate who loved providing technical assistance for Alamo Heights High School dramatic productions. The fund assists the Theater Arts Department at the High School with its theater productions.AHSFR e a c h i n g G r e a t e r H e i g h t s8The Ida M. Kennedy Fundwas established in memory of Mrs. Kennedy, a math teacher at the Junior School. She was remembered for her abilityto inspire her students, individualize her curriculum, andencourage academic excellence for her math students andthe students she served by sponsoring the National JuniorHonor Society. The fund provides training and materials formath teachers at AHJS.The Shine Bright Fundwas established in 2011 in memory of Sarah ChidgeyHughes, who was an elementary school teacher, and inhonor of her mother, Denise Chidgey, who taught for over30 years at Woodridge. Upon maturity of the fund, it will be used to support instruction and inspire teachers.The Johnnie Eng Fundfor Teaching Excellencewas established upon his retirement in 2003 to honor theimpact Mr. Eng had on the lives of his students and col-leagues. As a result of the Johnnie Eng Fund, six teacherswere selected to attend special training at the SchlectyCenter as part of the AHISD strategic plan. During the 2011-2012 academic year, this training and additional fundingwas used to develop curriculum coordination and align-ment for Social Studies in Alamo Heights ISD (K-12).The Paul A. Foerster Math Fundwas established in 2011 in support of Paul Foerster’s 50years of teaching at Alamo Heights High School. These funds will provide support to the math teachers for professionaldevelopment, memberships, speakers, training and releasetime for mentoring.The Bob Ware Memorial Scholarshipwas established in 1975 to award scholarships to AlamoHeights seniors whose achievements are above expectationsand are involved in extra-curricular activities at AHHS.2012 Recipient: Dylan LieckThe Oma E. Vordenbaum Scholarshipwas established in 1977 for graduating seniors enrolled in Alamo Heights High School seeking higher education. Recipients exhibit many of the qualities Mrs. Vordenbaum exemplified herself and valued in others, including intellectual curiosity and a love of learning, perseverance and seriousnessof purpose, an honest and direct approach, sincerity, trust-worthiness, unselfishness, neatness in work and appearance,and respect for others.2012 Recipients: Blake Duckers and Emmy WaltersThe W. W. and Anna MayCampbell Scholarshipwas established in 1985 to provide scholarships for graduatesof Alamo Heights High School who are attending state or otherpublicly supported schools and who are sophomores or abovein class standing. Recipients of the Campbell Scholarships areselected based on scholastic ability and financial need.2012 Recipients: Emil Boehm, Dakota Bowen, Austin Gay, MichelleGonzaba, Kathleen Johnson, Gage Liesman, William McLeod, ChelseyMonroe, Audrey Pfeil, and Audrey StipeThe Shirley Fitch EnglishMemorial Scholarshipwas established in 1985 to award an annual scholarship for a graduating senior who has demonstrated academic effort, improvement, and perseverance and has demonstrated schoolspirit through involvement in extracurricular activities.2012 Recipient: Emily MeierThe Jon McWilliams Memorial Awardis presented to a student-athlete who, most importantly, isa decent, honest young person, and a worthy citizen of theschool and larger community. The recipient is a good studentwho has shown determination, and who, through spirit anddedication, has worked to achieve his or her personal best incompetitive athletics representing Alamo Heights High School.2012 Recipient: Maddie FloresScholarshipsAHSFAHSF A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 0 1 1 – 2 0 1 29
  6. 6. DiamondMr. Mrs. Carl FellbaumMr. Mrs. Steven LeeMays Family FoundationMr. Mrs. Mark MaysMr. Mrs. Troy TomanPlatinumMr. Mrs. Randy CainMr. Charles Cheever IIIHarris Eliza Kempner FundMr. Mrs. Grant McFarlandMr. Mrs. Alonzo Peeler, Jr.Mr. Mrs. David M. RogersDr. Mrs. Keith WrightGoldMr. Mrs. David AdelmanMr. Mrs. Brett M. AlvheimMr. Mrs. Rick AnthisMr. Mrs. Tommy ArnimMr. Mrs. Hays L. ArnoldDr. Marnie Ross Dr. Bill AtlasMr. Mrs. Mote BairdMr. Mrs. Joseph BakkeMr. Mrs. Phillip BakkeMr. Mrs. William D. BalthropeMr. Mrs. Bobby BaughMr. Mrs. B. Kyle BeckDrs. Amy Richard BenediktMr. Mrs. Ken BennettMr. Mrs. Buck BensonMr. Mrs. Barry BentonMr. Mrs. Albert M. Biedenharn IIIMr. Mrs. Brian BiggsDr. Toni Dollinger Rabbi Barry BlockDr. Mrs. Kevin BrownMr. Mrs. Duane BunceMr. Mrs. Howard ButtMr. Mrs. Will C. CampbellMr. Mrs. Plack Carr IIIMr. Mrs. Stephen B. CavenderMr. Mrs. Charles E. Cheever, Jr.Mr. Mrs. Craig A. ClaytonMr. Mrs. Bob T. CohenDrs. Mika Joe L. ColeDrs. Deborah Bruce ConwayMr. Taliaferro CooperDr. Fred CorleyMr. Mrs. Jim R. DaniellDr. Mrs. Thomas L. DavisMr. Mrs. Vincent DawsonMr. Mrs. Peter DeWittMr. Mrs. Tom DoolingMr. Mrs. Ben DrawertMr. Tom DukeMr. Mrs. Tony EguiaMr. Mrs. Richard EllwoodMr. Mrs. Brooks EnglehardtMr. Mrs. Eric FisherMr. Mrs. Clare FlesherMr. Mrs. Rick FlumeMr. Mrs. Chris FreyMr. Mrs. Carl I. Fuhrmann IIIMr. Mrs. Bruce GatesMr. Mrs. Wade GiddensMr. Mrs. Rugger GottsackerMr. Mrs. James C. GoudgeMr. Mrs. Thomas M. GreenMr. Mrs. Kennon H. GuglielmoMr. Mrs. Jim HalffMr. Mrs. Guy HamiltonMr. Mrs. Tracy E. HammerMrs. Frances