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Treatment sheet


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Treatment sheet

  1. 1. Beyoncé Schoolin’ lifeTreatment by Rachel Harriman & Bronte Ainsley Concept
  2. 2. The song is very upbeat and the lyrics tell a story about, life as girl and growing up, wewould like to show this by using some literal interpretations of the lyrics but as well aschallenging the way we interpret elements. Using dance routines, special effects, costumeand editing will complement the concept idea that we have planned.Camera angles are an extremely important element as we aim to create shots of theperformance from a range of angles to make a large impact on the audience from havingsuch a dramatic impact.Performance & NarrativePerformance is key to this video, as it will help construct the narrative and it is essential thatit is powerful and portrays confidence to deliver the beauty of the performance in a verysuccessful context.Inspired by Beyonce performance in her countdown video and the use of dance routines she iscertainly capable to deliver an effective performance but can also keep it simple but stillequally effective in areas. Inspiration will also be taken from Beyonce video why don’t youlove me, to focus on the narrative andhow portrayal is very effective showing a more dated style.Lighting
  3. 3. Lighting is a crucial to this production; it can help state the mood and tone the theme that isbeing portrayed. Subtle lights can be used to make it a more 50’S style era to set the themeand high energy and possibly moving lights to create a bolder statement. This style wouldbe most successful in the dance routine aspect of the production to emphasize the energy,possible use a backlight at the beginning to create a silhouette to then break into aperformance.CameraWith a number of cameras surrounding in a circle we aim to take a variety of differentangled shots from the same aspect of the production to be able to jump cut from eachangel when editing, as well as doing a close up to highlight aspects like her eyes to portrayjealous using acetate over the lens and wiping away the contents that covers it the camerawill capture this through a framing aspect. This inspired idea has been captured from thisvideo .
  4. 4. DanceThe song has a very upbeat tempo and would be perfect to apply a choreographed danceroutine, with 5 or 7 dancers a mix of male and female. The routine is to be performed in apyramid formation. With the artist located in the centre at the tip of the pyramid to createa main central focus.The dance will be a commercial style routine to fit in with the upbeat tempo of the song andalso to represent the genre successfully. The location for shooting this routine is to be in adance studio to create a very natural surrounding making it look like a voyeurism shot as ifwe are looking in.
  5. 5. Influences for this idea have been taken from Beyonce video countdown which see took her inspiration from adance schools production rosas danst rosas & CostumeA 50’s style has been decided on to represent this song, as the lyrics portray the growing upof a life-time and the stages females go through with in their lives. Stereotypical womenwhere strongest represented in the 50’s so we aim to show this through the use of 50’sstyle by making it appropriate to the genre, using more of a 50’s pin up style to show theconfidence in women in a seductive way that is a key aspect of what sells in female popvideos. Some low lights will be used to create tones against the colors and edited filters tocreate a 50’s vibe.Costumes will include , high wasted shorts, crop tops, glamorous dresses, some charactercostumes for example school teach and nun for entertainment factor and literal meaning.
  6. 6. Props will sustain make up, black flicked eye liner, green contact lenses, books, telephone,chair, acetate sheet, bubble gum and bubbles.
  7. 7. LocationA variety of different locations will be used to create this video, recording studio with agreen screen to make the artist look like she is set in locations, a dance studio for the danceroutine performance and outside locations to disjoint the narrative. Also use a projectionroom to filter images of the artist whilst performing.