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Join us on May 10th 2013 in Cape Town for our first showcase of 2013.
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Cape town showcase invite

  1. 1. Page 1You’re Invited!Cape Town ShowcaseMay 10th 201308.30am Registration12.45pm CloseRSVP:
  2. 2. Page 2Running Order08.30am Registration09.00am StartTony LeonBonita NuttallDavey du PlessisKagiso Mokgadi10.40am Break11.00am Tracey FoulkesBarry ArmitageDavid GrierMum-Z12.45-ish CloseNB: We do our best to stick to time, butsometimes, we land up running a little late… just FYI 
  3. 3. Page 3Tony LeonAmbassador Tony Leons newbestselling book "The AccidentalAmbassador - From Parliament toPatagonia" was described byBusiness Day as "a page turner -and you will not be bored whenyou read it."You certainly wont be bored whenyou hear him either. Tony uses hisextraordinary experiences as thelongest serving Leader of theOpposition in South Africa and asPresident Jacob Zumas hand-picked ambassador to Argentina,Paraguay and Uruguay to delightaudiences here and abroad.Showcasing how South Africa canagain ride on the fast track of highgrowth and good governance, healso warns of the pitfalls to avoiden route.RSVP :
  4. 4. Page 4David GrierDavid was born into a Cape wine farming family in SouthAfrica, creating his love of the outdoors, food and wine. This iswhere his adventure began. After studying HotelManagement, David started a string of successful restaurants.Always pushing the boundaries in the food industry, he slowlybegan to make his mark in the industry with his most recentrestaurant rated in the top 100 in South Africa. His successhas led to television, brand exposure and his own range offood products.But David is a man of many talents, much imagination and awhole lot of passion. Inspired to help children who need cleftpalate surgery, David embarked on a series of unbelievableadventures and in his most recent one he ran the length ofIndia in one attempt.The endeavour was deemed "madness", but David succeeded -running, climbing and even crawling his way acrosstreacherous and weather-battered terrain. This sent him intothe record books - again - becoming the first person to run thelength of India from the most Northern Temple in Srinagar tothe most southern temple, Kanyakamari.His journey was riddled with problems, sickness,hospitalisation, and military arrests. But none of that stoppedhim from reaching the Southern tip of India, completing therun of 4008 km in 93 days."Thank you India for giving me the opportunity to realise adream"RSVP :
  5. 5. Page 5Bonita NuttallBonita Nuttall is an inspirational speaker, TV Host(Carte Blanche), Voice Artist and MC. She has awide experience as an inspirational speaker who isat ease with a wide range of audiences. She has apassion for inspiring action and provoking thoughttowards living more authentically, successfully andpowerfully. Bonita is a dynamic speaker with awarmth and charm that has been said to takeaudience on a personal journey of empowerment.Her new talk Switched On! is an empoweringalternative to the current doom-and-gloomscenarios plaguing our lives and country. CarteBlanche Presenter, Inspirational Speaker and NLPPractitioner, Bonita urges an awakening to thesigns that have the power to shift our focustobeing solutions motivated, opportunity seekersand success creators!Sharing her personal experience of climbingKilimanjaro with Martina Navratilova, Bonitashares the importance of leaving our footprint inthe most significant way and calling audiences toinspired action.RSVP :
  6. 6. Page 6Davey du PlessisDavey du Plessis is an explorer, adventurer and publicspeaker, as well as being a remarkable, charismatic andinspirational human being. He is driven by his quest tomake a positive difference in the world, throughworking with individuals and groups on all levels, whileinspiring others to explore their unique gifts and fulfilltheir optimal potentials.In July 2012, Davey embarked on his second cause-based adventure, named World Wonderer. The goalwas a solo source to sea navigation of the AmazonRiver, to draw attention to the adversities faced by thenatural world and all its life forms. Davey set out todiscover the root causes of the various issues, in orderto promote sustainable, empowering and inspiringsolutions.The first milestone of the adventure was achieved withDavey successfully summiting Nevada Mismi, a 5597mpeak in the Andes, considered to be the source of theAmazon river. Davey continued his journey towardsthe sea, but whilst kayaking through the Amazonasregion, he was shot and left for dead …RSVP :
