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r.elativity Capabilities Summary


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r.elativity Capabilities Summary

  1. 1. CAPABILITIES SUMMARY Customer Relationship Management(CRM) Strategy, Technology Selection and Implementation Management Services 1
  2. 2. Overview Selected Clients• 15+ years experience in CRM strategy, technology selection and implementation management• Vendor-agnostic but competent with major CRM platforms (e.g., Microsoft, Oracle, Pegasystems, PeopleSoft, SAP,, Siebel)• Big 4 / Tier 1 integrator background with KPMG, CSC, Oracle and Answerthink; practices solid methodology-driven service delivery• Relevant professional certifications (e.g., MCP, OCP, PMP, Siebel Certified Business Analyst)• Experience spanning multiple industries including banking, chemicals, electronics, food and beverages, government, health care/pharma, retail and software• SDB/MWBE with previous state-level certifications• Fully insured (PEO/liability and Workers’ Compensation coverage) 2
  3. 3. CRM Strategy Customer Experience touch points and Portal Taxonomy • Determine Check order Resolve a Visioning Obtain product Make an invoice Determine product Register for an entitlement / status / Check licensing issue / information and inquiry / Resolve a suitability and fit event Check account fulfillment status / get authorization pricing billing issue status Receive products codes Order products Received product (software, Attend an event maintenance, • books) Process Analysis SHIPPING, MARKETING LICENSE AND Completed order AND SALES BILLING CUSTOMER TECHNICAL TRAINING • Customer Experience Install products / SUPPORT AND Find out about Get help with Diagnose a installation / problem ENTERPRISE enterprise service Activate product offerings Find and download SERVICES software, updates and patches Installed / Actual product activated product issue Get product use guidance / Figure Find and register • Order services out how to do for training classes Conceptual Architecture something (help or Submit a problem Participate in user tutorial) report / Get discussion forums Use product assistance with resolving product issues Order training Execute project Potential product Provide product issue Check problem feedback and status / Escalate suggestions • problem Business Case Check enterprise Attend training services project Provide status Register for Resolution performance Technical Support feedback 1.0 5.0 Solid Line – Broken Line – 2.0 3.0 4.0 6.0 7.0Current vs Future State Opportunity Quoting Order Entry Provisioning Order Support Renewals No impact to impact to current Management Processing current process process LIMITED ANALYTICAL BASIC ANALYTICAL ADVANCED ANALYTICAL Customer Number Rejected quote CAPABILITIES CAPABILITIES CAPABILITIES 1.4Strategic Accounts & Asset ID Asset & Check/validate Start Pricing Field Sales / existing entitlements Information 1.3 subsequent purchase 1.2 2.2 3.1 Capture Contract 2.1 Accepted Capture Opportunity- Present Quote to IMAPS MSS Data 1.1.01 Coordinator data Create Quote Quote DATABASE specific info in SFDC Customer Quote-to-Order Warehouse Submit request for (initial purchase) (Past, Current, (Sales Asset information Asset & Future Data) 24x7 Account Service Setup worksheet Advertising Info) Pricing 1.1.03 Information 1.1.05 ` Identify Asset & OLAP CUBES Request for Assets info? Determine pricing information for pricing ` Named Account orders 1.1.02 - Desktop ComputerOperationsWW Field Asset & Pricing Information ArcSDE Receive request for Customer - Statistical Analysis Package Layers ANALYTICAL/PLANNING Asset Information 3.2 3.3 - Desktop Computer SYSTEMS & Asset 1.1.04 Input Order into Commit Order - Data Extraction Tools Information Exported WebOE - Spreadsheets Export Asset & - Reporting Application ` ` Pricing information Excel - Discoverer Spreadsheet Subsequent purchase - GIS GIS Statistical/ Marketing Initial purchase Committed - GIS Analytics Package MEDIA SCORECARD Account Service Provisioner Contract and Order CURRENT 6 MONTHS FROM NOW 12 MONTHS FROM NOW 4.2 linked Assets w/24x7 4.1 Assign Assets to Account Create New Account Account Service Service Service contract contract Order problem Order Management 5.2 Rejected 5.4 Resolve Problems Business Process 5.1 Review the Order order with Order Process Product and Fulfill Order Accepted Definition with order 5.3 Book Order Booked Order Filemaker ZipBuy NSA i-Analyze Filemaker ZipBuy NSA i-Analyze Swim Lanes Entitlement information ` `Technical support 6.1 6.2 6.3 Advertising GIS Advertising GIS Determine Validate/Update Provide Technical Entitlement by Asset/ Contract Coordinator Support (aka Case Budget Budget Contract Data (ad hoc) Management) System (ABS) System (ABS) Entitlement information Conceptual SystemsMaintenance & Renewals MULTIPLE SYSTEMS / REDUCE STOVEPIPES Renewal Order 7.1 Research Installed Base/Create Pricing 7.2 Consolidate Service Contracts 7.3 Validate/Update Contract Coordinator 7.4 Enter Renewal Orders 7.5 Perform Terminations DUPLICATE DATA ENTRY Roadmap BETWEEN SYSTEMS Data 3
  4. 4. CRM Technology Selection Selection Criteria and Process Overview SAS SPSS Sta ta ab Walgr Minit ee Integr ns Sta Forec ated ti sti as Syste ting ca m• Evaluation Criteria / Models• RFI/RFP Development SELECTION MATRIX – STATISTICAL ANALYSIS PACKAGE Page __ of __ E T ST IN F R R D ER O G TU Y O IP O N AN IT FF S PP SH L C EC O ES AL IO SS SU E ER A IT C EN U IT L SE C N OT Y AT E IL A S Q H AN ER IT R C T AB TIC IE U T U C W T T G AC FO C D E IL AR M T F C M R DU O E/ O PL AB AP L Y O U R O TE A O RIC PR OM D N PE O ST SE C NA AL IN AT O PE PR U PR SC EA C D A P F O C• Vendor Due Diligence MINITAB 14 SAS 9 SPSS 13.0 STATA 8 STATISTICA 7 WALGREENS INTERACTIVE FORECASTING SYSTEM• Proof of Concept Demos• Selection Model Source Selection Boards and Candidate ScoringSelection Process Definitionand Execution Timeline 4
  5. 5. CRM Implementation Management Program Timeline with Workstreams and Projects• Scope, Issue and Risk Technical Support Global Portfolio Roadmap Apr ‘09 May ‘09 Jun ‘09 Jul ‘09 Aug ‘09 Sep ‘09 Oct ‘09 Nov ‘09 Dec ‘09 Enablement Milestones Portfolio Portfolio Enablement Activities: Finance/VSOE, Legal, Pricing, Service Definition Management E-mail Elimination Evaluate Collaboration Tools Select and Implement Collaboration Tools eServices (e.g., Chat, Co-Browsing) (e.g., Chat, Co-Browsing) Future Initiatives Knowledgebase Resolution Cleanup How-to Videos for Top Resolutions (e.g., Forums, Redirect Student/Grad Pack and Site License/RC Social Networks, Enable Open Access to Tech Support Resources End Users to Web or Site/Contract Coordinator Blogs)• Workplan Management Management Enable Capture of Site/Contract Coordinator Data Entitlement Enhancements to Enable Future Maintenance Portfolio Modify Systems to Support Add-on Maintenance Offerings Services and Enable Visibility of Entitlements (end date depends on approval of pricing model) Management• Budget Management Follow-the-Sun Support Case Routing Enable Advanced Support Case Case Enhanced Support Case Escalation Routing (e.g., Skills-Based) (depends on direction and timing of Global Unified Contact Center) Metrics Collection for Time Tracking/Reporting Reporting Implement Reporting Dashboard• Vendor Management Stand-Alone Reports (depends on direction and timing of Global Unified Contact Center) Dependencies for Future Capabilities: Milestones External Global Unified Contact Center deployment (TBD) Project Learning Management System (LMS) for Video Delivery (TBD) Global Unified Call Center Platform Requirements Deliverable and Roadmap 6/1/2009 Process and System-level View of Program Scope Updateable Workplan Extract for Status Reporting 5
  6. 6. Case Study: Integrated Real Estate Information System(IRIS) at the South Florida Water Management District• Client: The South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) is a regional, governmental agency that oversees the water resources in a 16-county area stretching from Orlando to the Florida Keys. SFWMD’s mission is to manage and protect water resources of the region by balancing and improving water quality, flood control, natural systems and water supply.• Problem: SFWMD needed to upgrade its landowner (CRM), real estate acquisition and asset management systems in order support the objectives of a massive new land acquisition program. Relevant data was housed in two stand-alone systems plus multiple spreadsheets. Reporting was difficult since various data sources (often with conflicting data) had to be analyzed in an effort to obtain accurate information. Workflow status was unavailable since land acquisition workflows were not systematically tracked. SFWMD retained r.elativity to perform an assessment of its current systems and processes, lead the development of requirements, and provide assistance in the evaluation and selection of the replacement solution. 6
  7. 7. Case Study (page 2)• Actions: r.elativity performed an extensive analysis of Working with SFWMD’s Executive Sponsor and key over 30 different vendor applications, and stakeholders, r.elativity defined the key system identified and rank-ordered several that would requirements and developed the overall meet requirements with configuration and/or conceptual architecture for the replacement customization. They developed and employed a system. In order to obtain a common multi-attribute decision model to identify and understanding of the need for and objectives of evaluate each of the potential solutions against the new solution, r.elativity published and key criteria. disseminated a simplified visual representation of the key requirements, and came up with a new r.elativity wrote the Statement of Work (SOW) name – Integrated Real Estate Information System, for the Request for Information and Request for or IRIS, for the future solution. Proposals (RFI and RFP), and served as technical advisor to the vendor selection team. Following Following requirements definition, r.elativity selection of the preferred alternative, r.elativity estimated the expected initial system acquisition was retained first to provide quality assurance costs under various scenarios ranging from services, and then to serve as program implementation of a packaged solution to management, coordinating the efforts of two development of the system using custom separate implementation vendors. development tools. They performed a “build versus buy” analysis, and determined that a commercial solution, if available, would be the most cost effective solution. 7
  8. 8. Case Study (page 3)• Outcomes: IRIS was successfully implemented, enabling the SFWMD to meet the land acquisition requirements of the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP), a $9.5 billion project aimed at restoring the South Florida ecosystem. IRIS consolidated all relevant information within one database, and provided land acquisition specialists with a 360-degree view of the land acquisition process as well as associated landowner and tract information As a result of the implementation of IRIS, the number of workflow steps was reduced from 224 to 12, the number of data fields was reduced from 244 to 151, and the number of contact types was reduced from 25 to 4. In conjunction with the implementation of IRIS, 100% (57,000) of the bad owner contact records were cleaned or purged from the database. The IRIS program was the subject of a number of professional publications, including being highlighted in ESRI’s ArcUser Magazine and the subject of a presentation at the ESRI Users Conference. 8
  9. 9. Executive Profile (page 1) 9
  10. 10. Executive Profile (page 2) 10
  11. 11. Case Study 2: CRM Assessment and Strategy for aFortune 50 Health Care Products Manufacturer 11
  12. 12. Case Study 3: CRM Strategy, Technology Selection andImplementation for a Software Company 12
  13. 13. Contact Information David L. Boone, MSSM, PMP 1720 13th Street Victoria, Virginia 23974 USA 1.888.759.7000 13