Tulissa live it up v4


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Tulissa live it up v4

  1. 1. Tulisa Live It UpA Treatment by Michael Holyk
  2. 2. Concept The song has so many different moods and feels to it, I’d want to compliment that by having awesome elements of dance, art and special effects (breakdown below) The lighting and stage design are extremely important in setting up the performance space to look epic. Each of the elements have been picked because they contrast each other, look great in slow motion and are exciting.Performance & NarrativeTulisa performance is key to this promo. It’s important that it’s powerful, intimate and raw. I’mmore than confident that Tulisa will be able to deliver a stunning performance and also lookfantastic.Inspired by a seeing her live performance, Tulisa can certainly own the stage very well anddeliver a very big performance but yet be very simple, performing to the audience with micheld in her hands. I like this performance here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNSPSocEdbQ and a similar style would be great.The promo starts amongst the groups of competition winners who all have their Samsungphones in hand, they then get let into the venue and they all run toward the stage with thephones already filming.The show will start when they are running into the venue.
  3. 3. LightingCinematic stage lighting is crucial in making this promo truly special. I’d like to vary thestyle by having very subtle lighting opposed to high energy moving lights similar to a TVstyle, big, epic and bold.I’d light to backlight the intro so we get a beautiful mysterious silhouette of TulisaCameraWith the mobile phone camera’s I’d like to utilize the shape of the roundhouse and bouncebetween phones (similar idea here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=menq51AQDIc)With the main cameras, I’d want to film on one high speed slow motion camera, plus 2Alexa’s and another on a curved tracked around the stage to give it a very dynamic feel 02
  4. 4. Wall LightingIt begins in pitch black, and as soon as the beat comes in, the stylized wall lightingexplodes into actionStrips of big powerful white lighting move and change with the beat and the dancers,making the space become an incredible to watch. It’ll also look amazing on the mobilephone cameras as the white light punches through the cameras.The lights provide a futurist feel to the promo, which will be very exciting to watch andcompliments the space and Tulisa very well.Neyo - Closer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=z_aC5xPQ2f4Rock your Body - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxjHijHRLxU 03
  5. 5. Dance The song’s production has such a nice beat which sets itself up perfectly for a stylized choreography with 6 dancers plus Tulisa on stage. The dance is to add to Tulisa performance and animate the song complimenting the performance. I’d want the 6 dancers to learn a dubstep style of dance, that is very animated and street battle like. There will be one lead dancer that takes over in the break and performs solo (links below) Again, another great live visual that looks great recorded from crowd and in slow motion. I’d also like to try record the dance on several cameras to get a matrix stop motion effect (https://vimeo.com/10936670)Solo Dance - https://vimeo.com/44116075Group Dance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnNuzzN2cUk
  6. 6. Paint DrummingOne of the main elements in the video will be the ‘Paint drumming’. It simply looks incredible,it’s fresh and epic and works great on stage visually.The set will be very stylized in dark colours, very open and very rugged with lots of darkbackdrops and with depth and texture. Whilst Tulisa, dressed in a dark shade (with neonpaint stylized around her outfit), is performing under a spotlight with the rest of the stagequite dim, 6 drummers/dancers come on stage with neon also on them and being to drum.The drummers remained very dark still and almost silhouetted never taking the light away fromTulisa but their building the atmosphere of the performance.The neon colored paint splashing in the air and the drummers, We will be able to capturethis in slow motion too which will certainly look sharp and beautiful. Towards the end of thesong Tulisa can start to drum too (or have a go!) and we will climax with several paintexplosions that are fixed around the stage.Paint Drumming - http://youtu.be/Kh8pCjjMc-Y(Drumming Style) Wretch 32 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCivYv4HqiISpeaker Paint - https://vimeo.com/28089545Explosion of Paint - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hh-o5g4tLVE&feature=fvwrel