J. HearnMr. Mrs. Peter Herff IIIMs. Julie HillDr. Mrs. David HolckDr. Peter HollimonDr. Mrs. R. Blair JacksonJavelina Harley-DavidsonMr. Mrs. Bill JohnsonMr. Mrs. I.H. Kempner IIIMr. Mrs. Edward C. KershnerMr. Mrs. Greg KingMr. Mrs. Paul KrauseMr. Mrs. Mark E. KrengerMr. Mrs. Stanley E. KuenstlerMr. Mrs. Ted LiljenwallLouis J. Millie M. Kocurek Charitable FoundationDr. Mrs. James LutzDr. Mrs. Michael MagoonMr. Mrs. Shon ManascoMr. Mrs. Greg MannMrs. Jo Lynne MeadorDr. Mrs. Kurt MeissnerMr. Mrs. Todd MillsMr. Mrs. Lew MoormanMr. Mrs. John MosesMr. Mrs. Robert MullinsMr. Mrs. Arthur C. NicholsonMr. Mrs. McCann H. NorthingtonPapa John’s PizzaMs. Blair B. PerryMr. Frank Peterson Ms. Cristen Linton-PetersonMr. Randy PollockMr. Mrs. Jason RegisterHonorable Laura Parker Dr. Fred RhameMr. Mrs. Raul RiosMr. Mrs. Bobby RosenthalMr. Mrs. J. C. RubiolaMr. Mrs. Thomas E. SandersMr. Mrs. Henry A. Sauer IIIMr. Mrs. Richard F. SchimpffMr. Mrs. Kelly SechlerMr. Mrs. Pete S. Sitterle IIIMr. Mrs. Thomas K. SpurgeonTexas Pioneer FoundationDr. Mrs. Mark ThorntonCol. Thomas J. TrediciMr. Mrs. Arthur G. Uhl IIIVanguard Charitable Endowment ProgramVaughan FoundationMr. Mrs. John Vollmer, Jr.Mr. Mrs. John VolpeMr. Mrs. Steven A. WatersDrs. Landon LouAnne WellfordMr. David Wiechmann Ms. Cristina EscobedoDr. Debra Williams Ms. Nancy BelinskyDr. Mrs. Joseph WilliamsMr. Mrs. Robert B. Willoughby IIIMr. Mrs. Craig WingroveMr. Mrs. Tom A. WirthMr. Mrs. Robert H. WolfeMs. Linda YarboroughMr. Mrs. Peter A. ZacherMr. Mrs. John Bartell ZachryDr. Mrs. Gerardo ZavalaSilverMr. Mrs. David AnguloMr. Mrs. Chip ArcherMr. Mrs. Bill ArmstrongDr. Mrs. Jose BarreraMr. Mrs. Mike BarryMr. Mrs. Bruce BartlettMr. Mrs. Jaime BillupsMr. Mrs. Emery BodnarMr. Mrs. John BoldrickMr. Mrs. Dan BolenMr. Mrs. Sean BondMr. Lynn Boyd IIIMrs. Jean M. BraleyMr. Mrs. Sam BrightD o n o r sAnnual Giving CampaignA n n u a l S u p p o r t e r s10Dr. Mrs. Doug BrittonMr. Mrs. Jim BrooksMr. Mrs. Jeffrey N. BrouillardMr. Mrs. Chuck BrownMr. Mrs. Harry H. Brusenhan, Jr.Mr. Mrs. Tim CaffreyDr. Mrs. John A. CampagnaMr. John M. Canavan IIIMr. Mrs. Philip CarringtonMr. Mrs. Larry CochranMr. Mrs. Brian ColemanMr. Mrs. John CulpMr. Mrs. Jon K. DaubertMr. Mrs. Randy DavisMr. Mrs. William R. Davis, Jr.Dr. Mrs. Mike DecherdMr. Douglas DonahueMr. Mrs. Clifton F. Douglass IIIMr. Mrs. Joe DubrofMr. Mrs. Joe EustaceMs. Jane EverhartMrs. Carol FenleyDr. Nancy Mr. Rob FinneyMr. Stephen Foster Dr. Linda FosterDrs. Tess Lon FryMr. Mrs. Milt FuehrerMr. Mrs. Mike FultonMs. Tifini FurstMr. Mrs. Paul GaedkeDr. Shannon GallagherMr. Mrs. Steve GilbertMr. Mrs. James GloverMr. Mrs. Henry B. GonzalezMr. Mrs. Don