Mestre Company Profile English


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Mestre Company Profile English

  1. 3. Since 1952. We love what we do .
  2. 4. Bronces Mestre, S.A. was founded in 1952, starting up as a small craft workshop dedicated to the manufacture of quality designer fittings in bronze.
  3. 6. Secci ón de cincelado. 1964
  4. 7. Secci ón de modelaje. 1964
  5. 8. Since the very beginning, Bronces Mestre took an important role in the Spanish Economic and Political life.
  6. 9. The minister of the Army visiting MESTRE . 1965
  7. 10. King Juan Carlos I of Spain met with owners of MESTRE . 1975 King Juan Carlos I of Spain met with owners of MESTRE . 1975
  8. 12. Crown Prince of Spain Felipe de Bourbons gave the award to MESTRE . 1985
  9. 13. In 1.970, the Company moved to its current location in the “Masía del Juez” Industrial Area, occupying a building measuring over 14.000 m2.
  10. 14. Nueva F ábrica. 1970
  11. 15. From this moment onwards a modernization process has begun by adapting production line with the most advanced technology known to date.
  12. 19. The quality of our products is what has always made the difference with other products available on the market. 100% brass and Swarovski Crystal are the materials we use. Our design team stands out for their originally in creating products with a high degree of added value, products made to last and last.
  13. 21. Quality standards have always been the key factor in the history of this Company, combining modern production methods using state-of-art machinery and technology with the hand-working tradition of skilled craftsmen of the past.
  14. 23. Our pieces stand out for their beauty and their elegant shapes, their skilled craftsmanship in casting and sculping each piece, and for the perfection of their finishes, famous throughout the world.
  15. 24. 2006 A modern boost
  16. 25. From 2006 we have made strategic changes in the company in management, production and marketing levels. Changes as redesigning the image of the brand, new classical and contemporary collections, fidelity of our distributors and a strong comunication campaign are consequences of the new companies direction. The refurbishment of our offices and instalations show the changes and progress in this new stage.
  17. 29. DECORATIVE HARDWARE In this line there are lever handles, knobs, knockers and pull handles. Our pieces of brass are a quality reference and beauty for classical and contemporary styles. These pieces are the ideal complement to create the elegance and luxury in a special enviroment.
  18. 32. ARTISTIC BATHROOM FITTINGS Our Bathroom Fitting are unique around the world and it has a majesty not seen before. Craft, small details and the love with wich we produce our pieces make them artistic creations, that give personality and distinction to the enviroments where they are located.
  19. 35. OEM PRODUCTION We offer our craft tradition and mastery to our clients and partners for projects developed by themselves. Since 1952 we have been designing and producing OEM for clients around the world.
  20. 38. Portfolio
  21. 39. Casino SPA & Hotel Resort, Riga – LATVIA
  22. 40. Golden Crown Hotel, Laponia - FINLAND
  23. 41. Seven 7 Stars Hotel, Tripoli – Lybia
  24. 46. The Marriott Hotel, Shanghai - China
  25. 49. Hotel Medinat, Dubai - UAE The Capital Towers, Dubai - UAE The Monarch Hotel, Dubai - UAE
  26. 50. International Exhibitions & Events
  27. 56. BRONCES MESTRE, S.A. Since 1952. We love what we do. More than 50 years of experience and presence in markets around the world guarantee us.
  28. 57. Thanks for your attention