USDA Branded Program Information


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USDA Branded Program by Ann M. Buczkowski

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USDA Branded Program Information

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  2. 2. ∗ Exhibiting at an International Trade Show – Expenses associated with retail, trade and consumer exhibits and shows, includingbooth fees, transportation of show materials, rental of equipment, and duplication of related printed materials, the airfare, hotel,meals for two employees of the company to travel to/from the show, fees for translators and demonstrators to work in the booth,the production of giveaway items as promotional materials∗ Exhibiting at a Pre-Approved Domestic Trade Show (travel not eligible for reimbursement)∗ P.O.S. Materials – Production of recipe cards, shelf talkers, sell sheets, brochures, handouts, banners, posters, etc. All printedmaterials must both promote the brand and display the US Origin Statement (Product of USA, Grown in “state namespelled out”), etc.∗ In Store Demonstrations/Tastings – In-store and food service promotions and product demonstrations to the trade and toconsumers, and the distribution of product samples (but not the purchase of the product samples)∗ Advertising – Production and placement of advertising in magazines, TV, radio, newspaper, and billboards∗ Label/Packaging changes necessary to meet the labeling regulations of a foreign country – expenses associated with the design,translation, plate charges, and printing of the labels/packages for up to 1 calendar year∗ In-Store Displays – Temporary displays (with a useful life of less than 1 year) and rental space for temporary displays thatpromote the brand and US Origin Statement (Product of the USA, Made in USA, etc.)∗ Freight for samples to/from promotional activities, and to potential customers∗ Pre-Approved International Trade Missions often sponsored by the State Dept.’s of Agriculture – international travel for up to 2employees of the company to and from the mission∗ Website – Expenditures associated with developing, updating, and servicing Web sites or Web pages that clearly target a foreignaudienceGlobal Branded Access can manage all aspects of your MAP Branded program, such as:∗ Assist you with submitting your Branded Application∗ Process and submit your expense reimbursement claims∗ Follow up on any missing paperwork necessary to complete your claims∗ Assist you with all program requests and amendments∗ Be available to discuss all aspects of the Branded Program, marketing strategies, and promotional activities as they relate to theprogram
  3. 3. I will happy to speak with your company regarding the Branded Program, and how I can help you access these federal funds which canpotentially double your export marketing dollars. I managed the Branded Program in Vancouver, WA for 5 years, and I am one of a very smallnumber of people in the United States who know the federal regulations, and how to help you utilize this unique program to your maximumbenefit.Please feel free to contact me or my business partner below, if there is any way we can assist you in accessing these federal dollars.Ann M. Buczkowski Regina GallagherGlobal Branded Access, LLC The Rice Economics Group, LLCPO Box 820 19 Smithfield CourtBrush Prairie, WA 98606 Basking Ridge, NJ 07920360-719-0730