M. GoudgeMr. Mrs. David S. GraggMr. Mrs. Sid J. GreeheyMr. Mrs. Izzet GuneyMr. Mrs. Robert GurwitzMr. Mrs. Serhat GuvenMr. Mrs. Robert HarrisMr. Mrs. Thomas E. HawleyMr. Mrs. Steve HaysMr. Mrs. Mike HollandDr. Mrs. Scott HornMr. Mrs. John HowellMr. Mrs. Alex HuddlestonMr. Mrs. Butch HulseMr. Mrs. Brian JaeckleDr. Cordell T. Jones Mrs. Catherine Berkeley-JonesDrs. Melissa Jeffrey JonesMr. Mrs. Richard KardysMr. Mrs. Allen KaufmannDr. Mrs. Thomas A. KingmanMr. Mrs. Peter Knight-SheenDr. Mrs. Kenneth R. KruegerMr. Mrs. Jerry LammersMr. Mrs. Steve LargeDr. Mrs. Michael LeonardMr. Mrs. Rick LePereMr. Mrs. Will LiebmannDr. Michael Linder Dr. Catherine SpeziaMr. Mrs. Harold Lotz, Jr.Mr. Mrs. John B. LowMr. David MacRobertsMr. Mrs. Bill MaloyMr. Mrs. Mark MarshallMr. Mrs. Wilbur L. Matthews IIMr. Mrs. Ritchie McCullochMcGaughy Construction Co.Mr. Mrs. G. Lott McIlhennyMr. Mrs. Mark McLineyDr. Elzbieta McMutrie-JayaramMr. Mrs. Thomas A. McRaeMr. Mrs. Paul E. McSween IIIMr. Mrs. Neal MeadowsMr. Mrs. Richard MenchacaMr. Mrs. Mitchell MeyerMr. Mrs. De MillerMr. Mrs. Steve MillerMr. Mrs. David MonnichMr. Mrs. Michael MorellMs. Elizabeth F. MyersMr. Mrs. Brad NoeDr. Mrs. Eloy OchoaMr. Mrs. Daniel J. O’ConnorMr. Mrs. Tobin OlsonMr. Bill Orr Mrs. Jana OrsingerDr. Diana Oxford Mrs. Doreen MooreMr. Mrs. John ParkMr. Mrs. Bobby PattonMr. Mrs. Joe R. PeacockMr. Mrs. Joe R. Peacock, Jr.Mr. Mrs. Gardner PeavyMr. Mrs. Chris PenroseMr. Mrs. David PevetoMr. Mrs. John RobbMr. Mrs. John ScherrerDr. Mr. Mickey SegerMr. Mrs. George V. Shaw IIIDr. Tamara Simpson Mr. Marco ChalabyMr. Mrs. Corbin SnowMr. Mrs. Carlton SoulesMr. Mrs. Richard SparrDr. Mrs. Robert P. SpearsMr. Mrs. David SpoorMr. Mrs. Don StephensMr. Mrs. Byron StoneMr. Mrs. Robert StoryMr. Mrs. Matthew StrangeMs. Britta StricklandMr. Mrs. Richard TamezMr. Mrs. John C. ThomasMr. Mrs. Patrick B. TobinMr. Mrs. Martin TomerlinMr. Mrs. Lydell ToyeMr. Mrs. William S. TrieschmannMr. Mrs. Thomas TyngMr. Mrs. Jim VasquezMr. Mrs. Robert L. VaughanMr. Mrs. Michael N. VensonMr. Bart R. VincentDrs. Sergio Alice ViroslavDr. Mrs. Richard S. WayneMr. Mrs. Tullos WellsMs. Teri Wenglein-CallenderMr. Mrs. Duane L. WestermanMrs. Cynthia WojcikMr. Mrs. Jeff WoodsonMr. Mrs. W. Richey WyattMr. Mrs. James F. YancyDr. Mrs. Robert ZeiglerBronzeMr. Mrs. Scott AdamsAHHS Class of 1971Alamo Heights Chamber of CommerceMr. Mrs. Andy AllenMrs. Barbara Wheless AltgeltMr. Mrs. Richard N. Azar IIMs. Lara Bain CrutchfieldMs. Sue BainMs. Sharon D. BakerMr. Mrs. Harry A. BallingMr. Mrs. Steve BarkerMr. Mrs. Cory J. BassoMr. Mrs. Ronald J. BatesMr. Mrs. Chris BathieMr. Mrs. Mark BauerMr. Mrs. Wendall BaumanMr. John S. BeauchampMr. Mrs. Don BeelerMr. Mrs. Jim BergMr. Mrs. Robert BeznerMr. Mrs. Dave BonneyMr. Mrs. Tad BowenMr. Mrs. Herb BradshawMr. Mrs. Dawson BremerMr. Mrs. Peter BroderickMr. Mrs. Hutch BryanMs. Angela O. BurkeMs. Caroline C. CageMr. Brian Callahan Ms. Laurie PomerantzMr. Mrs. Jim CampbellMs. Mary CandeeMr. Mrs. James W. Carter IVDr. Mrs. Efrem CastilloMr. Mrs. Mark CavenderMr. Mrs. Todd CoerverMr. Mrs. Guy CohoeMrs. Mary Ellen CookMr. Mrs. Chris CorsoDr. Mrs. Robert M. CraigDr. Mrs. Dick O. CreamerMs. Julie A. CrockettMr. Mrs. Tom CrosleyD o n o r sAnnual Giving CampaignA n n u a l S u p p o r t e r s11
  7. 7. BronzeMr. Mrs. Paul DarrDr. Mrs. Larry R. DavisMr. Mrs. Edward D. DingivanMr. Mrs. David DoggettMr. Mrs. Kenneth DorbandtMr. Mrs. Donald DuffinMr. Mrs. Richard L. Durbin, Jr.Mr. Mrs. Daniel EasleyMr. Mrs. Frank P. EdmondsonMr. Mrs. Ty EdwardsMr. Mrs. Earl K. EngelMs. Ellen S. EngelkeDr. Libby Farrimond, D.D.S.Mr. Mrs. Dean FaulknerMs. Lindsey Felton Mr. Adrian Fernandez Dr. Mrs. John T. Fitch, Jr. Dr. Mrs. William P. Fitch III Ford Laurel, LLCMr. Mrs. Matthew T. FordMr. Mrs. Chris FosterMr. Mrs. Rick FosterMrs. Elise FriersonMr. Mrs. Pat B. FrostMrs. Dena GatensMr. Mrs. Tom GibbsMrs. Bettye Jean GibsonMr. Mrs. James GonzalesMr. Mrs. Matt GrahamMs. Julie HardawayMr. Mrs. Mikal HarnMrs. T. Maxey Hart, Jr.Mr. Mrs. Jaimie HayneMr. Mrs. James L. HayneMr. Mrs. Muhdin K. HayredinMr. Mrs. Don HeepMs. Carolyn C. HeinemeyerMr. Peter J. Hennessey, Jr.Mrs. Cornelia HerffMr. Mrs. David A. HildebrandMr. Mrs. Herbert W. Hill, Jr.Dr. Mrs. William W. HincheyMrs. Sally HoffmanMr. Mrs. Andy JacobsonMr. Mrs. Ty L. JohnsonMr. Mrs. Chad JonesMr. Mrs. Chris JonesDr. Mrs. Michael JonesMr. Mrs. Robert KacprowiczMr. Mrs. James S. KahanMr. Mrs. Christopher T. KardysMr. Robert A. KeaheyMr. Mrs. Tim KelleyMr. Mrs. John B. KennedyMr. Thurman J. Kennedy, Jr.Mr. Jon King Mr. Karl KinselMr. Mrs. R. KinseyMr. Mrs. Roger KirsteinMr. Mrs. Terry KyleMr. Mrs. Frederick B. LabattMr. Mrs. Will LangmoreMr. Mrs. Albert LaraDr. Mrs. Carl LeafstedtDr. Mrs. J. Fletcher LeeDr. Mrs. James LehmannMs. Sarah LeiboldMr. Mrs. Keith LongMr. Mrs. Ben E. LosackMr. Mrs. George M. Luhn, Jr.Mr. Mrs. Scott D. LundgrenMrs. Lorna L. LydemMr. Mrs. Rick MangumMr. Mrs. Francisco MarMr. Mrs. Christopher MarcoMr. Mrs. Gene MarcotteMr. Mrs. Matt MarketteMr. Mrs. Rob Marshall Mr. Mrs. Sean P. MassayMr. Mrs. George MayoDr. Mrs. Joe McFarlaneDr. Mrs. Arthur S. McFeeMr. Mrs. John McGintyMs. Georgeann McKendrickMr. Mrs. Joe MeadorMr. Mrs. Conley MeredithMr. Mrs. Tim MergeleDr. Julie La Barba Mr. Robert MigginsMs. Natalie Loomis Mr. Paul MillsMr. Mrs. John C MineoMr. Mrs. Carl H. MooreMrs. Brenda NallyMr. Mrs. David NaumannMrs. Carol C. NentwichMr. Mrs. Sam NobleMr. Mrs. Lyndon NugentDr. Mrs. Argyle Q. O’BrienMr. Mrs. Leonard OlivarezMr. John H. OsborneMr. Mrs. Dirk PalenikMr. Mrs. Hollis E. PantalionMr. Mrs. Greg PasztorMs. Jean Anne PaulMr. Mrs. Richard M. PeacockMr. Mrs. Justin PeelerMr. Mrs. James PerkinsMr. Mrs. Saul PerloffMrs. Martha PetersonMs. Ana Maria PhillipsMr. Vasiliki Z. PoenitzschMrs. Margaret C. PrestonDr. Mrs. James E. PridgenMr. Mrs. Steve J. PritchardMr. Mrs. Tripp PuhlMr. Mrs. Alan PyleMs. Byra RamseyMr. Eugene ReedMr. Kyle ReevesMs. Natalie ReyesMrs. Mary E. ReynoldsMr. Mrs. Ronald E. RiemenschneiderMr. Mrs. Ron F. RohdeMs. Roxana RosadoMr. Mrs. Virgil O. Rosser IV Mr. Mrs. Steve RubinMr. Mrs. Adrian SalgadoDr. Susan Mr. Scott SavellMr. Mrs. James T. SchulteMr. Mrs. Parker ScottMr. Mrs. Ruben SepulvedaDr. Mrs. Tim SharpMr. Mrs. Brad Chandler SimpsonDr. Mrs. J. Marvin Smith IIIDr. Mrs. Lon SmithMr. L.T. SolomonMr. Steve SpearsMr. Mrs. Jack J. SpectorMs. Kalen SpiesMrs. Tookie SpoorMr. Mrs. Dan St. RomainMr. Mrs. Stan SteigerMs. Christa M. StephensMr. Mrs. George Louis StierenJoe R. Emilie F. Straus Charitable TrustMr. Mrs. William Robert StrunkMs. Brandi SutherlandMr. Mrs. Merrill SwansonMr. Patrick H. Swearingen, Jr.Mr. Mrs. William E. TerryMr. Mrs. Kenneth W. Thomas, Jr.Mr. Mrs. Matthew S. TillMr. Mrs. Brian TreuhaftMr. Mrs. Mark VanhamMs. Lucy D. VincentMr. Mrs. Ted VossDr. Mrs. Richard WaltonMs. Natalie P. WatkinsMr. Mrs. Brian WeinerMs. Ann Denton WellsMr. Mrs. Geoffrey WernerMr. Mrs. Matt WestMr. Mrs. Dale WeyandMr. Mrs. Pat WheelerMr. Ellis Miles Wilson, Jr.Mr. Mrs. Barclay WongDr. Mrs. J. Thomas Yokum, Jr.Mr. Mrs. Dan YoxallMr. Mrs. Steve ZackaryMr. Mrs. Josh ZellerD o n o r sAnnual Giving CampaignA n n u a l S u p p o r t e r s12In Honor ofDr. Frank AlfaroMr. Mrs. James C. GoudgeDr. Dana BasharaMr. Mrs. James C. GoudgeMs. Karen BazarDr. Toni Dollinger Rabbi Barry Block Mr. Dan BolenMr. Mrs. Ronald J. Bates Mr. John S. Beauchamp Mr. Mrs. Peter Broderick Ms. Caroline C. Cage Mr. Mrs. James W. Carter IV Dr. Mrs. Efrem Castillo Mrs. Mary Ellen Cook Mr. Mrs. Ty Edwards Ms. Lindsey Felton Mrs. Carol Fenley Mr. Mrs. Matthew T. Ford Mrs. Elise Frierson Mr. Mrs. Henry B. Gonzalez Mr. Mrs. Muhdin K. Hayredin Mr. Mrs. David A. Hildebrand Mr. Mrs. Ty L. Johnson Mr. Mrs. Robert Kacprowicz Mr. Mrs. R. Kinsey Mr. Mrs. Frederick B. Labatt Mr. Mrs. Rob Marshall Mr. Mrs. Sean P. Massay Mr. Mrs. Leonard Olivarez Mr. Mrs. Justin Peeler Ms. Ana Maria Phillips Mr. Vasiliki Z. Poenitzsch Ms. Natalie Reyes Mrs. Mary E. Reynolds Mr. Mrs. Adrian Salgado Mr. Mrs. Brad Chandler Simpson Mr. Mrs. Dan St. Romain Mr. Mrs. Matthew S. Till Ms. Lucy D. Vincent Ms. Natalie P. Watkins Dr. Kevin BrownMr. Mrs. James C. Goudge Coach Don ByrdMrs. Tookie Spoor Mrs. Roberta C. CarlsonMrs. Tookie SpoorMr. Joe DubrofMr. Mrs. James C. GoudgeMr. Mrs. David S. GraggMr. Mrs. Don HeepMr. Mike HagarMr. Mrs. James C. Goudge Dr. Mrs. Robert M. CraigMr. Roger HankinsMrs. Tookie SpoorMs. Kristine HoehnMrs. Tookie SpoorDr. Cordell JonesMr. Mrs. Gregg Iverson Mr. Mrs. Leroy Pawelek Mr. Mrs. Paul SoupisetWoodridge Elementary SchoolMs. Ruth JungmanMrs. Tookie SpoorT r i b u t e sAnnual Giving CampaignA n n u a l S u p p o r t e r s13
  8. 8. In Honor ofMrs. Gerald KaplanMr. Mrs. Ted LiljenwallMrs. Sarah Joe LemessurierMrs. Tookie SpoorMr. Lott McIlhennyMr. Mrs. James C. GoudgeMr. Mike MorellMr. Mrs. James C. GoudgeMrs. Jeanmarie O’Brien GutierrezDr. Toni Dollinger Rabbi Barry BlockMr. Randy PollockMr. Mrs. James C. GoudgeMr. Mrs. David M. RogersMr. Mrs. John RoshegerMs. Karen RotzlerMrs. Tookie SpoorMs. Ema SanchezMr. Mrs. James C. GoudgeMs. Catherine E. SantosDr. Toni Dollinger Rabbi Barry BlockMrs. Stacy SmithDr. Toni Dollinger Rabbi Barry BlockMrs. Lynn Stanley ThompsonMr. Mrs. James C. GoudgeMrs. Cheryl StavinohaMrs. Tookie SpoorMs. Carolyn TimmonsMrs. Tookie SpoorMrs. Melissa T. VaughanMr. Mrs. James C. GoudgeMr. Mrs. Matt VizzaFrost National BankIn Memory ofMs. Nan BallAlamo Heights Retired PersonnelMs. Elizabeth K. BebingerDr. Mrs. Joe McFarlaneMr. Steve BuffkinMs. Kimberly Winship Brienzi Mr. Mrs. William Brinkley Mr. Mrs. John Bruns Mr. Mrs. Ted Liljenwall Mr. Mrs. Bruce Petersen Ms. Denyse Caroline PetryTown Club of San AntonioMr. Bill CampMr. Mrs. Paul A. RohlfsMr. William ChumbleyMr. Mrs. Brian BiggsMrs. Virginia CooperMr. Mrs. James C. Goudge Mr. Mrs. Robert L. VaughanMr. Sam DibrellMs. Sharon D. Baker Mr. Mrs. Brian Biggs Mr. Mrs. Robert L. Vaughan Mr. Mrs. Duane L. WestermanMr. Mrs. Bob DurrDr. Mrs. Kevin BrownMs. Sharon EmbachMr. Mrs. Bruce PetersenMrs. June FallonMrs. Jean T. BellMrs. Mary Louise FordMr. Mrs. Robert L. VaughanMrs. Anne HerffDr. Mrs. Richard Benedikt Dr. Mrs. Michael Magoon Dr. Mrs. Kurt Meissner Mr. Mrs. Todd Mills Mr. James Arthur Mr. Mrs. Phillip BakkeMr. Logan P. Huntress, Jr.Mrs. Carol C. NentwichMrs. Helen KelseyMr. Mrs. Frank P. EdmondsonMr. Robert C. LaraMr. Mrs. Albert LaraMs. Carolyn N. LehmanMrs. Jean T. BellMr. Jeff MorehouseDr. Mrs. Franklin RedmondMrs. Lucile NicholsMrs. Carol C. NentwichMr. Dick RobertsDr. Mrs. Walter M. Bain Mr. David K. Langford Mr. Mrs. Pal C. Wenger, Jr.Mr. Robert ShaefferMr. Mrs. Ted LiljenwallMr. Robert H. SealMrs. Jean T. BellMr. Homer SmithDr. Tamara