  7. 7. Page 7Tracey FoulkesTracey wows audiences with her sharp wit, quickreactions and personable sense of humour.She motivates teams to stop making excuses and takeaction and speaks on business productivity,procrastination, personal motivation and timemanagement.CEO of an International Productivity Training andConsultancy, Tracey is widely regarded as arecognised expert in business productivity andorganisation.She is regularly featured on National TV, radio,newspapers and magazines.Her fast paced and entertaining keynote The Powerof 3, equips delegates with the 3 powers of personalproductivity management: life activation, timemaximisation & space organisation.RSVP :
  8. 8. Page 8Barry ArmitageBarry Armitage returned to South Africa afteralmost 15 years of wandering the globe as aprofessional sailor, infected with anunquenchable wanderlust and appetite foradventure. Barry spent the following 6 yearsdeveloping a ground breaking wildlife reserve inKwa Zulu Natal, along with a passion for horsesand South African history.In an effort to reconcile these diverse passionsBarry created the concept of The Ride: a realitytelevision series that retraces epic horsebackjourneys that shaped history."At first glance its simply a "Boys Own"adventure but this concept really picks at the scabof our heritage, helping us understand the thingsthat individuals did, good and bad, that shapedour country, challenging us to understand ourpast and hopefully informing a better future.“RSVP :
  9. 9. Page 9Kagiso MokgadiKagiso, or KG as he is affectionatelyknown, is the son of a Sangoma and anurse. He is well and truly on his wayto becoming a true comedyheavyweight. KG takes his audienceson a unique comedy journey with aglimpse into the "behind the scenes"practices of a Sangoma and what itslike having one that you call "dad" , anurse for a mom and why he wasnever able to take a day off sick fromschool. His take on what is regardedas an "unknown" is yet another firstfor South AfricanRSVP :
  10. 10. Page 10Mum-ZBorn in Diepkloof Soweto, but raised in Sandton,Mum-z has a style of comedy that can be universallyappreciated. His vivid imagination and uncannystory telling ability, combined with his unique use ofaccents and facial expressions has allowed him toprovide audiences with a unique and original style ofcomedy, drawing most of his content from hispersonal experiences.His love for theatre allowed him to perform in manyproductions including his recent performance asDemetrius in the Shakespeare Classic MidsummerNights Dream at the Grahamstown National ArtsFestival 2007 and he acted in the Learning Channeleducational programme Study Slams. His vastexperience in the entertainment industry allowed forhim to successfully join the comedy scene,performing all over Gauteng, Western Cape,Polokwane and KZN.This well spoken, charming, yet highly energeticcomedian is fast becoming one of South Africasmost wanted up and coming comediansRSVP :
  11. 11. Page 11Bill Russell is our EmCeeBill Russells 27-year career in the financialmarkets spans two continents starting as anentry-level clerk on a Wall Street derivativesexchange to Managing Director and Head ofEuropean Futures for the worlds largestfinancial institution, Citigroup. Surviving andthriving through numerous recessions,market bubbles and collapses, Bill has tradedtrillions of dollars in futures and options forinstitutional clients around the globe.As a speaker, he has been privileged toaddress appreciative audiences in Europe,America, Africa, New Zealand and the MiddleEast. Speaking on winning the challenges ofmanaging diverse workforces and clients,resiliency to change and exceeding clientexpectations, Bill has been a keynote speaker,consultant and trainer for blue-chipcompanies such as General Electric, J.P.Morgan, Deloitte and Ernst & YoungRSVP :
  12. 12. Page 12The Details You Need Are:Date: May 10th2013Start Time: 08.30amEnd Time: 12.45pm-ishVenue: Cape Town Chamber ofCommerce, ForeshoreCost: None to youRSVP: