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Before and after series: Office Space - Part 2 of 3 in a Series

International Interior Designer, Bestselling Author and renowned Public Speaker Bronnie Masefau shares her expert knowledge and some incredible visual inspiration in the second instalment in a series of Before and After themed presentations.

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Before and after series: Office Space - Part 2 of 3 in a Series

  1. 1. Before & After Series Why settle for a white box and grey furniture in your workspace? Why not push the boundaries to create a hub where productivity is driven by visual inspiration. That is exactly the approach we took when we were engaged by our fabulous clients on this city workspace. TCI Headquarters is an office space like no other that has been recognised worldwide for its approach to work-life-balance! For more visual inspiration be sure to check out our blogsite!
  2. 2. TCI Headquarters
  3. 3. TCI Headquarters
  4. 4. TCI Headquarters
  5. 5. TCI Headquarters
  6. 6. Bronnie Masefau is a working mum, the wife of a preacher, business owner and best selling author. Her design portfolio includes projects both locally, throughout Australia, as well as internationally. Bronnie identifies as more of a homemaker rather than an interior designer. Bronnie is an enthusiastic and eternally optimistic designer, reflecting the need to embrace family life at every opportunity. “Home should be a sanctuary,” she says, “where business and family can intertwine seamlessly.” As a mother of three, enjoying the family and the benefits of running a design business without stress is vital to Bronnie. The joy of coming home to a relaxing loving environment is what we all yearn for, and what Bronnie promotes through her design and inspirational advice… the entire family gathering around the kitchen table, to discuss the day’s events as the meal is prepared. Bronnie Masefau’s philosophy focuses on the ability to create a backdrop for such events. It’s this enthusiasm that has led her to produce the beautiful books “Australian Vintage Living, putting the heart back into home’, ‘Australian Vintage Living, making anywhere home’ and her most recent book ‘Inspiring Through Creative Design’ with pages full of inspiring images and practical advice on how you can turn your house into a home that is embraced by all. Find out more about Bronnie by visiting her website. Bronnie Masefau ©2014 . This presentation was prepared by Miracle Worker virtual assistant solutions