SimpsonMr. John R. TaylorMrs. Jean T. BellMr. Fred J. TipsMr. Mrs. Ted LiljenwallMr. Robert C. VolzMrs. Jean T. BellMr. Charlie WaltersMr. Mrs. Ted LiljenwallMr. Joe WardMr. Mrs. Paul A. RodeMrs. Evelyn WirthMs. Sharon D. BakerMr. Pauly WoodsideAlamo Heights Retired PersonnelMr. Paul YoungMr. Mrs. Frank Amaro, Jr. Mr. Mrs. John Browning Mr. Mrs. James C. Goudge Mr. Mrs. Donnie Magin Malitz Construction, Inc Mr. Mrs. Carl R. Oliver Mr. Mrs. Robert L. Vaughan Mr. Mrs. Duane L. WestermanT r i b u t e sAnnual Giving CampaignA n n u a l S u p p o r t e r s14GeneralEndowmentDr. Mrs. Jerry Christian Dr. Mrs. Tom Gardner Dr. Mrs. Paul H. SmithEndowmentChairsIn Honor ofMiss Virginia SealMrs. Jean T. 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Foerster Mathematics FundAHHS Class of 1971 Mrs. Jean Beasley Mr. Mrs. Jim R. Daniell Mr. Mrs. James C. Goudge Mr. Mrs. David S. Gragg Mrs. Martha J. James Mr. Mrs. David Ladensohn Mrs. Karen Ostrum George Col. Thomas J. TrediciWellness Program EndowmentAHHS PTSO Bacon-Lee Associates Mr. Mrs. Charles Bondurant Mr. Charles C. Butt Mr. Mrs. Randy Cadwallader IV Mr. Mrs. William Carrington Mr. Mrs. Dwight Chumbley Mr. Mrs. Jim R. Daniell Mr. Mrs. Vincent Dawson Mr. Mrs. Don B. Frost Mr. Mrs. Thomas C. Frost Mr. Mrs. David S. Gragg H.E. Butt Grocery Company Mr. Mrs. Michael D. Harper, Jr. Mr. Mrs. John Korbell Luther King Capital Management Mr. Mrs. Douglas W. MillerThe John Florence Newman FoundationMs. Lou Eda Nixon Mr. Mrs. Billy B. Osborn III Mr. Brent Ratliff Ms. Ruth Bowman Russell Mr. Mrs. William Russell Mr. Mrs. John T. Saunders III Mr. Al Silva Mr. Mrs. Kenneth S. Stephens William Salome Scanlan FoundationJohnnie Eng Fund forTeaching ExcellenceAH Teachers Association Mr. Mrs. Thomas SmithCaroline Gose Memorial FundAlamo Heights HS Baccalaureate Ms. Monica Gose Mr. Mrs. David S. GraggMartha Spoor Young Writers FundMrs. Frances Marley Cline Miss Mercille WisakowskyIn Honor ofMrs. Tookie SpoorMs. Johanna Comuzzi Mr. Mrs. Frank P. EdmondsonScott Katherine Galloway FamilyFoundation Mr. Mrs. Dan WebsterIn Memory ofMs. Martha L. SpoorMr. Mrs. David S. Gragg Mr. Mrs. Jack Hurt Mrs. Rose Ranson Mrs. Kristi Kessler WaltersIn Honor ofMrs. Sarah Joe Le MessurierDr. Mrs. Dan Spoor Mr. Mrs. David Spoor In Honor ofMrs. Fances Marley ClineIn Honor ofMr. Mrs. A. Jack HurtIn honor ofMrs. Ellen Zachry CarrieIn Honor ofMrs. Laura Halter ChaputIn Honor ofThe Rev. Julia Boyd MitchenerIn Honor ofMrs. Patrice OliverIn Honor ofMrs. Kristi Kessler WaltersIn Honor ofDr. Martha Cocke WiltamuthAHSFEndowmentA n n u a l S u p p o r t e r s15
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