Schedule 1 for eng 101


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Schedule 1 for eng 101

  1. 1. Schedule for ENG 101 (Fall 2010)<br />9:00 AM MWF Room 344<br />*** Keep in mind that this schedule might change at any time so … pay attention in class and be sure to check our class blog on a regular basis (<br />Week One:<br />MondayIntroduction to the Course/ Class Syllabus<br />August 23Be sure to let me know if you have any questions about this course!<br />Fill out Student Information Sheets<br />Wednesday“Shaped by Writing” (DVD)<br />August 25Diagnostic Exam (in class)<br />Get everyone’s email – try to access the web site when you get a chance!<br />Friday“Afterword: The History of This I Believe” (pages 260-268)<br />August 27“Introduction to the 1950’s This I Believe” (pages 269-271)<br />Introduction of Essay #1<br />*************************************************************************************<br />Week Two:<br />MondayReview of Essay Assignment #1<br />August 30READ: “Remembering All the Boys” (pages 16-18)<br />READ: “Unleashing the Power of Creativity” (pages 71-74)<br />Go over the diagnostic essay from last week!<br />WednesdayWorkshop: The Thesis Statement<br />September 1(What is it and how do I use it?!)<br />Figure out Workshop Schedule!<br />FridaySo how do you write a college essay?!<br />September 3(Focus, Support, Organization)<br />*************************************************************************************<br />Week Three:<br />MondayNo Classes: Happy Labor Day!<br />September 6<br />WednesdayGrammar Workshop: Comma Splices, Run-ons, and Fragments! (Oh my!)<br />September 8READ: Grammar Girl: pages 68-69; pages 104-106<br />How are your first essays going?!<br />FridayStyle Workshop: Audience (how does this impact word choice?)<br />September 10How are your first essays going?<br />*************************************************************************************<br />Week Four:<br />MondayHow to Do a Writing Workshop<br />September 13<br />WednesdayWriting Workshop #1: (Bring enough hard copies for everyone!)<br />September 15__________________________ & ____________________________<br />FridayEssay #1 Due!<br />September 17New schedule handed out!<br />